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100 thoughts on “Treeline

  1. Frames. says:

    beautiful, so peaceful to watch. super impressed about the cinematography!
    Pure inspiration. well done!

  2. JA says:

    Excellent!! Please keep supporting and keep making these mini documentaries- love it ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  3. S Baines says:

    Excellent film ๐Ÿ‘Œ why people Love trees.๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

  4. Robert Palmer says:

    I give this tree thumbs up. Seriously, this is killer stuff.

  5. Mark Ingram says:


  6. Bob Mcdonald says:

    Beautiful film thank you Patagonia

  7. Aaron Eggleston says:

    Almost as good as the experience of riding pow through the trees.

  8. Anthropomorphic facsimile says:


  9. Tiffany Young says:

    Absolutely perfect. I loved how these incredible individuals have connected their souls and spirits to trees in some sort of way and make us think about taking time to appreciate the purpose of these silent giants. Beautiful film!

  10. M.D. Alekhin says:

    Heiu! The trees souls are beautiful, the bindings are still on : )

  11. Johan Bouet says:

    One love <3

  12. Joel Fuller says:

    Incredible film, anywhere I can find this with Japanese subtitles? I want to share with Japanese friends.

  13. Avia Salter says:

    Trees are our ancestors, the giants of our past, the cleansers and balancers, stabilisers and protectors for the earth; the fire of the sun in our hearts and hearths, cool shade, fruits, the cloth of green over the rocks, the jewels in the desert, even hidden resources under the ice. When the elder trees in a forest are cut down the whole forest loses its direction – the young trees have no ancestor trees to learn from, and when large areas are cut down the continuity and connection between them all – the family – is broken. This film is beautiful and full of wisdom from those who understand. Planting trees is the most important thing we can do but we cannot replant the divine life-source in a forest. It would be like expecting severed limbs, or false limbs grown in a test tube, to regrow into a living body with a soul; no, that is impossible. We are causing our own destruction on this planet. Thank you Patagonia for your vision.

  14. Roy Taylor says:

    Beautiful ! Simply beautiful ! Many thanks to you ! Hope this film will sow…

  15. Viridis Graduate Institute says:

    This film is required viewing for students at Viridis Graduate Institute: Ecopsychology and Environmental Humanities. Thank you, Patagonia.

  16. Danica Dudes says:

    For the love of trees – inspiring film for my next project about driftwood, thank you Patagonia.

  17. Jess H says:

    So touchy and beautiful. thank you for this wonderful gift!

  18. GIPB Mac says:

    really cool and very informative video!

  19. Timeless Planet says:

    What a wonderful movie! I have a gallery exhibit about trees on kickstarter. Not asking you to check it out or anything, just expressing how amazing trees are :). A friend sent me this video and Iโ€™m really happy he did ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep up the great productions.

  20. cravenz12 says:

    The picture in the background at 03:39 is from an animationmovie i saw years ago. Does anybody now the name of it? It's this beatiful movie with a dear in the forrest, escaping the lava.

  21. 206coconutz says:

    I've watched this three times so far. Kudos to all that contributed, directed, and produced this feast for the eyes, ears, and heart. It continues to captivate and resonate.

    Thanks, Dad, for introducing me to the power, beauty and wonders of nature when I was just a sprout. R.I.P.

  22. Flo Kro says:

    Holy shit, that's one of the most beautiful things I've seen! The cinematography and storytelling are unbelievably good!

  23. RSVBuba says:

    Just WOW!

  24. Giulio Saibene says:

    Incredibly shot and love how the beauty of science was expressed. What a film!

  25. Marco Lissandrello says:

    The best film ever.

    We humans can't understand yet what's means "be a tree", we needs more and more more levels of awakening and consciousness and again more and more lives after the ours right now.

  26. Tyler Merlin says:

    a tree is an eddy of energy conversion conservation.

  27. Eric Messier says:

    Incredible sound design ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  28. Robert Plant says:

    Absolutely beautiful.
    This gave me chills…

  29. Luke Storey says:


  30. Muriel Bennett says:

    Decidedly one of the most stunning films I have seen…thank you

  31. Michael Hewins says:

    so much gratitude…

  32. justinez. says:


  33. Chaleena B says:

    Love it. Thank you!

  34. Jeff Powers says:

    Stunningly beautiful and wise! Thank you.

  35. William Mitrus says:

    Thank you for this. Living in a world full of mistruths and alernative facts this was beautifully refreshing.

  36. Cameron Frail says:


  37. Ann Maes says:

    But the fact we are appreciating this documentary now, gives me hope that we are learning the importance of living in harmony with Mother Earth. Awesome video!

  38. Dan S says:

    Visually stunning, an utterly moving piece of cinema. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™

  39. Tams80 says:


  40. Chris O. says:

    Thank you.

  41. Peter Merchant says:

    Beautiful film about these wondrous trees and how they communicate – and about some of the people around the world who don't just ski through these special old growth forests – they feel real connection to them. To learn that bristlecone pines live for 5,000 years and have been on the earth for 70 million years as a species is extraordinary. Death is but a transfer of energy in a forest. Find your own tree. The soundtrack and cinematography here is fabulous, but the ideas are just as wonderful if not more so.

  42. Joanna Moorhouse says:

    B E A U T I F U L

  43. Morphling Morph says:

    Heyy PatagoniaTeamMembers!!

    One of the best nature film ive ever seen, just amazing!
    Thanks a lot for sharing such amazing films for free!! This says a lot about the spirit of this company and will definitely make a difference in the next purchase of clothes and stuff!

    greeetz from austria!

  44. Robin Cox says:

    Thank you Patagonia and all involved in this film. It has touched me deeply.

  45. Ben Glassop says:

    Wow. That was incredibly beautiful. My life is better for having seen this. Make a grown man cry why don't you ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Bryce New says:

    AMAZING!!! Yes all caps is appropriate ๐Ÿ˜€ Super engaged by this fine production. Cinematography is OMG! Great story and editing. LoveLoveLove. Thanks to all who made this happen. Keep up the great work y'all x

  47. Olivia Hogben says:

    beautiful, thank you

  48. Michael Hendricks says:

    The networks between trees are called mycorrhizal networks. The Wikipedia article about them is pretty good.

  49. grasslandpixxx says:

    i love this video

  50. Mathias Reed says:

    Fantastic work – Please continue to support and release films like these!

  51. Jeff Shaw says:

    The Bristlecone Ancient Forest in CA, is an amazing place if your in CA and your heading up the Eastern Sierra's on RT 395. The turn off is before you get to Bishop. The road is long and uphill, but the view is fantastic at the top. The Trees are not that large, but they are amazing to see. The visitor center is brand new and sustainable, the old VC burned down a few years back.

  52. Antoine D'Amour says:

    Any idea where to find the soundtrack of this film?

  53. John Doe Jr says:

    Wow, that was super boring.

  54. Justin Roth says:

    If you like this, you might also like the book The Overstory by Richard Powers.

  55. SkolNifer says:

    This film is just wonderful, but damn, the Egyptian Pyramids are over 4000 thousand years old, man it's not hard to check that

  56. Top 10 beast says:

    Like if you love powder

  57. Huy N says:

    Without trees we wouldn't have things to climb on as kids

  58. Woodrow W. says:

    Badass! Beautiful!

  59. Christian Necas says:

    Extremely well produced and thought provoking documentary. This isn't what I expected to see, but I sure appreciate that I watched it through. Very well done

  60. miriam kucera says:

    Iโ€™Am Tree Hugger

  61. mumblerocks77 says:

    I love the artists and athletes that produce this kind of stuff. However, call me crazy, but I think that Patagonia is just a large, garment manufacturing company with really clever but misleading marketing. They might donate 1% to environmental groups, but that is commonplace amongst corporations nowadays – and arguably serves more as good PR than genuine philanthropy. Subaru promises LOVE and sells you cars with pictures of animal shelters, and patagonia is doing the same thing.

    Here's the bottom line in my view – if Patagonia executives cared about the planet as much as they claim they do – they would shut down their factories – because there is no way you can produce and distribute millions of pounds of clothing each year without irreversibly harming the planet. But, despite their messaging about re-using the clothing you already have and buying vintage pieces with Worn Wear, their production has continued to grow – as seen by the 4x(!) growth in revenue in the last 10 years. That's not sustainable, no matter what way you spin it.

  62. Laura Walthers says:

    Beautifully orchestrated and most importantly a stunning production of capturing the sacredness of the forest and trees. Thank you!

  63. Playing Toys in the Sunshine says:

    serene, beautiful cinematography.

  64. Paul Adams says:

    Such an extraordinary production! Thank you for offering the gift of nature to us with such eloquence.

  65. squaredharbors says:

    never put a nail in a tree

  66. Karin Junker says:

    Oh, what a treasure. Thank you !!!

  67. Sebastian Kirppu says:

    A fantastic film about the forest ecosystem. To bad it is threatened by human exploitation. We have to save the last remains of old growth forests in the world starting right now!

  68. Glen Nison says:

    Wow, saw this at Patagonia Soho in NYC. Awesome photography , will forward to lots of my friends!

  69. Ben Speirs says:

    47 people were clearly watching upside-down and thought the dislike button was the like button. It's okay. It happens. We understand.

  70. Just Doi says:

    Wonderfilled. My thanks, Doi

  71. Dominic Cianfarani says:

    That was unexpected. I love the flow, adrenaline, ephemerality and tricksiness of snowboarding, and mountain biking, but also the deep peace of trees and woodworking, and the connection to nature when observing birds and wildlife. This film hints to me at how we can seek to merge those disparate sensations into a convergent pursuit that is both fulfilling and sustainable.

  72. Ade Larsen says:

    You will never find a better conservationist than a farmer, fisherman, forester, whaler nor sealer.

  73. Calvin Moody says:

    I had a tree in my hometown that I deeply connected with. I still remember the day I drove past and it had been cut down for suburban construction.

  74. Joey Smallwood says:

    Five minutes into watching this film, I realized it was the best film I will ever see. I mean, maybe I will see a better one but I'm not holding my breath. I immediately watched this film twice, not just because it is filmed in BC, where I fell in love with trees. Also, because there is uphill and downhill powderskiing in huge amounts. For me, amazing.

  75. Joey Smallwood says:

    The large tree cut down at the end is the ultimate "Bambi" moment of nature films.

  76. Mountain Run says:

    This film is awesome and about time, we're reading the Hidden Life of Tree's and all of a sudden there is a film saying the same thing… consciousness is shifting, people are waking up and trees are so so important. Thank You Patagonia for educating and inspiring. Get it into schools!

  77. TruthPortals Media1 says:

    We must unplug from our materialism, movies, and city dwelling, so we can wake up, reconnect, and protect that which is most precious…trees and children!

  78. Hansen Murray says:

    "Trees will never say 'I don't like you'".

    I just wanted to watch some tree surfing and now it's raining on my face wtf

  79. Ali Toylak says:

    thank you patagonia…it was like a meditation…

  80. Alexander George says:

    Congratulations to Jordan Manley & Pantagonia for this visually stunning, awe inspiring and insightful documentary. It won the category of "Best Documentary Short" in the Trenton Film Festival. Congratulations again!

  81. Vikkeh Bee says:

    Tree hugger for life <3 I am in love with the forest !

  82. Kelsey Warren says:

    This moved me so much. Thank you

  83. Tasos Galanis says:


  84. Aaron says:

    Possibly the best, or perhaps most sublime, documentary I have seen. The cinematography is a real work of art; the way the stories of cultures that lived in the forests for millenia and their wisdom is conveyed delicately and with masterful nuance. I would say the cinematography is on par if not better than the BBC's Planet Earth series.

  85. Alexa Landres says:

    I saw this when they screened it at the Bozeman International Film Festival in Montana. Beautiful film~

  86. Carlos_Nlb57 says:

    Go Vegan and save trees.

  87. BD Matzek says:

    Great work Patagonia! My secret life in forests. At the 15:00 mark – an incredible image, at 26:00 incredible idea. Thx S. Simard for your research.

  88. Spirit Remedy says:

    In first 3 minute i'm blown away

  89. Andrea Johnson says:

    This is by far my favorite video on YouTube.

  90. fish on says:

    Patgonia is a fucking joke

  91. Jakob Halder says:

    How beautifully made. -and what an important message behind it. Tank you for sharing!

  92. Waddy says:

    Beautiful in it's simplicity…

  93. Lau Riviere says:

    Definitely too short ๐Ÿ’š

  94. Marco Cipriani says:

    So wonderful. We need to find our trees to keep our future safe.

  95. Jannick Harms says:

    Thank you guys for this wonderful movie!

  96. Rock&Ride says:

    Beautiful film. Great cinematography. Excellent message.

  97. Tilai Ellis-Stairs says:

    Patagonia – you are producing so many inspiring and beautiful films. Between my time spent outdoors, yours are the videos I watch and cannot tear myself away from; Artifishal, Treeline, Blue Heart, I just can't get enough. Thank you for raising awareness in such a beautiful manner! Always looking forward to the next film!

  98. Waddy says:

    This film calms me…

  99. Felix Westphal says:


  100. Spencer Schryver says:

    Does anyone know where to find the soundtrack of this incredible film?

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