TWENTY – An accidental history of freeriding by Guido Perrini

TWENTY – An accidental history of freeriding by Guido Perrini

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “TWENTY – An accidental history of freeriding by Guido Perrini

  1. CT Perez says:

    Watching tonight on my big screen! Stoked.

  2. King Salami says:

    Amazing film and incredibly skilled athletes. Well done!

  3. Sardana Pale says:

    For all those – idiots – we lost in the mountains. Last time I counted I have lost 8 friends to the mountains. One of them was the person that taught me climbing. There is risk taking, risk management, controlled risk and then there is, not insanity, but stupidity. The first friend I lost did not die alone, he killed his girlfriend. The last one left a woman and three small kids. They said they loved what they did, all of them. All of them said they loved life. But they did not. They were selfish pricks that only cared about themselves. All of them. No, they were not heroes. Movies like those make them heroes. But they are not. They are idiots. They wont save anyone by doing what they do but they will, directly or indirectly kill others.

  4. c dawg says:

    Your photography is by far the best I have seen. The time lapse is beyond amazing.

  5. Nathan Thomas says:

    So dope Guido. We lost some awesome locals in the San Juans this years with all the snow fall and the dangers that brings to the backcountry which gives one a crazy perspective when taking into account our goals of exploration into the mountains and progression of the sport. For those lost, as well as those with the desire to continue on into the wild, there was never another path for us to take. Keep the shred strong and stay safe brother! One Love.

  6. cool lu says:

    Are those LED light strips on your skis?

  7. Neil Kazimierz Sheridan says:

    Thanks it was really great! Sob seeing Estelle Balet's lover talk tho 🙁 .. It's not so bad I guess in a way.. everyone has to die eventually. It is preferable for this to occur doing something you love vs. e.g. you worked doing something u hated and then got motor neurone disease and died with your dreams unfulfilled..

  8. Chris says:

    Rarely felt so strong emotion when watching something. Altough their prowess are out of our reach, it allow us to dream, and gives us idea about what is possible to do when you have the will: everything. I realised there is nothing that isn't skiable today, and I was really impress. Respect for those amazing people, and such a sad end for the other. Couldn't help but feel sorry as hell for Estelle loss, and the empathy her relatives transmit really impacted me.

    Thank you for allowing us to dream.

  9. HUBERT Robin says:

    great great film ! gives me goosebumps! thanks

  10. Gayle Lau says:

    ✨🌠Stunning!!!✨, What a film! The level at which you people are Kickin' It!… The knowledge and skill to do this and the scene and sky… I am left breathless. I can't imagine a more exhilarating sport. ~ my L❤VE to You All!

  11. Elias Obernosterer says:

    Wow. This film just gave me goosebumps all ober my body. Thank you Guido for this masterpiece of Art. Huuge s/o

  12. Carlos Guzman says:


  13. I Nalys says:

    I'm just at the beginning but I'm glad the documentary raises the stupidity of this jumping off 4,000 meter mountain cliffs with skis. It's nice to playfully conquer nature and the human body, but there actually are physically imposed limits on what's possible. What we see in these videos are the limits. It is not "deep", "beautiful", or "evolution" to send young naive people to die for money in the mistaken belief that they can cross these limits. Beautiful images though.

  14. Jackson Stein says:

    This is the kind of content that skiing needs.

  15. JORGE GONZALEZ says:

    What an amazing….sport…fotografía….the whole thing…🖤

  16. Norm Macdonald Show says:


  17. Norm Macdonald Show says:


  18. mariusjns says:

    total trash

  19. sandesh bodhi says:

    Amazing one!!… Finally something that make more sesnse and give the real feeling of what free riding is!! Thanks… Full support and respect for everybody involved!!

  20. julian Leeds says:


  21. kevinbutts96 says:

    I watch this probably once a week. Seriously, one of the best videos I have seen.

  22. Hash Haze says:

    This is so beautiful I actually teared up several times. Very inspiring, makes me think this is what we are truly meant for. Pushing the limits, evolving ourselves, exploration and adventure. Simply put, we are meant to fly.

  23. Adrian Olariu says:

    One of the best snowboarding videos on youtube. This truly makes you feel the emotions and the things the people who snowboard usually are going through. As someone here said: "not like the other red-bull self-promoting egocentric videos". Purely amazing, artistic, natural and true!

  24. Alex Vech says:

    moral of the story: it's F** dangerous do it if ok with dying

  25. Alex Lyons says:

    Incroyable. Quel talent et Joe de vivre!!

  26. Frank Blangeard says:

    "I started my career shooting dish washers" 1:23

  27. Stefan Kerosene says:

    Gran bel lavoro Guido!! Fa venire voglia di cambiare vita, di prendere la mia tavola e trasferirmi in montagna lontano dalla città!

  28. David Holderbach says:

    I WANT TO JOIN !!!! HOLY HELL !!!!

  29. John Connor says:

    Very inspiring – thank you guys 😎👍🏻🤘

  30. wallieshere says:

    and i'm here watching youtube

  31. SubMaro says:

    Fucking Incredible

  32. area51r says:

    i clicked on this by accident i thought i would watch just a few minutes, i watched it all. well made movie.

  33. Alexandros says:

    Filming is brilliant, stunning, I’m really jealous of the youth and strength to do the boarding like that. Who cares if you die if you can do that? Lose a lot more people in a war. Dialogue is pretty banal, esp from photographers and those who’ve got scared now. We can see the facts and the problems. I want to see and feel the inspiration, the exhilaration, the ecstasy of doing that, before you die, probably!

  34. Andrius Venius says:

    …wow…wow…wow…………mega hardcore nice fucking Video!!!

  35. Nathan Chang says:

    Incredible man. I felt so much emotion watching this for some odd reason. Gripped the whole time.

  36. Sviat Gorpynych says:

    Amazing film work!

  37. HigherWaysWoman says:

    WHOOOOOOOOOAAA & WOOOOOWEEEEEEE I LOST MY STOMACH SO MANY TIMES AWESOMELY FLAT OUT INCREDIBLE..!!!! No doubt the Millennial's are here & oh my they are not afraid of anything…unbelievable..!! Yes indeed great respect standing in awe of everyone who are involved from skiers, camera ppl, helicopters, planes & boats…wonderful collaboration to make this all happen. And honestly I was really taken back when they went to the "ANTARCTIC"….!!! What is & has been going on in the Antarctic I would never believed they would allow anyone but the elites be on that territory.

    Those straight down slopes…unfriggen believable….absolutely took it to the boundaries & then amped it up with….RIDING DOWN ON ICE..!! New concern….there will be trumping these legends & places…so what will be the next big wave of "that's never been done before"??!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing….this is a top notch film….loved the incredible shots…and explaining what all is involved…my heart goes out to those who perished….they went the best way….doing what one loves. Namaste Our Breaking the Boundaries Sistah's n Brutha's…!!

  38. Garrett F says:

    33:40 backflip on that big mountain was epic!

  39. Peachey 01 says:

    3:18 what is that song called

  40. Richard_mdk says:

    why dose this have only 500 000 viewers, i mean it was nothing else than perfect ! Great work, hope to see more!

  41. Taylor Porter says:

    I just sent this text to my sister “I’m watching a free ride big mountain snowboard YouTube movie. It’s beautiful when people talk about doing what they love”

  42. 49678 says:

    Grande Guido!!! 🤙🤙🤙

  43. wentaGT says:

    RIP Estelle

  44. vincent brelle says:

    Beautiful movie. The best I've seen this year. You really shared your passion. You did questioned the interest of big moutain skiing because of the risk, but i'm disapointed that nothing has been said on environmental impact. Trips to Japan, Alaska, Antartica… Heli ski… And what will be the future of big mountain riding, without the glaciers in W europe (in a few decades)?? global warming in our mountain is devastating…

  45. Richard Contant says:

    The “prise de vue” with the road name is hilarious !!!

  46. Lhotse Hawk says:

    No words. Thank you for this. It’s healing for me to watch it. Maybe I wasn’t an ass for needing to step away from a sport I love so much.

  47. pellelarsson83 says:

    This is Love ❤️

  48. david diego says:

    Thank you. It's amazing

  49. andyeql says:

    Every person I know that ski's, I tell them to watch this film. Currenlty the best of the best. Up there with STEEP and Few Words

  50. SoooHighxD says:

    craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy! GOOD WORK !

  51. 2Cite says:


    Listen, today I used certain fragments of your videos for supporting Ukrainian woman who fights her CANCER:

    Sorry, she never tried skiing. But the idea was our life is so fast it's difficult to delay its speed even when it's required. In particular, when someone is falling off the cliff. Is it possible to make a miracle and STOP the falling into abyss? I want to believe it is. Meanwhile, as that brave woman says, "Keep smiling and enjoy the life! Nobody will be able to leave it alive anyway".
    Could you share/promote my video clip among your numerous viewers?!!

    After all, it contains your efforts integrated.

  52. Gilaitjeune France says:

    The human being wants to come out of the law of duality but he will never succeed as long as he is in the matter.

  53. Morgan Mercier says:

    Superbe! merci

  54. jabadeos says:

    ive watched this 3 times now, its got so much deep!

  55. Zain Ali says:

    Very beautiful places 😍💝

  56. Tom F. says:

    RIP to all who lost their lifes in the Mountains!

  57. Isabelle Thibeault says:

    This is an amazing documentary. Thank you for sharing.

  58. Christian Mohammed cohen says:

    Le ricanement de la sorcière
    Et l'ombre diabolique de la montagne…

  59. SoMnyRds says:

    poor history lesson – this book was created in the 80's and the pucker factor is incredible….

  60. mike swift says:

    The Human Spirit is boundless and will not be told NO you can't do that! .

  61. 小7的背包xiao7debeibao says:

    I like adventure people, they prove that people can do incredible things.

  62. Mobrules Yvanovitclh says:

    Inspirational movie. But i dont know what motivates skiers the most between adrenaline and friendship. I think their drug is a combination of both. Philosophical lesson.

  63. Lele Sborzacchi says:

    Persone,Luoghi,Foto e Video Pazzeschi!!!

  64. joe maxie says:

    the photography, riding, beautiful locations & unbelievable lines in this movie are amazing….i've been watching ski movies for a long time and this is without a doubt one I'll watch over & over, like "Blizzard of Aahh's", "Steep" & "Wintervention"…great stuff, great riding, super cinematography….really well done

  65. keith sudzy says:

    Ever need another Skier….I'll pay my way 🙂 Sweet Lines and Spines!

  66. Adventure and Gaming says:

    Speechless…. thank you…

  67. это я says:

    Много текста

  68. Gennarocamper says:

    Great Film 📽 🏆👍♥️ Thanks

  69. FFabrice Thu.riault says:

    Vous etes des EXPLORARATEURS merci de nous faire découvrir çà bande de FOUX vive la Montage

  70. mathieu mouche says:

    Reportage magnifique … a regarder et re regarder

  71. Antho_DZ says:

    un film qui restera sans aucun doute dans mon top 5 des meilleurs films, juste WAHOUUUUU. une bouffée d'émotion incroyable

  72. blkcoupequattro says:


  73. Toufeeq Botha says:

    Brilliant documentary these guys much respect they fearless to the conditions an the environment an life

  74. Milo X says:

    I started teaching my boys mountaineering while they were in middle school. They were already competing up to the national level in rock climbing. So I made them promise they would view mountaineering differently, that they would never try to be world class nor try for sponsors but to climb for the adventure and for the self exploration.

  75. Doku Addict says:

    for thoose who are brainless….. go and die somewere. no one cares – free space on earth for a better soul with a brain gets open

  76. Claudio Ferrari says:

    quando vedo questi video mi domando sempre come faranno a scendere da quelle pendenze ,a quelle velocità senza cadere . E provo anche un po di invidia ,cazzo come sarebbe bello sciare così ………….

  77. надежа краснова says:


  78. bombo3 says:

    with this film you feel love for the mountain to every body that have watched it
    thanks to all for make me dreaming with open eyes

  79. jean-Christophe teigner says:


  80. Y Pure says:


  81. Klaus Knudsen says:

    To accept the risk of what they do, it surely must be magical.

  82. Sacred Oleg says:

    it's so addictive…

  83. Brian Potts says:

    I'm new to sking and seeing this footage, the camera work, and the passion for said work was absolutely amazing.

  84. Brandon Mount says:

    I know this is a year old, but I just saw it last night. Like for 28:00, 'why not start riding ice?'. Then footage of guys just pointing it because of course you can't even think about turning. Nutty.

  85. Leandro Schiavoni says:

    excellent, people like you make the human race bigger and better !!!

  86. Dan Williams says:

    Beautiful. Brilliant. But, an utterly perfect example of demonic possession. Look at the eyes.



  88. Jeffrey Jewell says:

    These are quadruple black diamonds. Death 💀

  89. James Furlong says:

    I bought this for my son and it's his first decent board accounting to him↝↝>え   He's been using it for Midwest snow hills so pretty much fake snow as of right now. Even with our "Ice-like" hills he feels like he has great control of the board. He likes that it is a light board for him. He's 5'7" and about 125lbs. He's been using it mostly on mountain runs and has hit a few at the park. Packaging from EVO could've been better in my opinion as it was just placed in a box with no cushioning. Box was mostly open and bent a little during shipping.

  90. Stuna Stuna says:

    It's a beautiful movie. Great work!

  91. Reincarnation says:

    I came to Y/T after watching some unbelievable footage of snowboarding on XGames…..I find that my heart races an I get tense with apprehension. Does anyone else feels that way?

  92. Leon Grimaldi says:

    best place to home region..whatta surprise :X

  93. MrBeatuM says:

    Un grand bravo à vous pour ce concentré d'images et ce grand partage d'émotions !

  94. Phillip Herder says:

    These guys are nuckin' futts!!! But they are living!!!

  95. DJ Lee says:

    So if a slope at a ski resort is labeled a black diamond and it’s supposed to be hard, what would this be?

  96. Victor Dìaz Ortega says:


  97. Natura Libera says:

    Wow which idiots and clowns!

  98. Floatwithme says:

    Hi there nice to meet you. My name is Ray (Floatwithme) i am a Dutch composer. What a amazing channel and film. I am glad that I have subscribed. Keep up that amazing work in all you do. Cheers Ray.

  99. Mehmet Şengul says:


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