First thing I hear when I touch down is “Surf, the Midwest groovin’, Such and such nice, whats his name doin’ his numbas, and I don’t see the Midwest losin’.” Well, I can think of a few verbs for the niggas that think they Ill, I come through the Midwest cruisin’, X all factors, hit all men tryin’ holla. Aye Hitman, let me holla at chu. (Crowd reaction) I brought enough… I brought enough for you… I brought enough for you and Showout and anybody that show out. Already got my other half, I’ll clear this fucken show out. (Crowd Reaction) Already got my other half, I’ll clear this fucken show out. Bout to get this nigga dressed, no he ain’t about to go out. I need that old Hitman, tank top with the rope out. YETT, YETT, WHAT?!
This sixty shit summin’ you don’t know bout. You said you wanted to ride, well Gerald, lets
roll out. Me and my strap got two different visions, but I see hands so clear. Mines goin’
out blazin, clips droppin, no fear. Look like a car crash, he get the bag, no air. That tray see more ‘gain (Tracy Morgan), he don’t wanna go there. (crowd reaction) They say… They
say… chill, chill, chill, lets go, lets go, lets go. They say, they say “Tsu Surf
cold, but all he talk bout is hoopin’.” Cuz I feel like I’m shootin’ when I squirt pounds.
And as long as them cans is close (Kanas close), his wig in (Wiggin) by the first round. (Crowd reaction) If hes… if hes hard… if hes hard, but not real. If he’s hard but not real, I don’t care about cha bar, he (Jabari) get two to the chest. I slid up on duke (Duke) and drew (Andrew) with Finesse (Crowd reaction) My big homie, My big homie told me how them streets play out is wild. That mean if this mark is smart (Marcus Smart), he’ll stay out the crowd. (Crowd reaction) How you average, how you average 26.6, moon walk on skates, and clap heat? You are not a shooter, Feet, hands,
sticks, I’m do ya.That’s how I’ma do ya. Raised in that Croc pool, send some piranhas to ya. Lift the Hitman up to God, can I get a hallelujah? (Crowd reaction) I’m always… I’m always… I’m always… I’m always reachin’… I’m always reachin’ cuz a paranoia trip is way better than nervous. Chilled against Charlie, but still here. I think I handled that clip better than Curtis. So… So, so, Hitman’ll front, SHOWOUT is back? Boy, I’ll make Hitman’s front show out his back. Fuck cable, fuck cable, this could happen on Demand. It’s go time. Was on the net flickin through your music, got bored in no time. How much you weigh in brotha (Wayan Brother) it don’t really matter when it’s yo time. I’ll send em macs (cinemax), he’ll pay per round. Verb… it’s show time. (Crowd reaction) And every… And every… and every single nigga, and every single nigga you see me with, I clap for ‘im. Gotta give him 6 man, can he? (Kenny) better pray, Antoine come back for him. (Crowd reaction) They say Surf… What’d you say that was That’s a reach? They say Surf reach a lot, maybe cuz Surf reach a lot. This new Cal I’m buyin’ (Columbine) stupid. Period. I’ll teach a block. Columbine, period, teacher, block, this Gun Talk 101, I could teach a block. (Crowd reaction) I don’t know about chu, but I aIn’t tryna get shot for shit. It became so normal, I reach when I ain’t got this shit. (Crowd reaction) I ain’t a… I ain’t a provin’… I ain’t a provin’ ground… I ain’t a provin’ ground nigga, this ain’t provin’ ground nigga. Been gettin’ a million views, what you provin’ now nigga? Jersey. Besides the fact you got killed in your last
war, you said you want that Hitman with the rope chain and that tank top? (Crowd Reaction) Becareful what you ask for. Yo, turn me up. Fuck you!… and any nigga that co-sign ‘im. Man, I’ll hold ya daughter over the boat like, “Surf your daddy? “yeahhhhh” Well, go find ‘im. (Crowd Reaction) It’s a wrap now. 2 big 40’s and a mac round. The shot gun (Shotgun Suge), do way more than
a pat down. (Crowd reaction) You crippin’? I roll with b’s You talkin’ all that basket ball shit, ’til I Euro step with the switch blade and X ‘im… overseas (Crowd Reaction) I mean, me lose tonight? No fucken way. Smack, do not call time. I got a lotta shit I gotta fucken say. Example: I made my own name my nigga, I was in top form. I came to the stage the people, they got they popcorn. They call you Tsu Surf… cuz you waited on a Loaded
Lux co-sign wave… and hopped on. That’s bitch shit. Ridin’ a nigga dick, that’s sissy shit. When I’m strapped in ya neighborhood with 2 30’s, let’s see if ya’ll really bout that 60’s shit. (Crowd Reaction) Honestly, I mean honestly, fuck who came withchu tonight. Ya’ll all lunch, I got a brand new, black, mac 90 with no rubber grip. That’s for the Raw Bunch. (Crowd Reaction) You seen, you seen what I did to Ars and Red? This your way to learn. Man, I done hung up more Jersey niggas than David Stern. I’m piss… I’m pissed and I’m not in the mood. Don’t talk slick ta me. I’m gifted, I win off presence (presents) no Christmas Tree. I’m way too much. To win, you need a glitch for me. I’m Stevie Wonder, subtitles don’t mean shit to me. (Crowd Reaction) Y’all praise him for get… yo Ya’ll praise him for gettin’ booked for possession? (hell no! hahhhhh) I’m finna say, what cha’ll happy he floss wid it? Cuz where I’m from we praise the shootas, not the niggas that get caught wid it. (Crowd Reaction) Man, I’m unda… Man, I’m undefeated wid a weapon, shieeeeet. I’m a boss nigguh… and it’s loaded, fuck Lux, this Calicoe ain’t lost nigguh. (Crowd Reaction) You see, my boys in the hood (Boyz N Tha Hood), I brought plenty convicts. And death is the answer to any conflict. You brought Suge, I’m like why? That nigga’s a bitch. We ain’t see Shotgun put in work since Ricky (Boyz N Tha Hood) got hit! (Crowd Reaction) Fuck peace. Fuck peace. I like the streets, shots and sirens. Whole hood got jobs, cuz the block is hirin’ Potato on a deadbeat, that mean the Pop is silent. Me and my niggas’ll walk through ya neighborhood… (Crowd Reaction) Let me work. Let me bring that back. I said fuck peace, I like the streets, shots and sirens. Whole hood got jobs, cuz the block is hirin’. Potato on the deadbeat, that mean the Pop is silent.
Me and my niggas’ll walk through your neighborhood like we tryna stop the violence. Chill ‘fore
I flash one. Remix that blast son. (Hey, let me get him) Nah, you fucked up my last one. (Crowd reaction) I say… I say… I say… Yo… I said chill ‘fore I flash one. Remix that blast son. (Holla, let me get ‘im) Nah, you fucked up my last one. I’m thinkin’ bout shootin’ a nigga, pull that beam out. Shots go right through his chest, rip his spleenout. The doctors pull his dreams out. His momma… (Fuck that Holla, I knock him clean
out!) (Crowd Reaction) Fuck it, I’ma remix it. Chill with the flash one… Chill ‘fore I flash one. Remix that blast son. (Holla, let me get ‘im!) Nah, you fucked up my last one! (Holla, let me get him!) Nah, you fucked up
my last one! I’m thinkin’ bout shootin a nigguh, pull that beam out. Shots go right through his chest, rip his… shots, shots shots, go right through his chest, rip his spleen out. The doctors pull his dreams out. His momma… (Fuck that Holla!, Fuck that Holla!)… (Crowd Reaction) Yo… Yo… Yo… Yo… Yo… Ayo… They axe why I always use SHOWOUT as a prop. Be-muthafucken-cause That nigga ain’t a prop, that’s muthafucken blood. Big Gerald raised us on that muthafucken belt and said fuck a fair fight, the other brother betta help! Speaking… speaking of fight, ya’ll thought that scuffle was fake and I hate that. That wasn’t a big deal forreal, ya’ll made it that. Well, I’m callin’ a niggas bluffs. Surf, let’s have a cage match. Can’t nobody leave ’til a nigga dead. stays that. Hold, put two mics
on his head, I parade that. Uppercut swing like an Atlanta Brave cat. Make him work… wait. Tay Roc, keep my muthafucken name out cha mouth (Crowd Reaction) Tay Roc Tell… Tell Tay Roc, keep my name out… Hol, hol, hol, Hold on. Hold on. (Hold it down, Hold it down.) Yo… Tay Roc keep my muthafucken name out cha mouth lil nigga. I’ll expose you. If you need help, just say you need help. I’ll mold you. It’s either that or get a casket bed, they’ll close you. His bitch’ll have to open the box to see Roc (rock) like a proposal. (Crowd Reaction) Anybody taking bets, shieeet. Where the bets, clown. I’ma let you in on a hint, this ain’t even my best round. What’s big money to small change? Two words after this – BALL GAME! See, that’s where I could agree widchu. That nigga from B-MORE, sometimes I wanna clothesline ‘im… (Fuck you too,Nigga!) Suck my dick, sucka. Neighborhood. (Crowd Commotion) Smack: Yo, my niggas, let these niggas do they ting, y’nah I’m sayin’? Please, ight? C’mon, let’s get it. Surf, it’s on you. No, interruptions. See, that’s where I could agree widchu. That nigga from BMORE, sometimes I wanna clothesline ‘im, Dump ‘im somewhere and let somebody nobody knows find ‘im. Cops and a dog, ya’ll wake me up when those find ‘im. Tay get a tombstone, you see Roc on the rock (Roc) like HOV signed ‘im. Okay, okay, I got caught with the strap. Fuck, it I did a bid wid it. Thank God, they caught him for possession and they didn’t catch ‘im
for what he did wid it. (Crowd reaction) I’m wherever YETT YETT at, strap out, it ain’t in the tuck. You might have a CALICOE LOADED with HOLLOWS, so? A good 6 rounds could just
be beginner’s luck, I came to murder summin’. I mean you got a few wins, that could be true. I also know SHOWWOUTT got just as many wins as you I can’t be mad at SHOWw|WOUTT, but if
you take SHOWW out, nobody to catch the gun or catch you, somebody tell me what this show
bout?! (Crowd reaction) Whatchu gone, whatchugone slide up on me like baggage claim? Re-re-remix
then clap me up kill? Wait a minute, you’re lil brotha took the tab on that BILL. (Crowd reaction) If I could… If I could… Yo… If I could… hold on.. If I could… If I could reloaded with the same bullets that I shot wid, I’m bout to stuff these Mossberg shells in this glock clip. Queen Latifa… (Crowd Reaction) If I could reload with the same bullets that
I shot wid, I’m bout to stuff these mossberg shells in this glock clip. Queen Latifa Set It Off f mask, jump in the 380, cops catch him, fuck it. It was ugly, he could plead crazy.
Lock pick the door, Errrrhhh. They sleep baby. See his son BRAHHH! I G-baby, G baby. (Crowd Reaction) What I needa… What I needa remix it or summin’? Gotta remix or summin? Slide, smack, or stack, to get it in the buildin’. you ain’t gettin’ far. Fuck I gotta put it in subtitles or summin’? You ain’t get the bar? Nigga, you can’t read (Reed) it, it ain’t in
the car. (Crowd Reaction) It’s in the car. That shi… This brand new nina… this brand new nina, who gonna take one for the team? That was mean, hella body. But this pump like a jump – that bitch down to hit everybody (Crowd Reaction) This pump like a jump, that bitch down to hit everybody. With a ladder long clip. That’s for when we ride though. That’s ya ‘lil man? When we catch him he dyin’ bro. Pull up with a 60 second flip to slideshow (slide SHOW) (Crowd Reaction) I got… I got… I got double 9s… I got double 9s. C’mon, C’mon. I got double
9s, my man got double 9s. We’ll shake shit. I let a round off from this semi tuck, that’s
a great flip. He let a round from that semi tuck, another great flip. Bwoi, we’ll put
two and two together like it makes sense. When was ya, when was ya last bah… when was ya last body? Phara and Shooney? That shit… (Crowd Reaction) When was your last body? Phara and
Shooney? That shit bore me. Only time I’m cummin’ at two bitches is an orgy. Just copped some new bullets… I just copped some new bullets I just copped some new bullets, I call em edibles. Is he a g? No (Geno). A smith in his back’ll be terrible. (Crowd Reaction) My logic is… My logic is if I send a hundred shots, he can’t duck em all. Clipa hot peppas, holla, I pin yo (Jalapeno) head to the fucken wall! (Crowd Reaction) And if I gotta… and if I gotta ride or summin’… and if I gotta ride or summin’, all black disquise or summin’, timbos, cargos, mask wid a 9 or summin’, you gone need God, hidin’ tips from Saddam or summin’… Mike Brown, that boy gone die nothin’! You asked when the last time I bodied… Phara and Shooney? When the last time you bodied a nigga? That nigga from the S.O.N.S? Stop! Ya’ll need to quit. D boys the only people that brag bout gettin’ rid of bricks (Brixx) You had a classic vers Shine, but he ain’t really shit. You shine vers X, but that was really it. My right hand man’ll shoot you, then plead the fifth. But why? When I can give my own shot like I ain’t need the pick My… My homie said “who?” I said “all” I ain’t need to pick. The scope, I went right through the screen like I ain’t need the switch. Fresh outta retirement, yeah, they don’t like that. .45, bald head, they yellin’ Mike back King of performance, yeah, they yellin’ Mike back. Worldstar TKO’s, they yelling Mike back Kill one of mine that’s cool, I be right back and kill two of yours and make you come get a life back. That Internet beef you be on will get ya wife snatched That money Smack gave you tonight will get ya wife back. That… (Crowd Reaction) The money Smack gave you tonight will get ya wife back. So what if I’m whoopin’ yo ass Surf… (Fight back!) You be sleepin’ on Budden’s couch like that’s ya father. Well what’s all that rappin’ fo? What’s all that kidnapping niggas for bricks and all that trappin fo? Man stop, I’ll clap the 4, kill Surf. He gon have to bury his son, I’ll Jackson Joe (Crowd disappointment) Jackson Joe… (Reach! Reach!) (Reach!) (Reach!) Man what time ya girl get off? We in that van waitin’. We all in the front yard like we landscapin’ We all in ya living room with the cans blazing. Boo bop, bop bop bop bop! Ain’t Red ya man just tell me give you that translation. (Crowd Reaction) I watched Goodz big boy you. What kind of star lets another nigga tell em go run a pack? What you ain’t have them gadgets Blitty? Well, it’s gone be Perfection how this KOD if Tsu’s ever in me or Magic (B-Magic) City (Crowd Reaction) Oh, y’all ain’t catch that? This Jersey Girl getting zipped up. In other words, I got that metal on stage like a strip club… Random: but Suge so fuckin terrible… (Crowd Reaction) Suge… Suge so fuckin terrible… I could’ve beat both of y’all – same night. If they was on stage measurin’ hearts
Me and Suge would be the same height Or Tsu Surf’s gone be a watery death, broad day, plain sight. His momma gon have to wear a bathin’ suit And scuba gear to visit the grave site. (Crowd Reaction) If I use this heavy metal… If I use this heavy metal, y’all gone have the crowd Surf and ‘em in the ambulance Fuck y’all waiting on that subtitle or summin’? I said if I use this heavy metal, y’all gone have to crowd surf ‘im to the ambulance (Crowd Reaction) Fuck, y’all waiting to remix that subtitle or something? I said if I use this heavy metal y’all gon have to crowd surf em to the… Crowd surf em to the, crowd surf em to the ambulance I’m just trying to get on the same page as you. How Arsonal and Red leave you booked, Shotgun made you ride solo And these the niggas that’s on stage wid chu? That wasn’t played well, cause I guarantee if that was me. Magic, Ill and Verb would’ve spent every goddamn night in Detroit until I made bail. (Crowd Reaction) Man, it was… Man, it was four ya’ll. It… It was 4 of them, one pistol, you was gone raise hell? If it’s four of us, it’s… (Crowd Reaction) I said It was four of them, one pistol, you was gone raise hell? If it’s four of us it’s four pistols, we would’ve all had to sit in that same cell! (Crowd Reaction) But now… But… But now it’s “hee-hee-haa-haa” man that’s weak shit. And how ironic that this “college nigga” hippin’ this “hood nigga” on some street shit. I mean I could talk about how you be reach… I’ma save that for Round 3 bitch! Ball Game! I hear everything you saying, but let’s discuss something that’s apparent. Hitman Holla, COLD KILLA! But Gerald Fulton grew up with both parents. Now… No, time out. Now, I’m not knockin’ havin’ both parents, but your situation wasn’t the worst like… Everything mommy ain’t have on the 15th, Daddy could cover on the 1st He probably taught you that 5 step drop back And that spiral almost amazingly I taught myself you gotta ease off that trigger slow, let that hammer up simultaneously. (Crowd Reaction) There’s a difference… There’s a difference… He prolly… he prolly… time out, time out. He prolly taught you bout the birds and the bees. Chlamydia, clap and all about crabs. Man, them niggas was out the window with the bird, throwing out B’s, clappin’, callin’ out “crabs!” (Crowd Reaction) You was at… you was at practice shootin’ if you miss you do suicides Them niggas came thru shootin, that was our practice, If we miss that was suicide. (Crowd Reaction) See, every time… every time I… every time I feel some type of way about my hood, these family niggas be reminding me See we both real niggas but you a different kind to me Math, English, Lunch, you was on a different time than me I pull up, gym, I pull out trigonometry (Crowd Reaction) You had… Yo, time out… Yo… (Crowd Reaction) Yo, time out… Yo! Yo, You had… You had X squared over Y… You had X squared over Y tryin’ to find the remainder then… then add up I’m asking my ex “why you asking me bout numbers? I’m tryin to bag up” (Crowd Reaction) Ya fa…time out, time out, time out. Ya father probably bought ya mother coat, all ya sports gear, and ya brother boots No football, these gloves wasn’t for baseball, this face mask was for other use. (Crowd Reaction) Ya mother was at the game, cardboard colors, fresh signs. My mother was in pain, you wanna speak to the inmate, press 9. (Crowd Reaction) Yo… Yo, you get off the court… you get off the court… woo! Good game, good game, good game, good game… You get off the court… woo!, Daddy right there “congratulations you did it” I won’t say I’m jealous, but me and mommy had to wait to Wednesday to kick it. I know you won’t get it, shit. I have flashbacks when I spit it, but Wednesday and Thursday that was assigned visits. (Crowd Reaction) I just… they don’t need to respond, man… I just feel like… I just feel like Big Gerald Craig Withersp… I just feel like… I just feel like Big Gerald John Witherspoon and you Craig Whatchu doin’ with that glock? I mean back on the west side they ain’t have guns, we had these to rock. I admit if I was in his position, I prolly would’ve stopped. We got so much in common, both protected by them pops (Crowd Reaction) The moral of this… The moral of this story… The moral of this… chill, chill, chill. No reaction. The moral of this story: all that fuckin’ school and you ain’t learn shit! Put him in my hood one time, boy (tomboy) and you’ll turn bitch. I know a hunnit niggas… (Crowd Reaction) The moral of this story… The moral of this story: all that fuckin school and you ain’t learn shit. Put him in my hood one time, boy (tomboy) and you’ll turn bitch. If Verb would’ve holla’d for my father, he wouldn’t have heard shit! (Crowd Reaction) You tried ta… You talkin’ bout… If you say you was wrestlin’ in the streets, you a Stone Cold Stunna. (Crowd Reaction) Yo… Yo… Yo… If you say you was wrestlin’ in the streets, you a Stone Cold Stunna. You was home with ya mother watchin’ wrestlin’ Rock, Raw, Chyna, Smackdown. We was in the trap house, raw, rock, china getting smacked down (Crowd Reaction) Jersey! New Jersey was like the Celtics at one point in time, y’all had the Big ‘fo (4) KG, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Rondo But y’all all split up and started fallin off, it was only a matter of time doe I see y’all lookin like, well who’s who? Ars, he was once MVP, so that’s KG, that’s just right off the hunch O-Red – Ray Allen, cuz he probably the deadliest shooter out of the bunch Won’t y’all help me think of somebody for Suge cuz I’m tryin’. I mean I could call Shotgun “The Truth” but … I’ll be lyin’ (Crowd Reaction) Won’t y’all help me think of somebody for Suge cuz… cuz I’m tryin’. I could call Shotgun “The Truth” but … I’ll be lyin’ And Surf you Rondo, not cause you be running shit. It’s cause ya first name (Rajon)… Let’s bring that back us, them, it ain’t hard to figure out Who the ops? Hitman vs. Arsonal… I got rid of that big ticket like I knew the cop After that battle they looked at St. Louis and believed us Hitman vs O-Red, I called him Ray Allen cause I sent that nigga to Jesus (Crowd Reaction) I said they… I said… I called him Ray Allen cause I sent that nigga to Jesus Hitman vs. Shotgun Suge, I’ma need a serious check So that just leave Surf but, yet and still he ain’t a serious threat Cause I’m appalled how Rajon ain’t been on point since his Parents (Pierce) left (Crowd Reaction) Man, Everything from AR’s to glocks in his face. Chinese choppers, they sound different You could tell they not from the states. “Braaackow! Braaackow”, shit that’ll make Barack leave the states and my… my city got me paranoid, so I’m shooting at any cop on the chase And if Kuah jump in, he get it the same way. I kill his dog now me and Calicoe fighting the same case (Crowd Reaction) Wait… Wait…Wait… Wait… Wait We two different… (Crowd Reaction) Yo, yo, yo… Let me ge… Yo, We two different Rugrats… We two different Rugrats cause you a rat And you tell what you seen for a hobby I’m Angelica, that’s cause I get mean with the Tommy. Ya’ll remember that… (Crowd Reaction) We two different Rugrats cause you a rat I’m Angelica, that’s cause I get mean wid the Tommy. Y’all remember dat Michael Jackson Motown glove? Well, I use that to clean up the Shotty. And left it on the scene… cops thought a nigga Billie Jean’d at the Homi. (Crowd Reaction) Yo… Yo… Yo… Yo… Yo… Let me go, C’mon… Yo… I’ll explain it lata. Yo… U R in the middle of that *CH-CH* that’s CHURCH I mean before y’all say I’m hating, just explain to me what the fuck did church have to do with that situation? (Crowd Reaction) What church had to do with that situation? Then you had the nerve to say, “I’m too advance for these niggas and it hurts” No, you just reach too fuckin’ much and they let it work Well since they let you get away with it, let me try it, and I’ma do it worse Check, code name, San Fran, that’s 40 9s and when it burst U R in the middle of that SF, that’s SURF. (Crowd Reaction) Yo… I see you like… Yo… I see you over there lookin like, “that last shit ain’t hit like that?” But you would’ve screamed and went crazy when he say shit like that. Man I got them thangs like Tambourines, we clap at who ever I treat your block like a URL card and SMACK it togetha They found his body so distorted, he was backwards togetha. Me & ShowwOutt the male version of Serena and Venus Same parents, but we swing rackets/ratchets togetha. (Crowd Reaction) Smack: hold it down, hold it down, let’s go. Yo, I can’t even go through my shit… I got some shi… Yo, Yo… I got some shit that’ll flip a nigga, he’ll tumble on the spot. I don’t even drink but I took some shots then I stumbled to his pops. I’m like “I brought them Nick Cannons, you know? Braataa Braataa Brrrrrrrr-POP!” Man, I be feeling like a Piston in Detroit when I’m drummin’ (Drummond) on the block. (Crowd Reaction) I know, I got… I got all night. Let me go… You got a New Jersey hat on, my nigga. Smack: Hold It down, let’s go. Holla, c’mon , let’s get it. Smack: Yo, hold it down please! Aye, you either gon respect me or respect me, ain’t no in and out. Stay in ya lane, don’t cross over like an in-an-out. It’s real where I’m from, you playin, you took the scrimmage route. It’s all fun ‘til you laying with ya ligaments out. Surf, I’m a beast, peep, I bring extendeds out. A star that’ll play with them birds, I took the Emmitt route. You Crippin’ on the net, in person what that image bout? Mush him in his face, I’m just trying to see what his niggas bout (Crowd Reaction) You got a New Jersey hat on… Ball Game. Shoutout to my nigga Hitman muthafucken Holla, Tsu muthafucken Surf! Y’nah I mean? Bow to these niggas. S’all love ya heard? I appreciate both ya’ll niggas for comin’ out.

Antonio Breitenberg

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    His brother be to hype

  33. Jay Jones says:

    "Besides the fact that you got killed in your last war you said you want that hitman with that rope chain and that tank top be careful what you ask for" Hitman Won With That

  34. Daniel Tilley says:

    Holla 2-1

  35. Cameron A says:

    Yo Jaz the rapper is so damn fine πŸ˜πŸ–€

  36. Resean Smith says:

    surf 2-1

  37. PRiiMO VALENTiiNO says:

    What happened to the subtitles

  38. tiay mayo says:

    this nigga Smack gets me everytime when he wipes the tear away 28.23

  39. Rome Willagon says:

    can i get a halla looyah

  40. Thomas Palmer says:


  41. Robert Briggs says:

    We haven't seen Shotgun put in work since Ricky got hit; Hitman was hard on that line

  42. Count Racula says:

    "Crowd Disappointment" had me weak

  43. Danuel white says:

    lol did "smack" shed a tear at 28:19?

  44. milesmungo says:

    When I get hype I turn into Showout, waving my fists. (Crowd reaction)

  45. Hollywood SACE says:

    tsu surf performance was classic he lost his hunger. surf 2-1

  46. Yung G.A.D says:

    my logic is if I send a hunnit shots, he can't duck em all, clip of hot peppers, holla–i-pin-yo head to the fuckin wall

  47. #Trust says:

    yo jaz bad

  48. Aysha Hill says:

    I get mad even time I watch this because that of that tall bitch in the blue dressπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  49. Rodney Holland says:

    I don't really mess with Surf but that 3rd tho .. fire

  50. Abu Niazi says:

    Hitmans remix was insane

  51. Abu Niazi says:

    When hitman did the remix the fact that the crowd made so much noise we couldn't hear his brother proves hitman won

  52. Abu Niazi says:

    I just saw conceited at the back near the end
    Damn he so small

  53. Tiffany Johnson says:

    dam surf so finneeeeeee

  54. Diamond green says:

    the whole time I'm staring at hitmans dick print in them grey sweatpants

  55. Devine Wynder says:

    Raw, Rock, China getting smack down!! Classic Line.

  56. Jonathan Hernandez says:

    where r the subtitles

  57. quinton chandler says:

    hitman 2-1

  58. Keorapetse Joseph says:

    surf was annoyed

  59. Augusto Mochila says:

    Surf wins this battle, surf bars are fire!!

  60. Myesha White says:

    hitman holla killed him after these he shouldn't wont to battle rap no more πŸ’ͺbut he got in too✌

  61. Thiago varella says:

    I'll Jackson joe

  62. mixumup1 says:

    I pull up gym, I pull out trigonometry

  63. Antonio Dalton says:

    Surf got every round!

  64. Terrance Overstreet says:

    Did u c conceited rub on smack an smack said something about that lmmfao when he said about his mom push nine.an nu nu looking right at smack talking to that girl.

  65. Juwan T says:

    Bruhhhh… you buy one TMT hat…..

  66. roodtube says:

    28:30 do somebody have bad breath πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ conceited and the girl was like πŸ˜–πŸ˜΅

  67. Self Bradley says:

    Cool 7 on the scale

  68. Keith Greenaway says:

    Tsu Surf ✌🏿3rd Rd.. FactsπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ Classic.. Jersey

  69. PHA Q πŸ–• says:

    Turn on the cc (subtitles) that shit is on point

  70. John Wiley says:

    2-1 Either Way !! But Fuck that this was A top 3 battle All Time πŸ’―πŸ’―

  71. Dj White says:

    20:20 omg hitman calm down

  72. James Lewis says:

    Hitman 2-1

  73. Blacky Chan says:

    1 hitman
    2 debatable
    3 surf

  74. princetyler20 says:

    I just can’t figure if surf won 2-1 or hitman 2-1

  75. Damon Turner says:

    Surf got whooped Idc if he had barz dat could beat Tupac he still lost hitman is the man

  76. Kojo Degraft-Johnson says:

    Show out get me hyped maaan πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  77. Wydie Money says:

    Years later and surf still 2-1 almost 3-0

  78. A.I 111 says:

    Tsu surf 3 round one of the best !!!

  79. flo king says:

    Tsu was ready to fuck em up!! Lol, it doesn't ever get old

  80. ronald williams says:

    Classic lol back again

  81. ronald williams says:

    Lmao watching this seeing how he called tay out way before tha battle and killed him years later Lmmfao dead

  82. Shamek V Farrah says:

    Lift the hitman up to God can I get a hallelujah. Hahaha

  83. Rw CAUGH says:


  84. vlogs for life says:

    hitman got destroyed im just saying

  85. chefawkes says:

    Suge got hit the most LOL

  86. lezbnlvr32 says:

    So no one is going to say anything about the gay guy, hanging, grabbing and rubbing all over Rain/Reign/Rayne….aiight

  87. ebs gleason says:

    Hitman 2-1 facts if not 3-0

  88. brandon lilly says:

    Peep conceited in the third!!!

  89. voidpierex27 says:

    You can’t take Baltimore niggas no where when going show out πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  90. Robert Smalls says:

    con faces be having me weak lol

  91. Dump God says:

    Holla: Round 1/ Surf: round 2&3

  92. Meri Amen says:

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚"holla let me get'em 'nah you fucked up my last one'"

  93. PlaymakingSharp says:

    Hitman hollas brother is the fucking man eh

  94. TonyBuddz Kartel says:

    ♿️♿️♿️♿️ TSU SURF killed it s/o to hit to

  95. Tinyissmall says:

    Jersey πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’€

  96. Love Leek says:

    Round 1-Hitman Holla

    Round 2- Tsu Surf
    Round 3- Tie

  97. HernandezNC says:

    Bar for bar tsu wins easy

  98. Trey Blue says:

    Surf won

  99. Jinxed says:

    To this day, Surf round 3 is special

  100. Alister Brown says:

    Round 1: Hitman Holla
    Round 2: Hitman Holla
    Round 3: Easy Tsu Surf W
    Hitman taking the overall dub tho

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