Tyler Nicholson & Jamie Anderson: A Snowboarding Love Story | CBC Sports

Tyler Nicholson & Jamie Anderson: A Snowboarding Love Story | CBC Sports

I knew she was an awesome shredder and I knew that, and was just, like, an icon in snowboarding, so, like, I was super intimidated to talk to her. And then we’re out drinking, and dancing, and staying at one of my sponsors’ house and he, like, walked me to the neighbourhood and we had a little kiss on the stairs. And then he told me he was seventeen. Nooooooo. Yeah. She was 22…. I was 21, turning 22. We’re, like, five years apart. He’s, like, made me a way better snowboarder, even in the short couple of years we’ve been spending time together. I think just having, like, somebody that you trust in your life that, like, believes in you and sees what you’re capable of, makes
a huge difference. Like, I never thought about doing a 1080 and
all of a sudden Tyler’s, like, “You should turn your 7 into a 10! And this into a 9!” And it kind of, like, planted this seed in
my head, then I was, like, “Wow, maybe this IS possible. Maybe I CAN do this.” I really like that you say that Tyler made
you a better snowboarder. She does teach me a lot outside of snowboarding. She teaches me how to be more grounded, more
mindful, and, like, not let little things bug me. Pretty much be a better person. I’ve always looked up to her and she’s just
so good at life, I think. Awwwwwwwww. No, we were saying that today. We are totally opposite, and sometimes he can be a little, like, excited and I can be a little more, like, chill. And he kind of inspires me to do a little
bit more and be a little bit more aggressive. And I kind of help him chill out a little
bit, but it’s kind of a good…. It’s a good balance. I don’t know. We’re, like, each other’s best friends.

Antonio Breitenberg

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8 thoughts on “Tyler Nicholson & Jamie Anderson: A Snowboarding Love Story | CBC Sports

  1. Chocolate Moose says:


  2. jonas smith says:

    ooo she is a JESUS freek … that common in the snowbardsFRESTYLEE cominety https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-knXBsbZRJA .. so sweet .-..

  3. Coco Zhou says:

    Are they still together?

  4. VWRabbit2008 says:

    Robbing that cradle

  5. Allen Nasty3cw says:

    Awwwwww isn't that soo cuuute, 😊😋 They look so cute together, awwww… Last names end with son….well their first baby will be a SON…JUST saying it could happen, awww…ok smack me all ready..lol..😂

  6. Jillian Calvert says:

    They are so cute, he came up and gave her a huge hug after she won the olympic gold for the U.S in slopstyle, after that I wanted to see who they are!

  7. Raaz Poppy says:

    do one with red gerard and hailey langland

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