Trick Tip With Burton Snowboarder Zak Hale: Switch Frontside 270s On

Trick Tip With Burton Snowboarder Zak Hale: Switch Frontside 270s On

Welcome to this episode of the Trick here no Natwork A. Joining me is Zak Hale. Zak, what are you going to be teaching us today buddy?
I’m going to be teaching you a switch frontside 270 on bars, So Zak, this trick, how many different parts does it have? There’s four parts, you have the ride in, your spin, your slide, and your out.
Obviously. Can you walk us through them one by one now? Over at the rail? Yes, I will give you each step for those four parts. First step to learning a switch frontside 270 is your approach. What you want to do is you want to come in on your toes. As soon as you’re coming up the lip, switch your weight to your heels. That will keep your shoulders straight, your board straight going up to the lip you’re ready for step two which is the
standoff, and you’re ready for step two which is the spin on. The second step to this trick is the spin on. I think this is one of the most important steps because it is how you land on the rail, it’s how you’re going to ride off of the rail, and it’s how the trick is going to look. The most important thing to spinning on is make sure you take a wide enough line where you’re not going to spin into it. You want to come up and have a good switch ollie and get your tail and your nose over the rail which is going to bring you around. So once you get to this point right here where your tail or switch nose is over the rail, it’s pretty much all in your shoulders and
head because wherever your shoulders and head go, your body is going to follow. So once you get here, what you want to do is just make sure you keep turning in your board and you want to make sure you land 90 on the rail because that is going to set you up perfectly for step number three. The next step to this trick is the slide. Once you get your 270 around, you’re going to want to land perfectly center on your snowboard. Not too much on your heels because you’ll catch and fly back. And not too much on your toes because you’re just going to slip out. And once you land perfect, you’ll slide the rest of the rail and you’re ready for the last step. So on the landing for this trick, i brought it to fakie, which I think is a little bit easier than bringing it to regular because when you bring it to fakie your body is already spinning that way and your shoulders are already kind of coming towards your switch landing instead of your shoulders having to revert back to regular. So when you’re coming out fakie, what you wanna do is just make sure when you land on the rail, you spot it. And when you’re coming out, you turn your board so you land like that. And you wanna make sure you find the end of
the rail because if you don’t you just kind of come off and hook your back edge. So I think the most important thing to this step is when you get on the rail and you’re
looking you wanna make sure you could see the end you know when you’re going
to come out. Alright Zak Hal, thank you for walking us through all the steps, but now just give us the one trick. what is the trick to The Trick with the frontside 270? The secret trick to the switch frontside 270 is just do not spin early. Make sure you’re not 90 off the lip. Keep it straight. And wait until you pop. Have a little patience.
Patience is key.
What are you rushing into this for? Well Zak Hale, thank you very much for joining us. It has been a damn fine time working with you.
Thank you for watching. I hope you learned something from Zak. And now that you have all of the pointers, go out, film one for yourself, share it with us. We will see you next time on The Trick here on Network A.

Antonio Breitenberg

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