Turf N’ Surf – Warren NJ

Turf N’ Surf – Warren NJ

I’ve always loved meat markets, sea food markets,
kind of where you have that fresh feel about it and where you see the meats. And my thing
was where you take that and cook it for the customers. My name is Byron Salazar and I’m the owner
of Turf ‘N Surf in Warren, NJ. I didn’t just want to be a burger place, I
wanted to have more than just burger and fries. So that is kind of where the name came in,
Turf ‘N Surf. I wanted to go with the whole concept of your turf’s your western and the
surf’s your seafood side so play with the two concepts and have them kind of mold together
and that’s how we came up with the whole idea. The one thing that we promote is the inside
out burgers. So that’s where you have the greens mixed within the patty’s. So you’ll
have a bacon cheddar so there is bacon and cheddar cheese mixed within the patty. Then
you have a range for our other patty’s. Like a turkey burger where we actually grind our
own meat in house. And there’s the seafood which is like salmon,
tilapia, where you have a choice of how you want it served. My whole thing was transparency. I wanted
to have an open kitchen where people can look into the kitchen and see what’s going on.
One thing we use is a char broiler. And that is one of the main piece of equipment that
we have cause it gives it that nice smokey bbq kind of taste to it. And I think people
really notice that and they really like it. What I wanted to create an environment where
people come in and it is not just ordering food. It’s where they come in and talk about
their day. Talk about how is everything going, and it’s just very homey, friendly, which
I love. I love coming into work everyday. I mean,
this is my dream, and it’s kind of where at such a young age, I’m able to actually do
what I’ve always dreamt to do. And it’s amazing.

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