Basically we missed our last lift Because we didn’t know which one to take. Actually Annika said something about going on the one with the seats but we didn’t see them riding it. And then I thought we should take the one that should take us closer to home. So we went on that one and then for a whole minute we heard Jaan saying (from a walkie-talkie) “Bleh” Then finally Jaan learned to use the walkie-talkie and told us that we took the wrong lift. Finally Jaan learned to use the walkie-talkie We’re now so glad that we realized that we were late No worries At least the view is nice here Cheers Let me film your beard Lovely We thought we should film our ride home. Or else they would ask ‘Where were you? Why were you so late? What did you see?’ We saw nothing. We got drunk Some friends arrived. Soon they will offer us some drinks. No. Let’s go away quickly Break! Break! Break! Look, they’re too close! Look, they’re… break Siiri! Stop! Oy! Sorry. Siiri maybe flew off somewhere Everything ok?
– Yes yes – Yeah, I didn’t break at all.
– Why didn’t you break? I don’t know

Antonio Breitenberg

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