Trevor Responds to Criticism from the French Ambassador – Between The Scenes | The Daily Show

Trevor Responds to Criticism from the French Ambassador – Between The Scenes | The Daily Show

I wanted to share this
little story with you. I got into a little
bit of trouble with the French Government. (audience laughing) I know. The French Government. So what happened was, let’s
start at the beginning. France won the World Cup. (audience cheering
and applauding) And so on the show,
we celebrated that
and I had this joke where I said, I said
Africa won the World Cup. (audience cheering
and applauding) Yeah, and I was shocked at
how angry a lot of French people got, like genuine,
a lot of French people were angry and they were like,
“Oh Trevor how can you say this, why would you
say these things? (audience laughing) You know this is horrible.”
and I was like okay, I get it, not everyone
likes every joke that you tell and I get that
but this was interesting. I got a letter from the
ambassador of France. And I’ll read it to you,
it was about that joke. And he says, I’ll try to read
it how I hope he wrote it. (audience laughing) Which was he says, “Sir I
watched with great attention your July 17th show when
you spoke of the victory of the French team at the
2018 FIFA World Cup Russia final which took
place last Sunday. I heard your words about
an African victory, nothing could be less true.” (audience laughing) Now, first of all, I think
it could have been less, I could have says they
were Scandinavian. (audience laughing) That would have been less true, that would have been less true. He says, “As many of the
players have already stated themselves, their parents
may have come from another country but a great
majority of them — all but two out of 23
were born in France. They were educated in
France, they learned to play soccer in France,
they are French citizens. They’re proud of
their country, France. The rich and various
backgrounds of these players is a reflection of
France’s diversity. France is indeed…” Now that
line there was interesting. The rich and various
backgrounds of these players is a reflection of
France’s diversity. Now, I’m not trying to
be an asshole but I think it’s more a reflection
of France’s colonialism. (audience cheering
and applauding) Because it’s not like it’s
just like random players, like they all have
something in common. Like all of those players
if you trace their lineage you’re like how did
you guys become French? Like, how did your family start
speaking French? Oh, okay. (audience laughing) And it says here, he says,
“France is indeed a cosmopolitan country but every citizen is
part of the French identity and together they belong
to the nation of France. Unlike in the United
States of America, France does not refer to its
citizens based on their race, religion or origin. To us,
there is no hyphenated identity. Roots are an individual reality, by calling them an African team
it seems like you’re denying their Frenchness. This,
even in jest, legitimizes the ideology which
claims whiteness as the only definition
of being French.” So now here’s the thing,
first things first. I understand what he’s
saying ’cause I read up on this afterwards,
right? I take criticism. I’ll listen to what
somebody says to me. I genuinely believe you
should, and what it turns out is in France, a lot
of Nazis in that country use the fact that these
players are of African descent to shit on their
Frenchness, you know. So they go you’re not
French, you’re from Africa go back to where you came
from, you’re not French. They use that as
a line of attack. Now my thing, my opinion is
coming from South Africa, coming from Africa and
even watching the World Cup in the United States of America, black people all over the
world were celebrating the Africaness of the
French players, right. Not in a negative way but
rather in a positive way going look at these Africans
who can become French. You know what I mean, it’s a
celebration of that achievement. And so, this is what I find
weird in these arguments is that people go they’re
not African, they’re French. Then I’m like why
can’t they be both? (audience applauding) Right, why is that duality
only afforded to select group of people, why
can they not be African? So what they’re arguing here is, in order to be French
you have to erase everything that is African,
’cause what do they mean when they say that
our culture, our this. So you cannot be French and
African at the same time, which I vehemently
disagree with. I go if you see those
players I love them, Paul Pogba, N’Golo Kante,
I’ve watched all of them. Like, I love those players
and I love how African they are and how
French they are. I don’t take their
Frenchness away but I also don’t think you need to
take their Africaness away. And that is what I
love about America. America is not a perfect
country but what I love about this place is that
people can still celebrate their identity in
their Americaness. You can go to a St. Patrick’s
Day parade in America celebrating that you are Irish. You can go to a Puerto
Rican day parade in America still celebrating the fact
that you are Puerto Rican and American at the same time. You can celebrate
Juneteenth as black person and be like “yo, I’m
African-American,” which is the duality
of the two worlds. But here they’re going,
“No you are only French.” (audience laughing) And here’s why it
vexes me, to be honest. This is what I find interesting, is like, when I read
stories from Africa and I watch what
politicians say, especially in France
about African migrants: when they are unemployed,
when they may commit a crime, or when
they are considered unsavory, it’s the
African immigrant. When their children go on to
provide a World Cup victory for France, we should only
refer to them as France. And we even saw it with
that African man who climbed the building to rescue the
baby, do you remember that? – [Audience] Yes. – We watched him
climb that building, he rescued the child and
then they gave him French citizenship, they said
you are now French. So now I’m going so is
he now no longer African? (audience laughing) Is that what you’re
saying? So when he was on the ground
he was African. (audience laughing) And then he climbed up
and as soon as he rescued the baby now he’s French.
So if he dropped the baby, The African dropped the baby. (audience cheering
and applauding) I don’t believe that you need and here’s like I would
say again with respect I understand what the
ambassador is saying. I’m not joining the attack
and I know don’t get me wrong, I know we live in a
world where like nuance is something that
is in short supply. And so you will find in
America for instance, the alt-right saying, “That’s
what we’ve been saying, they’re not French and
we’re saying but if Trevor says it it’s not racist, but
if we say it it’s racist.” Yeah, yeah. I’ll
say yeah, you know why? Because I believe
context is everything. There are certain things
you can say to somebody that like when I
say to my friends, What’s going on, my nigga?”
and if a white person came and said the same thing, yeah
there’s a big difference. (audience laughing) When I’m saying they’re
African I’m not saying it as a way to exclude
them from their Frenchness but I’m rather using it to
include them in my Africaness. I’m saying, “I see you my French
brother of African descent.” Do you know what I’m saying,
that’s what I’m trying to say, when somebody else
says it the other way. You can use the same
line in different ways. People are like,
so it’s different? Yeah, yeah it’s different,
it can be different. It’s like somebody saying, “So
if you play with your naked child it’s a problem but if
I do it I’m a pedophile?” Yeah, yeah there’s
a big difference. There’s a huge difference. (audience clapping) So I will continue to praise
them for being African because I believe that
they are of Africa. Their parents are from
Africa and they can be French at the same time. And if French
people are saying they cannot be both, then I think they
have a problem and not me. (audience cheering
and applauding)

Antonio Breitenberg

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    Fantastic argument by Trevor Noah! Well done 👏🏼👍🏼

  2. Dung Tran says:

    Mesut Özil WC winner, 5 times german player of the year….and still a turkis in WC 2018 when they lost

  3. Emmanuel Grasmere says:

    If I was a billionaire or in power I was gonna make Trevor my spokesman…

  4. Emmanuel Grasmere says:

    if I ever visit the US I'll go to the hood just to use the N-word

  5. Jpaul Mas says:

    That was well clarified congratulations

  6. Virgo Queen says:


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    France was last African country in FIFA world cup…

  8. francois williams says:

    I am African thx

  9. t_ n_rasberry says:

    Wow I like how eloquently you speak. That was a great example you provided there about the man rescuing the baby to support what you're saying.

  10. tsholofelo molefe says:

    lol the French colonisation in some African countries is so overt that even in China I meet African people who introduce themselves as French but they've never been to France. it's like me introducing myself as english but I've never been to England. we were colonised , we moving on but heyyy I am still South African , i have my native language.

  11. Bethany Smith says:

    Yeah it’s different

  12. Afryka Blak says:

    Ya you said the rights things

  13. mohamed oumha says:

    Between 5:30 and 6:35, Trevor sums up everything… That's how French think.
    Colonialists 😡

  14. StarBorneVirg says:


  15. F H says:

    I live in France and that’s exactly what’s happening

  16. Ron Gjerde says:

    I'm a Norwegian-American, and I'm proud of both heritages. I believe the fact that we can all be Americans and yet honor all of our different ethnic backgrounds is one of the reasons that America is both great and unique. I hope I don't offend any dog owners, but I believe a mixed-mutt is the best kind of dog out there. I'm proud to be a member of a nation of "mutts" (and I use only the good definition of mutt — "a dog of mixed breeds").

  17. ali b says:

    Thanks Trevor for telling the French the true

  18. Nani and Mommy says:

    This man tells the truth sooooo much. Protect him at all cost.

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    Africa won the World Cup… AAAHAHAHAAAA….

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    Can he please rub for president or something just one time ?

  22. michael jordan says:

    I'm French and my god this is so embarassing for our nation. I still don't get how our government accepted to give the post of ambassador to such an incompetent individual. On behalf of all the french here, I wish to apologize to Trevor, it appears that our ambassador in the U.S. territory clearly has some humor lacking issues..

  23. Roy Weasley says:

    Well done, d best
    I ve heard, exposed all of the shit.

  24. Arren Wright says:

    Wow I really didn't ever look at it from that angle before you make so much sense.

  25. Manuel Flaim says:

    You are truly amazing. Thank you. Wise words and great entertainment. Italy is watching you 🇮🇹

  26. Maidan LEBON says:

    yes yes yes thank you ! thank you for pointing this out. You should learn about French/Algerian who the history between France and Algeria. France had stayed in Algeria for almost 200 years and was considered part of France not like the rest of the colonies. in 1962 Algeria gained independence and there are still almost 20 million french Algerian who ha stayed in France and got mixed with French people since then, the relationship between France and Algeria ended very badly and French Algerian in France became very hated by the french because Algerian French would have never gave up on their Algerian identity, As it is considered in France forbidden for them to be Algerian but only French and that they have to choose either Algeria or France. Through my whole life I have suffered from this as I was always put in situation where I had to choose and can't be both, and my life, the person who is inside me has always believed I am mixed. Take Zineddine ZIDANE the Algerian French player as an example to understand the mixture. I am so happy you pointed that out because in France they have always made me feel that I am in the wrong for being Algerian and I shouldn't belong if I chose to show my Algerian identity. till now France relies very much on its North African Algeria so called Friend yet its people and the french sovereignty doesn't believe in Algerian French the same that letter has been addressed to you.

  27. Ali Raheem says:

    If it was not for French you will still be a slave.. most of Africa was not always black…it is racist to think blacks are African only

  28. I. Ma says:

    Ok Trevor. All the successful blacks in the USA aren't American. They're Africans! Is that what you're saying ? 🤣

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    Lmafooo im done😂

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    Brilliance, in a beautiful package. Rare, and exciting. Rap on, brother, rap on! Thank you Jon Stewart.

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    Al Bundy hate french!

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    Trevor Noah for president!!! Love him… He is amazing!!!!

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    As a French (real French), I guess we should deport all the africans to their ancestors' countries, so we'll be nazis for a good reason. And we should only fill the French national football team with whites, so when we'll win the world cup "the blacks of the whole world" and Trevor Noah won't falsly believe they won it, and they couldn't shit on the French. So instead, the French could shit on Trevor Noah and the other blacks who believe they're africans. And we should stop helping the blacks of other countries with money, soldiers, associations, doctors, food, etc… we should take care of ourselves so we won't be colonialists anymore, we'll keep our wealth and ideas for ourselves.
    We should have done this earlier, so the blacks would still crawl in the mud while we'd be playing football on Mars.

  34. Alin TIMISOARA says:

    5 : 50 good job trevor . Yes its true . France is the most rasist country in the world .

  35. Jayant Pawar says:

    Just 50 odd years ago years the world didn’t take much notice of the Middle East (Arab) countries. They were tribes making a living along the sea shores and often fighting among their own and lived very basic life. They had something that the world needed. Their leaders realized, explored and acted on that opportunity. Today some of those nations are trying to educate their people to prepare for the future when their oil reserves dwindle or perhaps solar, wind and other non fossil-fuel energy makes oil unattractive source of energy. Their leaders relentlessly worked for setting world class standards. Africa is a vast continent and has such a rich soil and minerals thus potential. Until African leaders are able to set high standards for education and creating business culture and improve their standard of living the world will not take them seriously.

  36. koksal ceylan says:

    All western colonialism was defided in the world but French colonialism in Central Africa is still very alive. This must be stop.

  37. koksal ceylan says:

    What you just named is THE Franch Racism. You can be only French is Racism.

  38. J-R MARIMOUTOU says:

    I'm black, french att all. But I really dislike Trevor for he's French Bashing. Trust me on that, I saw is stand up show. He love to dislike french.

  39. Spectre Emperor says:

    Mes respects frerot

  40. Cleo Jams says:

    This is a lesson to this so-called french ambassador in US, who is in fact ridiculous.
    Thx Trevor for that teaching, i hope he has learnt something

  41. Mermaid Flying says:

    Brilliantly Articulated #FACTS !!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  42. Elendil-sama says:

    I wish France always talked about us like they do in that letter. But the reality is that everyday, in medias, we get spit on. African people find it harder and harder to find jobs, apartments, to feel like they belong. We only appear on the news if we did something bad, our rights get denied, our loyalty questioned. Politicians abandonned us, only praise us when they need the colored votes. Laws are being voted to restrain certain liberties (hello veiled women). France does not OFFICIALLY recognizes races, but it sure has a habit of sorting people according to it. "Where are you from? No really? Oh you're African? Does your father have 5 wives? Do you eat with your hands? Are you allowed to go outside at night?"

  43. Muni Ghebregziabhier says:

    U nailed it Travor…. that's now days racisim reality. As long as you are not of benefit to them u r not their citizen anymore .

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    He is doing coz paid for it,that's a colonialism

  47. Pipaho says:

    My country got roasted hard.
    I'm a white french and I agree 100%

  48. Alex McCaffrey says:

    He has a point. Americans have to hyphenate their identity. Something American this, something American that. Those players aren't African they're French. Why do they have to be both? It's such a narrow American perspective of the world. Now if on an individual level someone feels they own multiple backgrounds then more the power to them but don't assume they are because America is obsessed with ethnicity. Your heritage shouldn't define you, like it seems to most Americans.

  49. Tim Murphy says:

    Bah, this happens in every country including the African ones. In Zim – the gold medal swimmers were the whites who were excused from the general media assault by Mugabe as I remember it.

  50. Dominikmb17 says:

    Amazing response! I love Trevor.
    Just out of curiosity: did they ever responded to this? Probably not because Trevor was 100% right and they know it

  51. Alf Blue says:


  52. Quantum Fuel says:

    French republic is built on secularity and fraternity – that must not be forgotten for either party.
    When people manifest with foreigner flags on champs-elysee because they emotionally feel their belonging to their parent's country while taking material advantage of French solidarity system, there's an offense to fraternity
    When administration and police force takes non-respect attitudes toward French people for ethnic reasons, there's an offense to fraternity.

    Each time, the same kind of arrogant stupidity jeopardizes the peaceful principles of Fraternity.

  53. Abhijeet Shrivastava says:

    Trevor for president
    If trump can , you can !!

  54. Abhijeet Shrivastava says:

    Ambassador must be biting his nails 😂😂😂

  55. 99fruitbat says:

    Scottish athletes are always referred to as British when they win and Scottish when they don't win ! Been going on for ever !

  56. vasdishuh says:

    Oops – doubling down on racist jokes? Shouldnt this be Trump's job?

  57. Garfield Thecat says:

    It's very easy to win an argument when you are the only one arguing on stage with no one around to challenge your statements. I do enjoy your show 🙂 but when you point fingers at France for their colonialism (which is sadly correct) remember that African-American ancestors didn't come to America on vacation and decided to stay… that's not how it happened 😉 so no one here is in a position to point fingers.
    Before recording your show, did you do any research whatsoever about French or European culture and society ? Didn't think so 😉 . America sees society as a collection of communities defined by race , religion etc. In France and most European countries, it doesn't work like that.
    Or at least they try to do it differently with mixed results 🙁 . I don't blame you though for not understanding European mentalities since it's the French ambassador who started it all by not understanding yours 😉

  58. Foyorama OU812 says:

    We make too big a deal over race, we are all human after all, we all live in this planet and we have to all get along, issues that divide us are what people always bring up. Enough already! Every color and every culture has people that are tall, short, fat, gay, assholes, racist, bigots etc. In the end we are all just human and that is what unites us. Talk more about our commonalities and not about the things that divide us.

  59. Jerome Baker says:

    France, like all other countries, love when other cultures, races, play on their National teams! Only then are they considered French, Americans or any other country they are representing! Sad that it's one of the few times they are!

  60. Misha Misha says:

    Amazing Trevor. Amazing. claps
    Very well said. ♡


  61. Déborah C. says:

    I love Trevor but he is so wrong on that point. It's not because you're black that you are African! And being African is not an identity anyway. There is so many different countries in Africa, different cultures, different languages… So we cannot say African and French! African and European maybe…. Someone whose parents migrated to France from Mali is French and Malian. His arguments show a strong lack of knowledge and I think his excuses are pathetic. He concludes by saying that he doesn't have a problem. Once again he should take into account that cultural differences are strong between the US and France. In France, the word race is racist cause we consider that there is only the human race. Moreover, Trevor doesn't question what he said. His words could have actually hurt some black French people, and it serves white supremacists when he says "they are Africans". It also serves white racism when he says the French consider the players French cause they won, if they had lost they would have been considered Africans…. (WTF?) This might be the case for white supremacists but not for all white French people….

  62. Akarmouss Ait Tizi says:

    The problem is that most far right movements in France always say this and most racists always joke about France team being either African or Arab origins.

  63. Neike Shosahie says:

    Noah the Copy Paste


    The only thing that the auto proclaimed African- Americans have from a part of Africa is the skin color. We must remember that in Africa always has lived people of different skin colors. Arabs in the Maghreb, North of Africa, Canary Islands, Egypt and why no, Palestinians and Israelis. For other side black people always has existed in Australia and the islands around this continent ,India, Pakistan,etc. The black US "Americans" that by the way refuse to be named blacks ,have stolen for them the name of Africans while have adopted the religion, culture and manner of thinking from their white ancient owners.
    Most of the "African- Americans" know very little about the zone of origin of their ancestors, do not know anything about the traditions, the music and the religion either, and for sure reject it,. What they know about playing tambor, cencerro,guayo,marakas,timbales? NOTHING! What they know about orishas, spiritism, dance from there? NOTHING!
    Whatever Cuban of whatever skin color is a billion of time more African than these "African- Americans",because the Africans brought to Cuba didn't allow the colonialist to change their culture, on the contrary their obliged them to accept , share and integrate it in a common culture.
    The blacks in USA are Black United States Americans, you lost the African inheritance. Stop calling yourself Africans! You didn't defended your culture and by the way Africa was and is a Continent of diverse races and skin color. Try to Monopolize Africa is a form of racism too, stop this manner of thinking please!

  65. abdul rahman says:

    He speaks for everyone , that's what made me fan of Trevor , I just love this guy .

  66. Human Being says:

    There we have a problem, I think. Let me start with the fact that I come from the east Europe and my country did not participate at colonialism. When I speak, I speak as someone who’s ancestors have nothing to do with it. I actually would appreciate when the labels black and white would go away but I’ll use them here just to make clear my point. So, in general , when people speak about the history and nazis , I try to be quite because it’s a horrible memory for many who still live and it’s a pain for a lot of people even today. Thanks to the internet we can see that racism is still an issue in some countries. And as you said in one of your Interviews , Travis, people divide themselves using many reasons, not only skin tone. But when France says that their black players born in France are French you condemn them for it. I live in Germany but as I said I am from East Europe. Here in Germany people say that you are German when you have German citizenship. Kids born in Germany are Germans and I can imagine that kids born in France are called French. I agree that a better solution is to accept their roots and implement them into who they are – African and French. Even though I have to say that African kids born and raised in Germany are absolutely not African. They don’t even visit Africa and don’t want to, a lot of them. I heard it from their parents. Some of them don’t see themselves as African because they were born in Germany. So there are a lot of stories and a lot of opinions who is who and what we shall say for people born in this or another country. If they see themselves as African and French/German/Italian then they should be seen from this perspective. If they see themselves as German/French etc then they are German/French etc. in the end it’s their Choice. Using what Nazis say is not good here because nazis are the minority and do not represent the nation. Besides that, comparing France with America is like comparing tomato and egg. America was build buy emigrants. European countries are very old traditional, conservative and even today quite homogeneous outside the big cities and their culture is not a mix of cultures like in the US, they have their own cultures and you can’t compare people with such a different cultural and historical background. I actually love your videos and I’m a huge fan but we should understand the mentality of the people better to understand why they say what they say because we Europeans and Americans have different understanding of many things and see things from different angles just because we have different mentality and we lived till to recent time in homogeneous societies.

  67. Richmond Opuni says:

    I have so much respect for Trevor. And this message of his I do really relate to it. I'm Ghanian but raised in Italy and today I'm living in the U.S.A. Three in One, and no matter what they say I'll always be all of them. Believe it!!

  68. manuel ordóñez says:

    Dude you should run por president. Seriously, common sense is so rare nowadays!

  69. Lassi Nissinen says:

    And this is how you talk about racism folks!

  70. Brajonnz says:

    This segment should have been included in the actual show.

  71. 22 ND says:

    If Croatia won the world Cup would have been called Racist

  72. Fitsum Dibaba says:

    So they should ban black players so as proper credit would be given for the country… imagine the a south african white dominating cricket team winning the title and someguy saying the whites won the title…. he'd be ruined and called racist

  73. Jack1999 says:

    Trevor is racist as fuck I can’t stand him

  74. Zee Rose says:

    I wish i could give more than one like man 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  75. Dave Sundra says:

    Nationality and ethnicity are two different topics ..
    People need to understand this ..
    Read a dictionary it may help !

  76. DJLNR MCMLXXXI says:

    Trevor Noah the living legend

  77. Mattospianos says:

    well done!

  78. Oneluv says:

    Trevor, I love you brother.

  79. Obscure History says:

    I kinda agree but also kinda disagree

  80. Shubrakshi Seth says:

    If u don't know how to take a joke on you and complain… it! More coming your way…'s Trevor and I luv him

  81. sorry not sorry says:

    This dude is a Genius. I live in France and I'm african as well… I see no lie

  82. Esther Babalola says:


  83. Locura says:

    When he says because of colonialism I dont understand. France didn't do what america did by bringing slaves from africa in boats. They colonized them in their land. There are a lot of black people and Meghrebi people in france because, YES their countries were left poor and many immigrated to france after. But that migration was voluntary unlike the US method

  84. Audrey Saounde says:

    I'm a black French woman with Cameroonian background and you absolutely nailed everything about how we're perceived in France.

  85. Mobarak Alajmi says:

    He is not just a comedian, you know

  86. OBITO Uchiiha says:

    This French got some harsh ass kicking 😂😂😂
    Am happy to say that cause the most fucked up country bcz french its algeria 🇩🇿
    Long live my country

  87. Carlven Odem says:

    😎🙏"AMEN" Trevor…!!!!!! 👍

  88. Fabulous Farrah says:

    Absolutely I’m African American I’m not American by it self I’m not white and will never be …thank you for explaining it trev

  89. Fabulous Farrah says:

    To people who still didn’t get it…. You watch this as if you where still stupid like the people who clap 👏 where people who can relate let me spell it out you retard ….there African Americans, Latin American etc meaning we don’t see our self among the white racism here we are all our own people mean the people who clap see them self as not one of same Americans because Americans by itself is white people and that’s how it’s seen here …apparently you so dumb even after he explain it you still fucking missed it and yeah I’m African American and I’m one who clap for trev when he broke down for the stupid people like you

  90. Yasmina Derid says:

    This is France for you. I am French, and when a crime is perpetrated you know the criminal is white when the journalist do not say from where the grandmother of the criminal came from, and where is Mother live. 😒 (shady, but true)

  91. Eoghan O Neill says:

    Vous avez raison Trevor, ils sont francais et africains au meme temps ! Poinnte sár-mhaith déanta ag Trevor anseo gur meascán atá sna himircigh idir an cultúr arb as dóibh agus an cultúr ina bhfuil siad.

  92. Germa Alem says:

    Trevor you're the smartest comedian alive. Jah

  93. fatmi benayed says:

    France's history and USA's are quite different. In the middle ages, jews were expelled from the french kingdom. Later the protestant were expelled too. Then there was the Dreyfus affair, the Vivhy regime. And all those colonial wars. There is something called "La République Française". And all citizens are french, and only french. Their origin is a private matter. This is true too for religion, this is called "laicité". This is a way to exorcise old demons. It is largely theoretical, like many french things, and a bit crumbling (the Rassemblement National, the muslims), like many french things too. But we are attached to it. There is some trouble with islam in France now, so any commment suggesting a difference among french people is very sensitive. There are many players of african descent in the french football team!? this was a remark made by jean-marie LePen, head of the National Front and holocaust banalizer, some 20 years ago.

  94. dan ron says:

    This is eu nationalism same reson you cant be a jewish french.

  95. Kalissa H says:

    Africa is a big continent with different ethnic groups where xenophobia is still alive. How many african immigrants have died recently in south africa? How many in north africa? Xenophobia is a global phenomenon.
    Sport and especially football is really the new opium of the people. You are delusional if you think africa won the world cup. It's great if you have supported the french team because you identified to some of them but don't be foolish. You have to take in account the international context ( rise of populism…).The joke is lame.
    If you think you can't celebrate duality in France just watch how the french from algeria have celebrated their Victory during the CAF.
    I don't understand how hard it is for some people to understand that in france roots are an individual identity. We have different cultures, history…
    And isn't obvious that trevor used a straw man fallacy?
    How can you speak in the name of the players who want to be considered as french?
    Btw if you think trevor is a genius you are a moron. He has a reputation of stealing jokes, this one come from racists in france.

  96. Buming Shiu says:

    Great analysis 😂😂

  97. Marian Maxim says:

    I guess now it's the nigerian immigrants right ??? i mean … – hoping you will adress the Nigiarian situation in SouthAfrican as well and not let it go away without taxing SouthAfrica for it's xenofobia

  98. condorito3333 says:

    My son and i love u wanna see u live!!
    Help support my son who streams fortnite. Please like n subscribe!!

  99. Andy Laoshi says:

    You smart bugger🔥

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