VLOG – Surfing Muizenberg, Penguins @ Boulder’s Beach & Cape of Good Hope

VLOG – Surfing Muizenberg, Penguins @ Boulder’s Beach & Cape of Good Hope

Today we go to Muizenberg morning! are you guys ready? for sure! Martin, are you sure that this will work? for sure dude, you work with pros! tasty how would you guys rate Jana’s outfit? you can tell that we belong together arrived at Muizenberg over there you see the wooden colorfull houses you recognize from pictures today we got nice little swell perfect for practicing the other guys are over there maybe we’ll have a bite first but then we’ll get on the water! you guys can also surf, we brought the boards for you the viewers? no haha you they can surf the internet we already tried foiling with this in Tarifa but waves were too big back then so we try here at Muizenberg today waves look small and clean today Neither can I SUP nor can I foil but let’s see what happens slit some sharks some shark fin for todays dinner Martin! Yo! what’s happening? Surfen, dude! go bloody surfing! should I say something? We’re here in Muizenberg nice beginner’s spot, small waves very easy to surf Surfer’s Corner there, some surf shops also get tasty coffee there and the best, at the very end: We grab a Falafel at Yoffi’s Falafel and we’ll definitely enjoy that Martin is already getting the boards you can pan over there OUT THERE BABYYYYY now we’ll have a session with all members from the house curious what Linus will do with his SUP Foil have fun! kinda worked… in the approach… just need to practice a bit and get the SUP to the best position to attach at so I had a look at the other guy on the water with a SUP foil and also checked where he has positioned his foil in the approach the concept works not really sophisticated yet but there is potential and in future with some improvements we can launch this thing you for sure earned this one Loni, how was it for you? what do we do next? eat Falafel and skate and then skate! and then?! Penguins! yeaaaaah! finally meeting your bros faster, faster, faster! now I need autofocus need my arm sorry, I need to get this close, else it’ll be out-of-focus it’s ok, this is so tasty We’re now in Simon’s Town aka Boulder’s Beach there should be Penguins around here soon do you know the film with the guy stuck in a rock crevice so he has to chop off his own arm? you think it’ll splash if I jump down here? looks fine it’s not that dirty Linus, a small leap for mankind was nice at Boulder’s Beach just got 1% of battery left Linus, what do we do later? do we still go to the Cape? or Lion’s head? I’d rather say Cape so, we arrived at the Cape of Good Hope let’s stop, there’s an ostrich and you sleep outside erm as planed we drove down here because it’s close to Boulder’s Beach so we recommend to do that in one day over there we saw already some ostriches also some Baboons running around here but firstly we drive to the very and to see the.. most southern point… of Africa! We’ve already seen the most southern point of Europe – Tarifa and now we check the next most southern point go over there with the car on the grass and I’ll do a Budget Cover shot with the ostrich we just wanted to take some drone footage and the drone got a GPS error and suddenly crashed and? nice that it crashed into the bushes do we have a spare propeller? f*ck it dude, that’s too risky now get closer to him we’re now back from the Cape on our way back home and will take some more drone shots sundown looked really nice and theres no better thing than ending the day with some drone shots and then we go back to the KiteWorldWide house going to bed early, tomorrow is a new day, was a busy day today and now we’ll launch the drone 3 2 1

Antonio Breitenberg

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