Vegan What I ate in NYC || Beyond Sushi, Momo Ramen, figure skating

Vegan What I ate in NYC || Beyond Sushi, Momo Ramen, figure skating

Hey friends, this is Heather
I have a busy day planned here in New York and I’m gonna bring you along with me
starting off with some hydration and some oatmeal which will hopefully hold
me over until lunch my mom and I have been enjoying making some
non-dairy lattes with this delicious creamer now I don’t normally bring my supplements
with me for a short trip, but when I come to NY I do usually order to stock myself up. So I’ve got some B12, I’ve got some calcium/magnesium
to help continue healing my broken wrist which is looking fantastic, by the way, I
had a follow up xray and all is good and it’s been dry, I know it’s summer, but
I live in a really humid climate and coming here my throat has been really dry, I was
actually starting to get a sore throat So I had a humidifier going overnight, which
has really helped, and I’ve also been taking elderberry & zinc with vit C.
These little lozenges are great. Usually I take the elderberry syrup, but they
had these lozenges in Whole Foods, and they’re nice cause then I can put this in my purse
and take it with me on the go Today’s exercise is gonna involve a lot of
walking – and… figure skating!!! I am super excited because I have brand new
blades on my skates that I get to test out Unfortunately, they don’t allow any cameras
or phones on the ice, so I couldn’t film myself, but this is kinda the scene
How awesome is the pride police?? I am meeting my mom for a lunch date
Starting with two different fresh rolls Mushroom roll, with some arugula on top
Roll with asparagus and cucumber inside, edamame on top
And this is the spicy mang, which is our favorite! That was so good – but I am now so stuffed… So I’m just heading into the public library
to do some work for the afternoon In East Williamsburg now, sipping iced tea
with my sister-in-law, listening to a salon discussion by a couple of local artists
Brenda was showing us some of her textile art, which is fabrics that she’s either made
the fabric, or done these cool mesh cutouts, or stitched a design onto it
And Jordan did a mural several years ago in Senegal that was to help girls want to stay
in school On our way home back to Park Slope, we stopped
at the only place we could find open, and it was so delicious… This ramen bowl was so so good, super nice
and salty from the miso… yummm Thanks so much for watching, hope you enjoyed
my wanders through New York, I am so ready for bed right now… goodnight, talk soon

Antonio Breitenberg

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6 thoughts on “Vegan What I ate in NYC || Beyond Sushi, Momo Ramen, figure skating

  1. ckrtom2 says:

    Loved this video! The food and architecture, art and music, camaraderie and skating!

  2. zigzag says:

    Do you usualy take B-12 in capsule or sublingual form? What is your usual brand?
    I hope your NYC eating adventures spawned a lot of new recipe ideas for book three!

  3. bird271828 says:

    2:10 = nice smile 🙂
    I am glad you had lunch with your mom. Thank you for the walk through New York.

  4. Angela Taylor says:

    I love that!!! Thank you for sharing what you ate and the artists as well. Personally, I didn't even like sushi when I wasn't vegan. Now that I am…I LOVE IT! Have you always been vegan? Anyway, loved this video. Thanks again for sharing!

  5. WalkOnAlwaysBelieve says:

    I have ordered your book today I'm really looking forward to it 🙂 x

  6. b0rtie says:

    You ate at Momo ramen! It’s such a nice, cozy little neighborhood joint. Glad you enjoyed your NYC trip. 🙂

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