US Women’s Soccer Accused Of Being ‘Arrogant’ Ahead Of England Match | TODAY

US Women’s Soccer Accused Of Being ‘Arrogant’ Ahead Of England Match | TODAY

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “US Women’s Soccer Accused Of Being ‘Arrogant’ Ahead Of England Match | TODAY

  1. Sean Fagan says:

    They are there spieing

  2. alanjrkaminski says:

    That one woman needs to start respecting the flag and the people who fought for it.

  3. Pall Aaarrgghh! says:

    This is "news"? 😄

  4. john eckhart jr says:

    Haha women no more trophies for you only men and those who used to be men

  5. Boys Rback says:

    Hmmm Christopher Steele would beg to differ!!

  6. Carpet Bomb says:

    Question: who cares?

  7. shhagley says:

    100% made up story(they never attributed the source of the "arrogant" accusation).I mostly watch mens football(soccer) no one is more "arrogant" than my fave team BRASIL!They won 5 world cups and played in 7.
    The us women's team is as dominant in women's soccer,they have a right to be.(not even a fan or an American for that matter)

  8. tr701961 says:

    The Megan chick needs to shut up about Trump…….she is arrogant ….I hope they lose to england

  9. Gwen Vandeveer says:

    I'm accusing them of being MEN. Yup.

  10. Jim X says:

    What? The best women's soccer team is arrogant? What an insult!!

  11. Aaron Tooley says:

    OMG Blah Blah Blah. People are haters when you cant be on the winning side. We you cant be a fan of the greatest you have to hate them.

  12. JoRDan KEEBLE says:

    What a salty move lol they made USA is balling

  13. Steve Johnson says:

    I forgot to say they don't represent when they take a knee to the national anthem, so f-off women's team , but luck will have it they will win it all to add insult to injury but any way f-off….

  14. Anthony Ziemba says:

    We are Americans. That's why we have guns in our home we don't trust the British. Never.

  15. abridge277 says:

    That drinking tea celebration from Morgan was totally arrogant lol

  16. Robert Trendy says:

    What a great game!

    I also talked about it here:

    Thank you for your time!

  17. Em Dee says:

    Obviously they've been studying under the tutelage of their narcissistic president. There's celebrating and then there's being a moron. They went full moron.

  18. Down Side Up says:

    The combination of success with arrogance is like bread and butter. They flow together.
    USA Women's Soccer team has every right to be Super arrogant because they are the best.

  19. SupaFlyBoyZz699 says:

    Im Canadian and of course im rooting for my neighbor Awwwwww poor European teams France, England ect ect America take everything away from yall isnt it? get used to it lol….

  20. Neria Moye says:

    No one EVER calls male soccer players or teams "arrogant"! They're putting on a show for the fans. In any case, it's 2019 and high time for women to stand up and be proud of a job well done!

  21. Steven Hammond says:


  22. Indo Surfer says:

    Americans usually come off arrogant to people from other parts of the world.

  23. R Mak says:

    They're arrogant but it's more important to get good results on the field. World cup football is about results

  24. Ben Reilly says:

    Odd. Anytime I try to sound arrogant, even as a joke, I always put on a pseudo English accent. 🤔

  25. Marcelo says:

    US player: we're respectul with our opponents.

    US team: scores 13 goals to amateur team………😒

  26. AKIS A. says:

    Arrogance is oxygen to American. The Lanisters of the world's.

  27. Sheron Edge says:

    I’m an American and I am rooting for England! This team of women disgusts me! They do not have much American support at all! Most people aren’t even watching!

  28. Jack Byron says:

    I'm in Canada and I always pull for The USA in sports if they are not playing Canada….BUT… because the USA soccer team has so many ARROGANT BRATS on it I'd pull for Iran if they were playing the USA

  29. Brookie Storer says:

    Extremely rude team…

  30. corujariousa says:

    Good sportsmanship is always appreciated. The women's team is doing a great campaign and I have high hopes for them. Let's tune to the game, or be present if possible. Go ladies!

  31. GOrDoN ReMseY says:

    Yanks are always arrogant it's not surprising

  32. hagiospneuma23 says:

    I have to admit, I am EMBARRASSED to be an AMERICAN by the way this team behaves! The celebrations are way over the top. From game 1 until now, they have come across as a cocky bunch. How about showing some HUMILITY and CLASS! Everything is a show boat! Not liking it, sorry

  33. Dave Cooke says:

    These are the same women saying women soccer players should be paid the same as men who draw ten times the ticket sales, right?
    Yeah. Arrogance is the least of their faults.

  34. David Broadley says:

    England out were unlucky yanks a good side hope the swedes win it all them blonde honeys

  35. Ralph Gallagher says:

    Worthless, Man-Hating UnAmerican POS…

  36. Roger Little says:

    I think our team is respectful of our opponent. She must have missed the game against Thailand.

  37. Elen Allen says:

    This is one hellva team I have nothing but respect for these ladies! They are simply the best , better than all the rest! Watch the faces of little girls in the stadium as these women play it's incredible ! 💖😊

  38. Frank Atavar says:


  39. Frank Atavar says:


  40. Larry B says:

    Un British???????LMAO…USA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸WE RUN THIS

  41. Peter Bird says:

    ​The American soccer team is too white

  42. gabriel attairu says:

    One thing I have a problem with is that, the Americans media's are quick to buy British media's fake news reports. Instead of you to find out that facts. We all know the British media's never reports the truth. They always lying about what they reports, we all know that.

  43. jon doh says:

    More like un american…

  44. The Darkman says:

    Non issue. Unless they are looking for practice footage, it isn't worth writing about.

  45. Jose Acevedo says:

    How about focusing on something else about the USWNT beside tabloid trash, like you know, the fact that they're about to win the world title again?!

  46. Berzerker King 13 says:

    Brits come off as whinny and soft

  47. Galaxy Wolves says:

    Who cares about this crap the English lost and played a very dirty game so never mess with my queens USA USA USA USA USA I really hope they win 😋😀😆🇺🇸🏆⚽️😊🤗❤️😆🇺🇸⚽️⚽️🇺🇸❤️🏆🏆🏆🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  48. eugene cho says:

    They were spying? C'mon wtf lmao. Get some better news

  49. Sandra budman says:

    Our team is unfortunately arrogant and immature. They dissed our beloved President…and that to me reflects their lack of self respect. #MAGA #POTUS45 #WWG1WGA #WeThePeople will prevail and the Patriots will get our country back..with or without the 'arrogant' ones. They will mature someday hopefully, and understand the battle We are fighting right now. s/.

  50. nightwishnemo says:

    Women’s “soccer” is a joke altogether.

  51. Barbara Kempf says:

    Bunch of US Butches arrogant traitors hope you lose

  52. Barbara Kempf says:

    Your lying scum you respect no one

  53. Elliot Miller says:

    They’re just salty about all the tea we wasted

  54. bRlojm18 says:

    Women’s soccer just sucks I wish everyone just admitted it – it’s sucks…it’s lame to watch… it’s a waste of time

  55. bookwormgirl says:

    I am rooting for Briton , at least they have respect for our President, Go BRITON!!! President Trump should invite them to the White House if they win!!!!!

  56. Sammy smith says:

    Go USA!

  57. Miguel Baeza says:

    We still Won babieeeee

  58. Michelle Light says:

    Every country that's called USWNT arrogant has lost the game to USA. 😂

  59. SEVEN 6 says:

    GO Netherlands!

  60. Matthew Pitt says:

    I love woman's soccer.. it's like watching a horse race with donkeys 😀

  61. Jose Chavez says:

    HAHA….Asking employer's to give people to day off to watch a soccer game….WOW!!!! Sorry but no thanks.

  62. fastguitar says:

    so fske

  63. jeff lee says:

    I love our country But when you disrespect the president and other opponent's
    Acting like this is a total Bummer. I will watch a real American Sport NASCAR

  64. spordlaw says:

    Don’t get caught crying if you lose!

  65. Dan Walmsley says:

    I only saw this after the final when the arrogant USA team had already put on their white shirts with “world champions” emblazoned on the back. The arrogance of arriving with shirts already printed is a bit over the top. One can only wait in anticipation and hope that I can witness them being beaten.

  66. Sammy smith says:

    Mission accomplished!! We won!!!! GO USA!!!!

  67. Mark McAllister says:

    They were VERY rude in Thailand. They also complain about equal pay but lost to 15 year old boys team from Dallas. This "girl-power" thing has gone too far when you become snotty and arrogant and everybody applauds it, and attacks those that find it boorish as sexist.

  68. Erik de Jong says:

    Europe doesnt care about woman football. Typical American to be arrogant about it.

  69. skyrider4ever says:

    "F" those on the team that are arragant America Hating cows , they should be removed from th eteam fporever, so women that love the USA can take thier place!

  70. Bachagaloop 78 says:

    Was that Milo?

  71. Rose Hernandez says:

    I promise i will never ever see them agine ever …..

  72. somepeoplecallmelyn says:

    They are arrogant that’s the truth

  73. Leigh Cori says:

    Awe look victims…..

  74. Randall Stevens says:

    The only respectful player on that team is O’Hare because she picked up the American flag after disrespectful Allie Long dropped it and Captain Purple hair stepped on it.

  75. Leo Sickone says:

    What a waste of time

  76. Paul Fowler says:

    1:06 “were respectfull of our opponents”
    Also uswnt- purple haired sket goes mad after scoring to make it 9-0

  77. Sam O says:

    Americans ARE arrogant, the old lady looks so smug.

  78. A says:

    USA soccer team well
    …it is like polar bears moved in african savana and saying they hunt better that lions.These dudes are delusional in every sport.haha

  79. ed antonio says:

    The United States OF America has a huge pride problem , as I’m speaking my own opinion probably any us citizen that read my comment would not agree and therefore I will probably get criticized because I speak up what I think , yes the USA is the greatest country in the world at this moment, so much land beauty, freedom, rights, privileges,opportunities etc, etc. But one of the most important thing they forget is ,before this country was transformed into what is today, they all seek for a brighter future for them and their families on different grounds, and I’m sure all of that was possible because they seek a guidance from god, right? “In god we trust” right ? . Eventually all was made possible through god and no one else but him is what I believe, because everything is possible in god. BUT I have also believe that once the problem was fixed and resolved, we forgot where we came from . It brakes my heart to see an arrogant and prideful person to behave these ways when there are countries going through what once they were. So please I ask those to be kind and humble yourself for what god has done for your families to give you a better and brighter future and not because what this country is capable of.

  80. william tam says:

    Yes they are arrogant not a sign of class

  81. zakunster1 says:

    Beaten by a 15 year boys team

  82. Travis says:

    These women are terribly arrogant.. they are embarrassing.. along with NBA and NFL..

    just play sports

  83. Gabrielle Swinson says:

    That why the lost the semifinals and the 3rd place match. Worried about the wrong things.

  84. mrunderhood says:

    Its a shame that this USA Women's team has disgraced themselves and their country.  They do not deserve our respect.  What should have been something of pride is now an horrible example the worst of our country.

  85. big country says:

    Spain was robbed

  86. K S says:

    Megan Rapinoe is arrogant.  She is completely full of herself and wants everyone to bow down to her. She is pathetic.

  87. 1v1me m8 says:

    But does anyone care

  88. fastguitar says:

    posers ,they never talk about soccer plays just politic s ,getting so fake. and posing

  89. Ajmal safi says:

    USA is arrogant, in other news water is wet

  90. Landon Kauffman says:

    Im from the u.s and i feel like they are arrogont

  91. Player Review says:

    They're USA in name only, since they vehemently disrespect the country.

  92. Leeroy C says:

    There's a Womens World Cup?

  93. m b says:

    They are the definition of arrogance.

  94. adrian koh says:

    How typical…The British team taking up the pathetic national past time of " British moaning on behalf of their queen and council estate " creating "Little British ironies" portraying Americans as so called "Arrogant". The poms were always sore losers in life and politics i.e Brexit…What a bunch of "Brit-wits"

  95. Darragh Quinn says:

    ‘Outscore England ‘ can tell she’s American ffs

  96. Dave Studdaman says:

    Rappinoe is just a dumb carpet muncher

  97. RealJustice says:

    Yanky go home.

  98. Duncan Sands says:

    Both teams are rubbish, i fell asleep during the game!!

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