Vanoss – Gmod冬季奧運:蓋雪橇大賽(Sled Build Race)中文字幕

Vanoss – Gmod冬季奧運:蓋雪橇大賽(Sled Build Race)中文字幕

oh right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Winter Olympics I’m gonna win I’m waiting it shut the fuck up I’m in it are we ready no looking ready herminator oh my god how many thrusters do you have I have enough – good – now I’m dating 301 yes oh my god like delirious he’s gone he’s gone Oh catching up mom here comes a luge oh yes yes yes yes I’m in the lead I gotta be in the lead I gotta be an allelic all I gotta do you know I gotta be in the lead yes yes I’m gonna win yeah yeah yes I don’t even know why oh shit here he comes come 2nd place 2nd place my kid not already ha ha against the rules I started off so fast the like with God and yeah you took off and cinderella came out of nowhere beat us I know I know what we could do it on alright yeah so what we do is we create a badass fucking slid and we got down we slide down the mountain yes like let’s do this look at what we have created yes yes we are engineering masters we made this on our first try no errors in a bottle minutes five unit five minutes we made this beautiful sled it took us a fucking hour of Assam torture and hell I don’t know what the fuck you two were talking about yeah yeah yeah yeah but you put it put it perfectly in there accident Wow Wow what is going on here I thought of what these are birds chilling in a car but you guys getting ready to get boiled oh no oh no sir uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh on the still oh that was dice fault your Kyra bitch talking kinda sweat also fish what you doing Oh what the fuck secrecy press equal see you’re welcome everything is attached a wildcat that everything’s attached to his forehead with a string oh god we can’t forget you slam what the hell what the hell is going on I think if I remove Wildcats body it should fix everything okay okay do not quote me but I’m pretty sure this is gonna work oh god fix it then we can fix – what oh no you have to restart the whole thing oh no think we got no where to go boy oh no it’s never gonna pick oh yeah we got it we got it we got it oh look look it’s gonna believe come on believe it’s gone it’s gone it’s literally just hey just let fuck you’re left without as it went down the mountain without a surprise motherfucker gosh oh my god and it fixed itself now it’s perfectly straight what the fuck what the fuck was that oh my god crying oh yeah oh what a fucking slate and water fucking sled the sled was gone and and fellows was like oh all great it’s gone no don’t stick shit out of my fucking car I told ya I’m Vic and Jill drill are you guys ready ready come on let’s fucking do this come on I’ll be waiting okay I want to go down the mountain come out we get out the fucking mountain come on guys we we didn’t think about how we’re gonna start the sled all right all right guys are you ready to go are you finally ready to get on our journey ready hey ready been stuck on top of this mountain for hours are you guys ready are you guys really ready are you ready to partay yeah here we go boys in three two one here we go yeah we are going so sorry you’re going so slow for divers riding me in the back the hell is going on back there so we bring a good run faster than they shit total it exists man yeah he’s slowing us down we gotta get rid of I understand all right we had a few technical difficulties ie no Ghilas friends asshole dragging across the snow slowing it down a snuggle print all right this is it always this is it I’m ready to go here we go greatest bobsled of all time and three two one here we go we forgot to unglue it oh I gotta put the suitcases or else I’m gonna go all right it’s not high no it’s not ice no no don’t get it going bring it back to get to get it get it get it get it together the bad thing is like each minute we spend setting this up the expectations of the outcome just grow exponentially the chances of disappointment get higher and higher and higher as time chances of the finish not finishing is is very high actually yeah chances of this being a pile of shit increases boom we gotta curse right now do that there we go see look I’m gonna get the fuck in our yard yeah get it Boyd Berg shut the fuck up get a home down God what the hell was that what was that come on thank you I don’t I don’t make sure what it’s not glues not good I’m lying I’m sure I’m sure this time because I’m the one you want with it okay dog house how you guys feeling that how you guys feeling back there Oh smile my face I’m ready okay good accountants are you guys ready to partay here we go all right this is it boys this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for for a really really long time so here we go just go in five four three two all right one here we go turn turn turn yes oh no I’m in the back in the back yes Olympic champions yes we’ll finish here we go for the gold medal here we are the champions of the Winter Olympics we miss them we miss them we fucking miss them we miss him we miss them why would you just put them right in the middle why didn’t you string them across the entire finish line why would you do that why would you do that now we have to do the whole thing again god damn now we have to do the whole again I’ve never happened oh yes champions that was bronze medal material right there not gold medal I’m lagging my ass off is it a blood there’s too much blood on the ground right here what’s don’t talk did you you holy shit what what did you do buddy now get enough stay away from my box having fuck on from rasoi gonna hope for these head for you I’m joining in on the party hey guys Oh door sick what I gotta hold it okay hey cheese enjoy for a good fucking job get that photograph away from me we fucking go

Antonio Breitenberg

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    哇 沒人留言ㄟ

  2. Lil Billie Eilish says:

    0:14 是看看終結者,他究竟有多少推進器

  3. 哭哭呦 says:

    2:23 是這花了我們一個小時吧

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    1:25的音樂叫啥 求那背景音樂

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    3:09 Nogla應該是講Karma,後面一句也是

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    3:19 nogla讲按·c.

  16. Timothy Wong says:

    6:43說的是IE(Internet Explorer)

  17. Jasper Chien says:

    0:15 好像是"I have not …, but I want to go." (抱歉我也聽不清楚)

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    8分初Nogla應該是一直叫Vanoss count downXD
    應該不是爆 應該是make sure it is not glued 因為7:00的時候vanoss說他忘記把它unglued(?)了
    4:00 but i'm pretty sure this is going to work

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    What the f..k

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