Triad Today: Highlighting UNCG Women’s Soccer, conference champions

Triad Today: Highlighting UNCG Women’s Soccer, conference champions

Now in this special edition as we
salute UNCG Spartan athletics and what a great program it is. And this time we’re
going to turn our attention to women’s soccer on my right two very special
people I want you to meet right now. On my immediate right Heida Vidarsdottir, who is a native of Iceland and a member of the UNCG women’s soccer team. And Michael Coll, head coach for women’s soccer. Welcome, good to see you. Thank you. Michael I want to start with you if it’s okay and just basically ask how long
you’ve been the head coach for soccer women’s soccer at UNCG? I’ve been the
head coach at UNCG since March of 2014. Now we won’t go over all the statistics
but in general I happen to know that you guys have had a great couple of years.
How would you describe the success you’ve been having? Well it’s been
tremendously enjoyable number one and it’s also been very good level of soccer
we get tremendous compliments from our fan base liking the style of our play. And we are very entertaining. And when you say style of play and again granted
I’m not an expert on soccer but what makes it exciting? To a
layperson. Yeah well I think to lay people there
want to see the ball played and it’s pretty soccer where there’s a lot of
connections on the field and the ball is to feet all over. Some teams play a very
direct style of soccer where the ball is in the air a lot we play an indirect
style of soccer where we’re trying to combine from the defense to the midfield
and maybe back to the defense again. Multiple times before we actually make
attempts on goal. Heida, what made you want to move from Iceland to play soccer at
UNCG? Not that I’m running down our school
because I’m gonna alumnus but what made you want to make the move? Well I just
thought it was a great opportunity to put soccer and education together
America just does a great job of putting those two together which they don’t do
in Iceland. So, it was actually through a friend that I got in contact with Coll.
So I was pretty- it was luck really and I’m just very lucky that I ended up here.
So he didn’t just fly over there and knock on your door and you heard about
him and came over here. No, it was nothing like that. I was already in America
then I went through mutual friends that I met him. How has being at UNCG, that
whole experience, impacted you personally? It’s just helped me grow
as a person honestly being here Greensboro sits in great city and UNCG’s a great school and there’s just so much opportunity to meet a lot
of people and it’s just helped me a lot as person to grow. Michael let me come
back at you for a second. How would you, without embarrassing Heida, how vital has
she been to your program success? Oh my. On and off field. Oh yeah, well start with
on the field she is a tremendous soccer player. She’s a gifted player, she’s so
well known in our conference and against the non-conference teams we play against
because they have to scout her. Oh yeah. An exceptional soccer player. Off the field
she’s a tremendous young woman a fantastic teammate and a great student.
Great. So she fits all all the checks all the boxes which we want to
accomplish. Well you have to keep up your grades. You know. Oh yeah, yeah. It’s important. Are you gonna tell us your grades? No won’t ask. Michael what is the future
the soccer program look like? It’s very bright. You know, our team currently is
exactly where I want us to be and where the players want to be. So, I think moving
ahead we should continue to be challenging for Championships so the
future is very bright. Yeah. I will mention again you guys were national
champions what last year right? Conference champions last year and also
the year before, 2017, as well. So we’ve we’ve gone back-to-back conference
championships and played in the NCAA two years in a row which is-
Now we mentioned at the top of the show we showed a video we
spoke with Kim Record about fundraising and the big fundraising campaign for
athletics. Michael what will that mean to you in
terms of facilities how is that gonna help your program? Well our facilities
are in a big need to get better. They’re they’re quite outdated so the
fundraising when it’s successful is gonna allow us to put in state of the
arts updated equipment to allow our student-athletes to really work harder
and reach their goals. And attract more people like Heida. Oh yeah,
yes sir. Heida, before we run out of time what are your plans after graduation?
Moving back to Iceland. I’m gonna continue playing soccer and start to
work. You don’t play on the ice do you? No, we
don’t. What would that be called if you played
soccer on the ice? Ice soccer? On screen the UNCG Spartans dot com. Check that out
and also Spartan Club dot org please do that. You can donate, be interested for
that information and support the Spartans. Great. Great entertainment. The
women’s soccer program. Thanks for doing this guy’s.
Thank you.

Antonio Breitenberg

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