Treeriderzy na Pilsku! Freeride Snowboarding RAW Top – Mid

Treeriderzy na Pilsku! Freeride Snowboarding RAW Top – Mid

Once upon a time on the secret mountain Let’s go, let’s go it’s fucking cold! A man with a camera in his teeth, show yourself! What a daisy! (trying to be nice, he said the F word :P) In the background could be heard excited Marian … 😛 Let’s go deeper. Oh fuck! Oh yes! You still with me? * Marian in the background “Where the fuck are we?” I have no idea, but it is BEAUTIFUL! Alright, wait wait… *A quick discussion of where to go next* Let’s ride! Not good enough (the jump) Now you can ride first For a brief moment xD *explaining where we can go…* See there! Left, right and…a Tree! (lol great guide) So you can’t go there 😛 No no no, there’s a tree xD Awesome! Look, a drop in front of you, GO! Oh jesus Oh fuck It was awesome! We’re going right? *Marian shows left… Yup, yup, there (showing middle :P) Woohoo! Treeriders! Ohh mama! Mother of god it’s so sick! Oh yes!!! Oh yessss (tired but happy voice) Oh man! Let’s go! Maaariaaaaan *It is not his real name, we just call anyone riding with us MARIAN xD Oh jesus, legs! I’m exhausted! Fuck! Shakes you like hell as you ride! Treeriders in Pilsko. Thx for watching till the end!

Antonio Breitenberg

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2 thoughts on “Treeriderzy na Pilsku! Freeride Snowboarding RAW Top – Mid

  1. Bartek Bialas says:

    Pamiętasz w jakich ustawieniach nagrywałeś ?

  2. Dawid Kornak says:

    Zaiste, tak ! To było zajebiste 😛

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