Tyke James’ Voice Is PERFECT on This Ed Sheeran Hit – The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions

Tyke James’ Voice Is PERFECT on This Ed Sheeran Hit – The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Tyke James’ Voice Is PERFECT on This Ed Sheeran Hit – The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions

  1. Naelle Crail says:

    J'adore c'est touchant 👌😍

  2. Amy Green says:

    I really loved this kid. We all know there can only be one winner. Though he was eliminated, it is all of us, the fans that lose out. I hope something good comes from this and he continues to make his dreams come true and all his fans winners!

  3. Prototype 6.0 says:

    i'm straight but he's attractive

  4. Jetwash ! says:

    I love the comment, your voice is beautiful and I see you going on to big things. Truth is, the Voice doesn’t produce big stars, very very low success rate for the winners.

  5. Xyriel Axyl says:

    this is the guy who cracked a coconut open first try with a hammer LMAOOO

  6. Nic Vo says:

    okay these titles are about to make me POP OFF

  7. Bleach says:


  8. Lil Meow meow says:

    Isn’t he the one from epicurius. The one who broke the cooking board?

  9. jake Bishop says:

    808 represent #OahuHawaii

  10. shipyourself Iris says:

    Who came here because the coconut video?

  11. idiz wutidiz says:

    i like how he said Hawaii thats how samoans say it😂❤️

  12. walking accident waiting to happen says:

    Just to remind you all … he was the one who cracked open a coconut with a hammer in one go on Epicurious …. just so you know

  13. Patricia Roebert says:

    he has beautiful eyes.

  14. Jillian Howell says:


  15. idk says:

    Singing and smashing coconutshe sure is talented

  16. Lucy Rivers says:

    literally the best title ever

  17. ssk says:

    Does he looks like the WWE star "Edge"….?

  18. xXAngeliccXx says:

    You guys should check him smashing a coconut . He is the real Thor.

    Its called 50 people smash open a coconut. And his turn is 1:07

  19. 1000 subscribers without any videos says:

    Coconut man I USUALLY JUST USE A ROCK!

  20. Anita Nagwekar says:

    His eyes though….❤❤👀👀👀

  21. Abby-Ed Varnadoe says:

    He reminds me of Cade from the last season of American idol.

  22. sky jee says:

    He had me at "bro"

  23. Azanda LaBoy-Vogt says:

    When the rest of the judges see him I love the look of regret on their faces

  24. Mikie Lee says:

    He's like a surfing Norse god crocodile hunter!

  25. Nein Danke says:

    The way he cracked open that coconut like Thor made me think his voice was deeper

  26. Haley Becker says:

    He is beautiful wow

  27. K Leigh says:

    He reminds me of a mix.of Sawyer Fredricks and Taylor John Williams. Love it 😍

  28. Insomniac says:

    He’s so cute.

  29. aca1 says:

    Those who didnt vote for him ended up like that coconut and cutting board he broke in one hit

  30. shukri says:

    This guy is a legend with cracking coconuts

  31. Harry Weiss says:


  32. Ali Berkant says:

    17 ?

  33. Karl Stingray says:

    This is the guy that cracked open that coconut

  34. ZareP says:

    3 words. Hammer, Coconut, Thor.

  35. Mountain Dew says:

    tbh i found this guy on a youtube channel called epicurious where they were cutting open coconutsss and my god-
    he was just so damn cute in it so i had to find him and it brought me here
    he is such a precious boy 💖

  36. Mountain Dew says:

    damn if i were there, he wouldnt have only make me turned around but also get me turned on
    if you know what im saying 😏

    edit: sounded less creepier in my head (also im 17 too so im not a pedo [just sayin] )

  37. Catri Je says:

    Tyke!!!! All I can say is you're so pretty and hot with that kind of voice for a seventeen!

  38. Menrite Mansour says:

    “I want your hair”😂😂

  39. PcrasH UK says:

    i usually just use rock

  40. Ava_Plays says:

    Sure he’s a good singer, but he will always be known for cracking coconuts.

  41. Lana Wong says:

    he is the worst contestant that season.

  42. my president is nadine lustre *** says:

    Looks like Thor is pretty talented I thought he's only great at breaking things 😂

  43. Well I dont know says:

    The coconut man

  44. Irem Falan-filan says:

    Oh, he's the coconut guy!

  45. Sarah Adams says:

    Why can’t I get this on Spotify?!?!? I LOVE it

  46. nolifenoprob says:

    Who cames from the video of him whacking a coconut

  47. Gian says hi says:


  48. Osama Bin Laden says:

    He always breaks something

  49. Malala TDH says:

    I didn't know thor could crack coconuts AND sing

  50. Student Lorena Xia says:

    who else came here from the coconut hitting

  51. No One Special says:

    I usually just use a rock.

  52. Addie the laughbringer says:

    Ok I don't know what's happening to me, but he is so freakin' gorgeous. Like oh my god!

  53. Eve Animated says:


  54. Skyler Lorenzo says:

    Dang hes from my island

  55. J TN says:

    So…this is the guy who crack a coconut with a rock? Cool.

  56. jimin is a manggaetteok says:

    I went here after epicurious

  57. DreamSeekers // DRMSKR says:

    Using a wooden guitar?! IM DISAPPOINTED WHERES THE ROCK?
    I guess Adam was right, WE ALL LOVE HIM

  58. rachel.doremi says:

    The people that audition for the voice are starting to be my age, and I am so ecstatic

  59. Susan Chen says:

    I love his voice 💕💕💕

  60. Kaine Marshall says:

    He is my cousin just to let you know the voice

  61. That One Titan says:

    First coconuts, then cutting boards, now he's breaking hearts.

  62. Ni'Yah Jones says:

    It's unhealthy the amount of times I've watched this video❤

  63. Blahobe Hsbdjzss says:

    Omg thor ❤️👏🏻🤠😭😰😱

  64. jelcee says:


  65. Denise Marcucci says:

    My 12 year old grandson has blonde hair that long….never goes out of style….

  66. David Thompson says:

    Hey KC, MO – get in on this . https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tyke-james-jake-wells-at-chelseas-garden-tickets-59707029332

  67. Arthur Morgan says:

    a country a boy

  68. ㅎㅅㅎ says:

    17 wuttt!! Bro!

  69. Inge Van Der Ross says:


  70. SniperGaming YT says:

    First he climbed a coconut tree to get some. Next he brok a chopping board with one hand and a knife now this?!?

  71. A L E X U S W A D D E L L says:

    Ayeeeeeee Hawaii representttt

  72. Thinking about you says:

    At least he didn’t claim he’s Hawaiian. Cuz a lot of Haoles that were born in Hawaii say they are Hawaiian just because they were born there 🤦🏽‍♂️

  73. Nicole Joseph says:

    Look at his family. They got good genes, ppl!

  74. Malinda Dian says:

    I mean i just fell in love with this song and the way he sang ohhh KILLED it😍

  75. dianne Davenport says:

    another sexy guy from Hawaii

  76. Jamie Cummings says:

    If guys drooled over a 17 yr old girl the way these girls did this 17 yr old boy, there would be another #metoo movement. FN hypocritical society.

  77. 300bpm says:

    Jesus, where do they get these stupid names? lol!!

  78. steve allen says:

    This guy has star potential.

  79. feriha kahin says:

    Perfect 😘😘😍

  80. Davide Montrasio says:

    I don't like him

  81. Carolyn Wicker says:

    Adam only smart one who turned this dude was awesome

  82. Uriel Rodriguez Salazar says:

    The worst version of perfect, i do not like it

  83. Karen Horne says:

    Please hire a new Camera man

  84. theresa bollman says:

    Great job!

  85. gary24752 says:

    Hokey outfit and talk doesn't fit the voice and his ability.

  86. Kaitlyn Le says:

    he’s gorgeous and his blue eyes are making me weak 😩 holy cow Tarzan is HOT and TALENTED

  87. spanismedals says:

    I was in a Karaoke in my hometown the last Saturday and i sang "perfect" if you like the song i Invite you all to chek it out in my channel, so sorry for the Spam 🙏🙏🙏

  88. Alba Marin says:

    No one:


  89. Perdido Atlantic says:

    Sawyer did it better!!
    Sawyer did it better!!

  90. Alexandre Lee says:

    Sawyer Fredericks from deep web

  91. Ricky LaPrade says:

    lmk what you think pf my verson please https://youtu.be/3A9aSfMpvQE

  92. Brauna Richmond says:

    I mean no I’ll will towards lynnea Moorer, however, Tyke James and Adam got completely SCREWED because of the NEW COMEBACK STAGE. Tyke ABSOLUTELY sings that girl off the stage. NO COMPARISON. I hope Tyke’s career takes him wherever he dreams to go.

  93. F3 Tekkers says:

    Wtf 20 seconds ad😑

  94. 10.000 Subscribers without videos chalenge says:

    His voice and how he looks reminds me a little bit of Sawyer Fredericks.

  95. Anna Eagar says:


  96. AriaMarie says:

    No one:
    Adam: “You’re clearly a friggin stud”’

  97. Cyntia S Wardana says:

    Beautiful man… A

  98. Shriya Thapa says:

    me: 2:02

  99. Vince McMahon says:

    Adam celebrating when no one turned around was amazing

  100. Viren Joshi says:

    Those 3 judges didn't deserve him at all !

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