Tyler Perry Can’t Find a Black Snowboard Instructor

Tyler Perry Can’t Find a Black Snowboard Instructor

Antonio Breitenberg

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32 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Can’t Find a Black Snowboard Instructor

  1. Bensel TV says:


  2. wild jack lone wolf says:


  3. Bakhtiyar Guseinov says:


  4. Ice style Gaming says:


  5. CaL says:

    What's the point to find a black instructor?

  6. Pit bull Maybe says:

    Subscribe to mi. to see 1 video every 2years

  7. Shrimpin Bidness says:

    What's wrong with a white instructor? That's racist

  8. LovelyFlower44 says:

    LOL…most black people do not take time to learn how to swim….He wanted a black instructor as in "you can understand"…but he said that to be funny because we as a people do not ski or swim….most of us anyway. People forget he is a comedian but then again most folks look for the worst first …smh.

  9. Alan PrepZilla Killen says:

    THOSE ARE THE TIGHTEST GLASSES EVER!!!! Like seriously… there about to pop off his head!

  10. New Message says:

    Come to Canada .. we have black instructors. Dave and Gerry… nice guys.

  11. Gilda deSousa says:

    It's just we as a people have to start somewhere and the fact that he thinks these old jokes still work in these mmmm times ,we should just leave colour out of it.Comedians still have to think before they speak.

  12. Tim Dev says:

    I cant seem to find decent black actors.

  13. English Garden says:

    Why does it always have to be a black/white issue?!?!?! So sick of it!!

  14. Aaron Ortiz says:

    Please remember I'm black guys, Please.

  15. Shihad Saif says:


  16. Lolipicaplyse says:

    Why does he need to be black? What's bad about white instructors? That's kind of racist to only want black instructors

  17. DawsonEdiger says:

    This guy is a fuckin racist if he can’t deal with being taught to snowboard by a white guy. This is reverse racism at its finest.

  18. Nathan Fielure says:

    There's no such thing as a racist black person.

  19. Kathleen Feliciano says:

    I'm deceased once again!! "Inclusion rider!"

  20. NeroRome says:

    hit up Stevie Bell

  21. Abel & CAIN says:

    alright guys which one is funnier, Will Smith or Tyler Perry ? 😀

  22. Abena Boateng says:

    His teeth tho. looooooovvveeeeeeee

  23. Ms Roz says:

    It's a joke people relax!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. The Haves and the Have Nots Review says:

    Darn he must be in WY A LOT based on how sad and depressing If Loving You Is Wrong/The Haves and the Have Nots have been lately!

  25. Chai Van Collie says:

    Yo I'm a (half) black snowboard instructor.

  26. Will H says:

    Most black ppl really don't know how to swim, and that's fact. I know for me, if my feet dont touch the bottom, i ain't getting in the water….

  27. Edwardpeaceishere2 says:

    I got you.

  28. Master says:

    did he try dressing up in drag?

  29. Just Looking says:

    Lol the deep end.

  30. Aicha Daillo says:

    It’s just hypocritical how white people complain whenever a black person is pro black, it’s an insult to want to hang out with black people, it’s an insult to want to buy from black businesses, and it’s an insult to express our love for ourselves in general. We should be color blind in a world that keeps asking us what we’re, and make sure we all stays far from them. Race isn’t only color it’s also affinity, being comfortable around someone.If everyone around you is white and you’re the only black person you might want to surround yourself with a black person because it’s different. Black people didn’t invent segregation and colorism but it was well taught to us so don’t get offended when we use it. Being pro black doesn’t mean you’re racist, or aren’t also pro white, but being anti is racist.

  31. Evan George says:

    As a snowboarder I like how everyone stereotypes us, and it’s accurate AF

  32. Ray Koren says:

    I've taught many black people to snowboard. This guy is racist af.

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