VAN LIFE | Going to a NUDE BEACH | A DAY in our LIFE | Surf, Skate and more | Vlog #5

VAN LIFE | Going to a NUDE BEACH | A DAY in our LIFE | Surf, Skate and more | Vlog #5

Good morning guys is 5:21 in the morning and we’re gonna go to one of my favorite beaches in Southern, California It’s a nude beach and it makes me feel like home, because like you guys know I’m from Spain and we love nude beaches in my country. So Yeah Like you can see we are pretty low key right now We have our blinds up is really early We are parked in a pretty rich neighborhood right now and nobody complained, so we’re good So we’re about to take that thing down and start driving and let’s go And we’re gonna go start driving now early in the morning And we got to the beach and I think right now is so early we’re just gonna go back to sleep yeah What do you think, baby? Yeah, let’s take a little nap Let’s take a little nap Until probably eight or seven we didn’t stay close by there here because the area because there were signs That said no parking from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. So we just found a neighborhood around Not too far away from here and just stay the night there pretty low key and yeah now we’re here So see you in a little bit Let’s make some coffee…we actually didn’t sleep at all OH MY GOSH!!! UPS! You know, but we’re just chill in bed Philip is totally not a morning person and he really needs the coffee right, baby Yeah, specially if we’re gonna hike all the way down this mountain to the beach. Yeah. Why don’t you tell them what we’re gonna do? Oh We’re gonna go to a nudist Beach? Are you gonna get naked? These are possibility that I am gonna get naked? Uh-huh My gosh, it smells so good and now we wait And you get these videos, oh my gosh Yeah I love it Shake the half and a half doo doo doo doo doo doo chihuahua! Whoa yummy, someone is happy, I guess now it’s time to start the day Alright let’s check this views Look at this fatty just chillin here getting some Sun Oh my God Look at it! Just look at it Would you look at it? Gypsy Tribe Look at you making some coffee and Instagraming We post daily stories iannd more stuff over there, like everyday, all that good stuff Yeah more bohemian style where I’m not too worried about the bed being made but Lidia here is she kind of tweaks if the bed is not made Exactly Things have to be clean and organized and the bed has to be made early In the morning, or I will freaked out, okay This is how she makes the bed Is a pain in the ass Am I an asshole if I’m just chillin drinking my coffee Hehehe…no… Enjoying the views… no really though. I’m just enjoying the views So now I can chill, look out of the window, and why not…and I have my pennies here Uuuuu Don’t show that! What is this Don’t show that! So I got this sweet rack so my wet suit can dry. I just gonna turn it inside out Voila Alright guys, so we have some food some towels some water Some camera gear and we are about to go Philip has the surfboard outside already The sky is looking great.Time to hike. Yep. Let’s go. Let’s go Bye home! And now I’m just gonna keep talking in English guys It’s been like 20 minutes guys and we still waiting on Philip. Nooo… Yeah. It’s like 20 minutes, dude It’s a long walk dude! Jesus come on!! Is definitely a lot of steps… This is the long way too We are almost here, we are almost there That was a hike. We made it We are looking for the surf break it’s like somewhere around there right babe? Yeah, you get naked that way you surf this way Exactly. So we’re gonna spend sometime here and then we’re probably gonna go that way and get naked Should I surf naked and catch a naked wave? I think that’s proper What do you guys think? Leave a comment leave a comment if you think he should surf naked? And that’s how you do it! All right, I guess I’m gonna head out Randomly some fog just came in, it’s kind of gnarly Seriously I cannot even see Philip I cannot even see anything, I don’t even know where Philip is at Oh okay guys, so I found him He is getting out of the water, but I barely see him Its pretty insane! Like seriously in two seconds Just some fog came in and I can’t even see anything I don’t know So yeah And the surfing is not gonna work today because like you see there fog just rolled in an literally we cannot see anything Yeah, the fog definitely just ruined it the waves suck. Anyway, you know typical winter weather in San Diego’s Sunny one an hour and the next one is foggy, so Yeah. Yeah, we got skunked big time Right bubba, who is a good boy? Who is a good boy Good boy! Hola gordita Chihuahua Philip thinks that I am annoying Some blueberries We’re just chillin watching some stuff on the computer and just you know Yeah, the Sun came out again and I think we’re just gonna hike down Alright guys, so I guess this looks like the spot yeah And again, the fog came in And the clouds and it got cold again. It was like perfect with it for like an hour Yeah, and then didn’t get enough Sun to get a tan on my butt next time We haven’t skated in a little bit because We’re getting old and or knees hurt and that stuff, but We gotta get back to it. And yeah, we’re probably gonna go one of the best Skateparks pretty much California I would say Yeah, that’s one of my favorite for sure That’s how we are on shape guys We just surf skate and go up and down the stairs 20 times every day It’s really hard even though it doesn’t look like is hot it, but We’re sweating right now And yeah, we’re about to be in the van So yeah, we’re gonna leave the beach That was a nice day, but kind of weird and now we are gonna go for a skate Right baby? Yeah, let’s skate. I am not gonna lie. I’m kind of tired. Yeah we are a little tired. It’s been a while I really want to skate, you know, I haven’t skate in a long time Yeah, I didn’t really get to surf as much as I wanted either That’s the skatepark right there What are you doing? Yeah just shredding, you know nothing serious Are you gonna do some lay back? No, let me show you guys. You know, this is the reality of a skater girl You see those shoes you see even this sock has a hole I’m bleeding You know practicing skating for you Are you gonna do a lay back? Yeah lets do it! Some doubles? The California weather is pretty random. It’s just like really cold right now, so we’re pretty much gonna skate a little bit more and provably go back to the van and maybe cook some cinnamon rolls All right, yeah, it’s getting late and dark and I’m cold and tired my legs hurt Yeah, we’re gonna go to the van and eat some food. Call it a night It was a good day though guys catch you on the next one

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