Universal Table Saw Sled #2: Making Sled Inserts

Universal Table Saw Sled #2: Making Sled Inserts

Today we are going to make these inserts for universal sled This is 90° degree insert. Note that inserts are secured with four bolts and wingnuts We tune the sled to perfection (3 mil error at 19”) before preparing it for removable inserts. We skip the tuning part in this video. Notice the pile of strips on the left that are created during of tuning Here we are securing the fence after tuning. Not that tuning the sled is very important and the only precision work on the sled Now we measure and mark the placement of cuts for the sled inserts. Note that those cuts do not need to be very precise We measure again, fix a guide plank and cut the sled base with skill saw. We do the similar cut on the left, making an opening for the inserts This is how the opening looks from sled bottom We cut two mid parts, one for 90° and another one for 45° insert We prepare the front and back pieces, drill and countersink We put the insert, glue end pieces, tighten the wingnuts and secure the assembly with pocket holes We secure the back piece in similar fashion and finish by making the first cut We make the 45° insert in a same manner. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe

Antonio Breitenberg

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2 thoughts on “Universal Table Saw Sled #2: Making Sled Inserts

  1. nipperdog7777 says:

    HOLY CRAP!!!! Why didn't I think of this!!!! Nice!

  2. Franks DIY says:

    Nice idea since I have to make new one for my refurbished saw ill implement that as well. I'll be sure to mention your channel on mine when I make them.

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