Two Omaze Winners Surfed with Kelly Slater at the WSL Surf Ranch // Omaze

Two Omaze Winners Surfed with Kelly Slater at the WSL Surf Ranch // Omaze

My name’s Rob. My name’s Ivan Hawker. Daley Clark. Palmer. And here I am at Kelly’s Surf Ranch! It’s been great. There’ve been just nonstop smiles on their faces. Finding out that I won was crazy. I think I said, “What?!” And I just freaked out and stood up. I can’t work today. I gotta go surfing. We thought we were getting punked the whole time. I still didn’t think it was real. The only time I thought it was real was when they sent the itinerary and we were on the plane. I got a message from somebody offering me $250,000. It’s not for sale. To take Daley was a pretty easy choice, really. He’s the only one I really surf with. So I brought my buddy Ivan, ’cause we’re life-long friends, and this is something we’ll have as a memory forever. I’m in the locker room. Right here next to me is my own personal locker. It just has a back tail to it, and the channels– That’s got channels, but it’s just going to be a different setup with quads. Pre-wave. Not even caught a wave yet. I keep thinking if I wanna throw up or puke. I’m not even really sure what to do. I just need to get in the water. I think I’ll feel better. Excited. Scared. Let’s do it! You’re sitting in the water, and they give you the one minute countdown. Your heart starts pounding. And then the nerves really kicked in. At first, getting past that first section is kind of tough, so it was a little humbling, but the guys here have been great to coach us through it. Kelly, in giving us pointers, and Kalani, just being in the water with us, my surfing improved absolutely. Kelly: Look at each guy’s strong and weak points. Maybe work specifically on– having trouble with this section, or I want to work on this bottom turn or how to pull in the barrel. You can see when they start to get the flow of the wave and the confidence when they surf a little bit more critically in the pocket of the wave. The experience has been insane. Sort of like being like a pro surfer. I’ve gotten like more extraordinary waves in the last two days than I have since I’ve started surfing. I’ve seen all these guys advance to a level where they know the flow and the pace of the wave and get to the end of the wave, just throw their arms in the air. They’re stoked, and you know, that kind of says it all. Surfing’s epic, but then you have dinner with Kelly. Sitting in the hot tub, having a beer and chit-chatting with Kelly, watching Kelly drive the tractor around the property last night. It’s pretty cool. Kelly treated us like a family. Within the first hour you felt like you were hanging out with friends, which is pretty incredible for an 11-time champion. We’re doing something great for somebody as an experience and also doing something great for a community. Some of the money’s going to Columbia University, studying ocean health around the world, but also to the WSL PURE campaign. Why not? It’s for a good cause, and you know the more you donate increases your chances. A hundred bucks got me here to hang out at the Ranch and surf, so I’d say a pretty good investment. It was so cool to see the excitement. It’s just like an adult reliving childhood Christmas morning. All right, brother. We made it!

Antonio Breitenberg

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26 thoughts on “Two Omaze Winners Surfed with Kelly Slater at the WSL Surf Ranch // Omaze

  1. Omaze says:

    If you won, who would you bring and why?

  2. parraphrase says:


  3. JIMJAMSC says:

    Who would I have taken if I won??? Who ever the person was who offered him the $250 grand thats who!

  4. Clayton Brown says:

    250 grand you fucking idiot???

  5. The dude abides says:

    It would make me feel like a grom again!

  6. guitarsurfer2010 says:

    Dirk Ziff owns this place , he is going to extract plenty of $$$ from the people.
    He owns the WSL, Kelly Slater Wave Co. , and the Big wave Tour.
    They all sold out to Corporate Investors.
    Wake up Surfers, This is not Surfing, it is a piss pool.

  7. Mathieu Revel says:

    So the whole world participated and out of the blue it s 4 americans who won … total stitch up

  8. adam lorden says:

    Is this and ad?

  9. Snowy Grainius says:

    will this wave ever be available to the public? also where is the wave pool?  florida ?

  10. Dalien Rivera says:

    You are the best man

  11. simon luck says:

    Everyone's been calling for footage of an average surfer on this wave… now we have it and it still looks amazing! Good on those guys for donating.

  12. Francisco Duarte says:

    Hey Kelly….How is to feels like Neptune?

  13. Israel Olivolo says:

    So amazing, …. Kelly you are spreading so much stoke, thank you for being a visionary, you are so much more than a unbelievable surf legend, you are an amazing Man that gives back, you rock brotha thank you for being you Yeewww!!

  14. Tony D says:

    Yewwwww🤙🏻that’s so sick congrats y’all

  15. wafertheen says:

    jeez i would've taken the $250000

  16. John A says:

    This is S I C K ! ! ! $250K??? W O W ! ! ! Woulda taken da $$$! LOL! 🙂

  17. science friction* says:

    a tow rope in front of Thomas the tank would be easy to whip in on it

  18. science friction* says:

    then it retracts away just after take off spot

  19. science friction* says:

    just a suggestion

  20. Oliver Stevenson says:

    my friend joe bc I inspired him and he’s my best surf mate

  21. Kahele Koki says:

    Make one in Las Vegas surf and gambling would be unreal

  22. Raelsid says:

    i would rather have 250 k i dont need a perfect wave to get barreled

  23. Ryde Ovashit says:

    Yea whatever I actually think wave pools are kinda pathetic use of energy to recreate nature that's as perfect as it gets… Use that energy and money for something more productive for our oceans plastic problem or reefs or something, my opinion

  24. Stand up for GOOD says:

    Combine Kellys wave with the Venus Project city design and you get…
    25 perfect waves wrapping the circle city all day, every day, every city.

  25. adam lorden says:


  26. Stand up for GOOD says:

    I would bring my friend and legendary shaper Randy Ritchenberg from N.S.B. FL.

    Combo Kellys wave with The Venus Project city design and you get…
    24 perfect head high waves wrapping the circle city all day every day every city.
    The future of a sane and balanced society.

    Randy would put on a clinic in surfing, and I would put on a clinic for The Venus Project social arrangements and how everyone would be living better than the top 1% do now.
    We could be half way to the Jetsons by now.

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