USA Olympic Hockey: Brian Gionta

USA Olympic Hockey: Brian Gionta

>>Speccing has it go off his stick. He’s got Gionta All alone in front, Gionta scores! Brian Gionta spent 15 seasons in the NHL until the Sabres cut him loose this past offseason But instead of calling it quits Gionta turned his attention to the olympic games or for the first time since 1994 NHL players will not be featured on the ice Just to be on the team is a big thing and you know at my age Not sure. What was ahead of me this year, and this opportunity kind of fell through fill in my lap and I’m enjoying every minute of it Gionta started his journey to the games in South Korea where he started most of the off seasons during his pro career Working out here at RIT. It’s been a great partnership. We’ve had there They do a great job of setting things up for us And we got the whole program some of the college kids just stick around at RIT they train with us, so we have a great facility obviously with the new facility and then we have the ice and the availability of the players and coaches have been great coach Wilson’s been great the University has been awesome with us and It’s been a perfect setup I don’t think anyone has as good of a setup anywhere when they train in the summer so we got the trainer we got the Medical side we got the ice we got all the facilities so It’s ideal since the fall Gionta has continued his workouts with the AHL Rochester Americans With past Olympic experience and over 1,000 NHL games under his belt The 39 year old was the obvious choice to be named captain of Team USA Only one with Olympic experience on this team for this year What can you take from your experience in O six that can help this group out this year well? I think comments and nerves the Olympics are a big event and you can get wrapped up in a lot of things there and at times where Things aren’t going to go our way We’re gonna need to settle back into things And I think that’s what that the older guys are there for and To kind of help that process and hopefully I can be that guy for the team Disappointment of no six finishing eighth I mean does that fuel you going into these games. Yeah absolutely It’s one of the things in my career I haven’t been able to accomplish and to come back with a medal from the Olympics would be A dream come true, but metal or not when Gionta returns to the states He’s open to joining an NHL team for the stretch run if the opportunity is right That door could be open if there are opportunities. I look at them. It’s something that for sure You’d be interested in but at the same time. I’ve come to peace with that if this is it. That’s it But if there’s an opportunity, I’ll for sure look at it and decide whether or not to pursue it or not, but below That’s another victory our home is

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