Vlog 1 Crazy Soccer Practice

Vlog 1 Crazy Soccer Practice

[Music] my name is so right now me and my brother for my driver I go me I’m glad your video so I’m glad about so far so right now we are going for soccer practice but to go there we’re gonna use our bicycles so my goal is right [Laughter] [Music] so Marcus says this kid right here yes you can totally tell he’s look at this kid oh my god he’s doing hi let’s get ready okay [Music] he’s doing your first dad oh my god no oh look at little celebration of this oh my god no way oh my god is that the future named art Oh No awesome let’s see let’s see if this zoo can do it okay okay okay on the view or not okay okay nah see the went for it oh my god boy what sadly didn’t go in we got that we’ll go up to five we’re go up to five okay do you think this little man has another are you like bitches sorry for my language but he’s wishing that he doesn’t score this any he’s going crazy they can challenge has just started right up his ass oh my god no rebounds third bar oh look at the goalie y’all shit out here Oh something going and easie know if you could get over rice not sticking out your booty and hit the ball again with that fortnight corny shit oh no way what happened what happened to love now he’s gonna use this no it’s a tie until the next one [Music] oh my god what are you [Laughter] oh yeah bro it has two boys one time [Laughter] [Music] yeah it’s not an extra yep yeah I think it’s more formative the fucking balls are there [Music] [Laughter] no change I mean anything what the fuck guys you kept hitting the post bro you keep eating the ball the post yeah yeah finally finally goodnight so stop hey guys all right guys thank you for watching and please subscribe give it a like [Music]

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