VLOG: Kok hobinya orang Amerika seperti ini???  Surfing Angin

VLOG: Kok hobinya orang Amerika seperti ini??? Surfing Angin

Ok what’s up eveybody! Today we’re gonna go catch some waves. Go surfing, wind surfing! Yooo The wind is so freakin big out there wow Probably won’t be able to hear very well out there so gonna vlog a little bit in here first So we’re gonna ride these trolleys then use the sheets to pull us so we can surf… Sickk There’s already some dudes out there riding oh my gosh! So we’re gonna head over there first then we’ll ride back to here Cool beanz bro We’re all ready here We’re ready just waiting for the wind Hang in there bro It’s so cold! It’s freezing Oh here we go Oh frick that dude brought a chair out Oh ya!! I freakin ate it Broke the zip ties The chair came off, I think we’re missing another zip tie That was so funny! See you guys You gonna catch another one? Oh shoot!! That was awesome! Surfs up dude This is surfing for us central Americans Il est tres frois Ohhh we got a frenchman over here Jack: We need to make a contraption like those guys had Ya we’re gonna have to make our own chair contraption Make a nice gadget Time to clean up Ok! (cough) Shoot My voice… eww My voice is destroyed But thanks for… ahhhh Hold on… Thanks for watching Surfing was super fun Amazing If you liked the video don’t forget to like and subscribe There’s gonna be new videos coming out frequently If you want to follow my daily life give my instagram a follow It’s mas.schof on instagram But thanks for watching! Good luck and good night

Antonio Breitenberg

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2 thoughts on “VLOG: Kok hobinya orang Amerika seperti ini??? Surfing Angin

  1. Sulistyo Rini Rahayu says:

    Haha seru banget anjir

  2. Wulan Nila says:

    Hahahaha,, kegabutan yg hakiki,,, anjaaaaayyyy

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