Unboxing Ruroc RG1-DX Snowboarding Helmet and Shockwave Audio System

Unboxing Ruroc RG1-DX Snowboarding Helmet and Shockwave Audio System

today is a great day because it’s my
30th birthday and my wife just got me the absolute best birthday present I
could have asked for Ruroc RG 1 DX Viper helmet there you go
right there there’s the logo size XL to fit my size XL brain and she coordinated
with my mother and father-in-law got me the shockwave bluetooth insert for the
helmet so pumped about these I’m gonna open them up show you what’s inside show
you what we’re working with let’s get started Let’s get started with this bad boy. and we’ve got the helmet bag Survival Guide some stickers and it
looks like another little goodie that we’ll get into in a bit so we’re going to open this up here it
is the helmet with the vent inserts that just came out we’ve got the GoPro mount here and we’ll
put this down here next up you get the face shield you’ve got the visor Ruroc logo right
there. in this nice bag we’ve got the goggles. one clip there goggles are
one-piece, frames or another and here inside the survival guide and we have some stickers, put them on my snowboard
on my toolbox who knows most important a Ruroc bottle opener
very important thing to have on your long snowboarding trips so that’ll go on
the keychain for sure. The Shockwave Bluetooth neck liner. and of course a charging cable. The key is don’t forget to charge it before you go snowboarding all
right let’s start putting it together remove the original neck liner snaps in
right here we’re gonna install the shockwave. You see a power button, fast forward… just like that shock wave liner is
installed remove film before you use Cat: MEOW! snap them in magnetically, one clip, two
clips. Got the visor so we’re gonna snap this in right here that now goggles
mount on here I’m gonna try it on so stretch it out Lock it in. Face shield goes on.,too. And
then the goggles go on here it is the RG 1 DX helmet in black Viper this of
course this is Leela. She comes with the helmet, if you bought a Ruroc helmet and you didn’t get a cat in the box, call Ruroc customer support immediately. Say hi to the camera. “Hello!” I’ll tell you what feel like a pro snowboarder right now. I
can’t wait to get out to the mountain and just tear it up with this this bad
boy on, knowing I got protection on my head, my eyes, my entire face. I’ll post a
video very soon thanks for watching this is Bellatrix she did not come
with the package say hi Bellatrix “hello” this video was filmed using the
GoPro mount on my old snowboarding helmet I brought this to several amazing
mountains including a snowmass out in Aspen Colorado, Beaver Creek, Keystone
I got Killington, Gunstock, Sugarloaf Wildcat, Sunday River, Jay Peak, Waterville, Loon, Pat’s Peak, Wachusett Bretton Woods. (I’m) gonna miss this bad boy but at the same time I’m very happy to be upgrading to the rock helmet just want to
encourage all young skiers snowboarders out there wear a helmet
I guarantee you that ice and trees are a lot harder than your head is so make
sure you protect yourself out there thanks for watching stay tuned for more
videos peace

Antonio Breitenberg

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9 thoughts on “Unboxing Ruroc RG1-DX Snowboarding Helmet and Shockwave Audio System

  1. BluePhenix 22 says:

    I love this helmet and I love to snowboard but I don't live near any snow so I don't get to do it a lot so I sadly can't get this helmet:(

  2. V Jordan says:

    Looks dope brother..

  3. Jonathon Tselepis says:

    Three months later, what do you think of the helmet now? Do you still think it's a great buy? Also what is your opinion on the Shockwave system? Is it worth the extra money?

  4. Faith & Action says:

    Yeah, I'm stoked to get one! Have you used the Shockwave for audio/phone yet? I'm curious how well it works. I make Christian backcountry adventure snowboarding videos in rural Alaska if you feel like checking them out: faithandaction.net.

  5. SirJordan says:

    Personally I think they look really cool but everywhere i seem to go people always say dont get them.

  6. suca millo says:

    "I feel like a pro snowboarder right now"


  7. LoreZyra . TV says:

    Would like to hear your thoughts on the Shockwave audio quality. Any issues with bluetooth and iPhone?

  8. Morgan Godfrey says:

    Considering buying the same one as you, except in "ice" colour. Could you sum up the quality of your experience of the helmet in a few sentences and perhaps give it an overall rating? Thank you very much πŸ™‚

  9. Robert S says:

    How is that, with the shockwave in the aerial cableway, do the people standing next to you hear the music or hear them serving Saund? Many thanks for the answer

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