Vancouver Snowboarding Vlog #001

Vancouver Snowboarding Vlog #001

So, hey guys. Ailison here, what’s up? I’m gonna be vlogging for this next season 2018/19. So, whatever I get down my snowboard
you guys are gonna be watching from this channel. So, subscribe to keep updated. As you guys already know I snowboard so, this is the kind of content you guys
gonna be seeing over here. I’m gonna be giving tips on how to get to the tricks –
tricks to get to the tricks, and things like that. Also for my very beginners
friends I’m also gonna be posting some content and those friends so have no
idea how to get to the mountains and they’re kind of lost I’m gonna be
sharing all my experience that I got from the mountains over here.
What exactly to expect from each other mountain, and discounts, lift tickets, how
the mountain works a all cuz there’s people that have no idea how to rent
equipment, how to buy, where to buy, things like that. I’m gonna try to keep this
blog pretty simple and mellow, just like a TV in the back, me over here, a GoPro
over there, just pretty very much that. I’m gonna keep it as simple as possible so,
than I can get a higher volume of videos coming out for you guys. For the next video I
have some ideas what I’m gonna be talking about, well one of the first ones
will be about the mountain, how to get to then, show where they are, how to get
there by bus, by car. The another video that I already have in mind will be how to backflip, cuz I want to send a backflip on medium, and small, maybe a
large jumps. So, I don’t know yet let’s see how freak out I get when I’m sending then.
So, I don’t know how to backflip so I had no idea how to do that
on the mountain, on the snowboard. So, I’m gonna be first trying then, on land to see how it goes,
how I get there. So, yeah let’s see how it goes then, I’m gonna be posting the results over here.
That’s my trick to go this season. I hope you guys enjoy, share, subscribe
in this channel to keep you guys updated and, let’s see what happens for the next episode. So, that’s it.
Bye Bye.

Antonio Breitenberg

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5 thoughts on “Vancouver Snowboarding Vlog #001

  1. Eliza Souza says:

    Meu primo vai virar Youtuber 😱

  2. Leticia Rodrigues says:

    I will get the hang of it 🏂

  3. Tiago Maximo says:


  4. Fábio Palenzuela says:

    I'm here!

  5. rifelife says:

    Sold brother – this is right up my ally and I’ll be around to see more! Looking forward to more to come!

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