Unusual Ski and Snowboard Race – Red Bull Home Run 2014

Unusual Ski and Snowboard Race – Red Bull Home Run 2014

I couldn’t see well, it was foggy. There was competition. Over 120 athletes. I saw people passing me by. I was shaking. I couldn’t see where I was heading. Bumps everywhere. Very simply I said, “Okay, I will turn the snowboard straight and whatever happens.” You race without mercy, Unstoppable! Great experience, unique. Friends and laughter are what counted most. It was super! It was a very nice experience. It was the first time I took part in such a race. Speed was of utter importance. You had to gain a lot of speed and cross the finish line first. I feel very nice that I won the fastest female award. I felt very nice when I was passing someone by on the track. Especially when passing in front of boys who thought we’d finish last. A very nice race. Like every race it challenges me, it excites me, so it was the nicest experience of my life.

Antonio Breitenberg

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16 thoughts on “Unusual Ski and Snowboard Race – Red Bull Home Run 2014

  1. James Kacer says:

    I would love to try that. The fog made that interesting.

  2. bokeflo says:

    LOL! Best Ski / Snowboard Race Ever!

  3. Spencer Nelson says:


  4. Hansteeze Prodution says:

    Is this in åre?

  5. Saint318 says:

    Gotta try that sometime.

  6. Brian Damegd says:

    is this a joke? lamest video I've seen on this channel

  7. Mauro Rojas Rolon says:

    lo quiero hacer

  8. Jake Ells says:

    … when it first started I thought the people would be running down the hill an their skis and boards would just be sliding down the hill alone lol

  9. Seb Jones says:

    what the fuck red bull

  10. Gopro Heroes says:

    Why unusual? I was there It was great!!!

  11. Gopro Heroes says:

    That day was snowing and the whole mountain was inside the fog so we couldn't see anything but 2 meters in front of us

  12. aramidos says:

    All skii races starts with putting your gear on. Why are they skiing so bad, race for retards? Has to be if they think its a challange to put your gear on. Race made by retards for retards.

  13. eclecticmachine says:

    unsual? looks like a typical pow day!

  14. Francesco Graziano says:


  15. BlueRockYT says:

    This music is so utter crap. It just ruins the whole damn video. I was there and they should've made a much better video… not this crap.

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