TRAPPED IN DEEP SNOW!! Jenny’s first time snowboarding since baby Niko!

TRAPPED IN DEEP SNOW!! Jenny’s first time snowboarding since baby Niko!

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “TRAPPED IN DEEP SNOW!! Jenny’s first time snowboarding since baby Niko!

  1. Abigail Muir says:

    Shred Jenny!!

  2. RickMelges says:

    Awesome Snowboarding!

  3. Dylan Malstrom says:

    Skiing is better lol. I think you should go to Brighton they have a super sweet terrain park with massive jumps

  4. Triplesevn says:

    We're coming in 3 weeks. Sooooo are you saying to stay away from Snowbasin? lol…

  5. Aleisha Braich says:

    Ugh I'd love to be able to snowboard 😑 hope you guys all had the best day everrr !! Xx

  6. Jacob Chrisman says:

    This one of my biggest dreams is going snowboarding at an actual resort or whatever you call them. We don't have many of them in Missouri.

  7. Britanic Mechanic says:

    Where's Olive at? Bearly see her in the vlogs. Like for an olive vlog. 🖐

  8. Cherry Berry48 says:

    aww i wanna have tea party!! daddy daughter time is the best time ever!! all my nieces have grown and moved away with their babies so i cant have any more tea parties

  9. Ryan H says:

    God i love this family. Bless you all 💕✌

  10. Trevor Stevens says:

    I wish we got nice powder like this in Virginia!! I haven't shredded the skis in a while! Maybe someday Shaun, you, me, hit the slopes? who knows!?!

  11. Hilario Fraire says:

    Comment 52 ha great vid!

  12. Jennifer Leavitt says:

    Im like 200!

  13. I am Coool says:

    Shaun Can i get a heart plzzzz

  14. Christeena Knowles says:

    So enjoy watching you two hit the powder together. Looks like so much fun and a true BEST DAY EVER!

  15. AMH Media says:

    Looks awesome!

  16. Amy Levin says:

    Just a suggestion but if you ever want to, you can buy puzzle glue. You put it on top of a puzzle and the glue holds all the pieces together so you can hang the puzzle on a wall or display it somewhere else.

  17. Kiera Rahner says:

    That ending clip was amazing

  18. Jessica C says:

    Ahhhh The coat!!!! Hahahaha

  19. BabyDropper86 says:

    5:50 mr potato head

  20. Carter Trent says:

    OH NO NO

  21. Tobalaboba says:

    Only real OG’s remember GREAT/10

  22. Cherry Berry48 says:

    aww shaun i knew u had another brother!!! omg that hair tho is so long!!!

  23. Tad Lane says:

    Yeah say Snowbasin sucks so less people come. 😂

  24. stludachris says:

    Come out and shred Keystone! It’s a family friendly mountain and has the largest ice fort in the world, Adley would love it! Come shred!

  25. The cajun gamer says:

    I never snowboarded or skied, mainly because I live in Louisiana and we basically never get snow, also I may not be any good because I can't balance to save my life(mainly because I have a sight impairment)

  26. inside speachless says:

    Wow! Jenny does everything! You go girl!!

  27. Adam Wallace says:

    Adley, you don't win Oscars by sharing the spotlight!

  28. Here's H4rry says:

    Shaun, you probably don't usually do this but can you shout me out?

  29. EM andy says:

    The one person who disliked this video hates pufferfish and snowboarding but loves snow basin.🐡🏂

  30. Alex Marshall says:

    Jenny can shred!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Hanna Gus says:

    When I was younger I would go in the hot tub while it was snowing and we would jump into the snow and back into the hot tub, it was so much fun

  32. Kim Seegmiller says:

    Love you family. Keep it up.

  33. Vlog Epicness says:

    Greatest snow on earth

  34. Dryzal Mynelli says:

    Warning: do NOT attempt this stunt on East Coast snow. 😂🤣

  35. Rainintheinsanemusic says:

    You guys should do more Spacestation Stuff videos

  36. test this says:

    That VLOG was a GREAT/10

  37. the fat chip says:

    Oh no no

  38. Shomilong Ding-Dong says:

    Niko is one of the biggest 8 month olds ive ever seen.

  39. Roslyn Caruso says:

    I must have SNOW!
    Love the powder snow of Utah!
    There is no snow in the swamp …bleh

  40. Team G says:

    Love the video #LivinUtah #SnowbasinExposed

  41. The real Nick James says:

    Always eat cereal when I watch your videos

  42. Fan Adventures says:

    Oh yeah yeah

  43. Eric Williams says:

    awesome number 88…. chinese 88 means Baba or father…todays my B-day and the weather here is 55 cool and sunny in TAIPEI…having another BEST DAY EVER…thanks for the fun videos and fun…this is my school account not my usual pic…stay awesome a fan from Taiwan

  44. Duncan B says:

    Omg yes your snowboarding video bring joy to my life

  45. A-aron Yi says:

    I need to go snowboarding with so sooo badly

  46. GymGirl 487 says:

    Tyler's new name is the Green bean ninja

  47. Spencer Robertson says:

    yo y’all should go to pebble creek with @shaycarl and shred

  48. Jeremiah Melidor says:

    what was Adley's first word

  49. Cerulean Noel says:

    Great job Jenny!😊

  50. Jaiden Patel says:

    Hey Shaun did u go snowboarding in Park City, Utah

  51. Carolina Tijerina says:

    Omg that looks so wicked!!! I wanna try snowboarding someday. And Jenny when she said the caboose was the front of the train.

  52. Brett Rabideau says:

    Jenny shreds! Looks like a whole lotta best day ever stuff!

  53. Lyle Smith says:

    Wow! Niko’s hair is really growing in thick now!

  54. Timothy Raimy says:

    1:53 😂

  55. Timothy Raimy says:

    GREAT/10! It has been so long since anyone has used that! My 1.5 days heart is full 💜

  56. Garrison Goth says:

    Since the best weeks ever, the shredding videos have always been my favorite by far! Thanks for the snowboarding vid!

  57. Justice Webb says:

    Can’t wait to go up to Utah next month!!

  58. Habuzz says:

    OMG I have not been in this channel in so long, niko is awesome and Adley has grown so much omg

  59. Danyurd says:

    Jenny Shreds

  60. SRPHMR says:

    If you're ever further north, I highly recommend Mt. Baker in Washington. Beautiful place to shred, tons of backcountry for the pros and also a lot of open area for newbies too 🙂

  61. Tyler T says:

    My family loves code names!

  62. Andy Wiedemann says:

    OG Shonduras right there!

  63. Alyssa T says:

    Did you see the Hostess donettes and honey bun cereals

  64. Dr. Hambone says:


  65. Jacci A says:

    It's ok, Jenny.. I just had to Google the word, caboose! I didn't know either 😳 lol. Great vlog guys, good times! ✌💚

  66. Jacci A says:

    Ahhahahaha.. the end!!! Awkward 😂🤣😂

  67. Concrete ninja says:

    Yer guys sick 👌🤘

  68. Good Ninja says:


  69. A Graham says:

    Jenny is awesome!

  70. Aled Last says:

    im so confused with the views these vids are getting cuz the content is so so good ……:(

  71. Aled Last says:

    i love snow boarding!!!!!

  72. A Link to Zelda says:

    I really need your help this is no joke Help plz

  73. yomp599 says:

    I love your winter workouts…
    Even more so after seeing Jenny rocking it👍🏾

  74. Álvaro Antón Ghitulescu says:

    I wanted soooo bad a snowboard video!!! Keep the shreding up!!!

  75. David Bleasby says:

    🏂🏂🏂🏂🏂🏂🏂🏂⛷⛷⛷⛷ great day

  76. Bradley Weller says:

    Love the vid but it makes me sad cuz I just broke my clavicle skiing

  77. Jagdeep Singh says:

    Pppssst you yes you shonduras. Idea make a top 10 show boarding gadgets vid

  78. David Macchia says:

    Vloggggg 🙂

  79. NoahMaynardTV says:

    Love the snowboarding videos!!

  80. HEIDI says:

    Funny story I was my granddaughter watching an Adley video I told I love adley it was the best thing ever

  81. Kasten S. says:

    Can you send me one of your old one wheels? I would love to have one but can’t afford it.

  82. ErinBooms says:

    I love how much you surprise Jenny! She deserves it, she's the best

  83. vanessa terry says:

    Yaasss! Jenny! Makes so happy to see mama bear getting a well deserved shred day 😆❤ and we got the friends visiting!? Awesome vlog, a good ol days kind of vlog 😊 BDE ✋

  84. jarno marchi says:

    Really like your snowboarding video’s men💪🏼

  85. TheChicken Revaluation says:

    Looks fun guys! (And girls can’t forgot Jenny) I wish I could go snowboarding with y’all

  86. Ruurd van Buiten says:

    you should always strep the helmet tight
    otherwise the helmet won't d a thing

  87. Beasty Gotskilllz says:

    good to see your still doing this

  88. Orange Banana246 says:

    More olive and koopa!!!

  89. Kathleen Meyers says:

    The jergys!!!! Love them!!!❤❤❤

  90. Paola Lopez says:

    Daaaang Jenny can RIP!!! I went snowboarding once… was told it was just like skateboarding, which I used to to A LOT… I was lied to and failed miserably DX

  91. Trevor Johnson says:

    Ow these are the types of videos I like to see on the Chanel. I know I love Adley and Niko but I’m sorry Shaun but your Chanel is getting way to surrounded by adley. Almost every other video has Adley in the title of it. Don’t get me wrong you have great and beautiful kids but It’s getting annoying.

  92. Isaac Walker says:

    Daley has grown so much senses I last watched

  93. Eileen Haslof says:

    LOL…Nico is as big as

  94. Vala Games says:

    What happened at 13:20 to her arms????

  95. Annette Fricke says:

    MomDuras is the best! You're all blessed to be able to work hard, PLAY HARD! Go Jenny!

  96. sean ryan says:

    I have the same goggles as Jenny and I love them.

  97. WARHOG201 says:


  98. Jlittlelife says:

    that was awesome snowboarding footage

  99. Stephanie Wright says:

    Jenny can shred

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