Tramp Board Training: How To 180 With Grabs On A Snowboard

Tramp Board Training: How To 180 With Grabs On A Snowboard

Hi, this is Nev Lapwood from Snowboard
Addiction. We’re out at Bounce in Whistler and this is a Tramp Board tutorial about how
to add 180s to your grabs for more style. Adding grabs to your 180s
is basically a way to make your 180s way more stylish. There’s no new techniques
involved, it’s simply the combination of techniques you’ve already learned for
grabs and 180s by doing them together at the same time. That’s where a trampoline
comes in handy because it gives you the chance to practice certain tricks
hundreds of times over until you feel like it’s easy. Once it’s easy on the
tramp, you’re gonna be a lot more likely to nail it when you’re actually out
snowboarding. Start out with Frontside 180s and Switch Frontside 180s and try to
add all of the six main grabs. The great thing about Frontside 180s is your head
is always looking towards your landing, you can always see where you’re going.
Indy grab, Mute grab, Melon grab, Stalefish, Nose Grab, Tail Grab. You’ll probably find
that you miss a lot of the grabs when you first try but that’s why you’re out
here learning. You have to be really compact as you’re flying through the air
to hold a solid grab. It’s a combination of popping up with your legs and also
bending down at your waist to get the grab every time. Each grab can be done in
either a simple version or a stylized version. Start with just a basic Indy
grab and as that’s easy start to add style by boning and poking one of your
legs out to get a poked-out Indy grab. With Backside 180s and Switch Backside 180s
the only main difference is that you incorporate the blind landing technique.
Keep your head up looking where you’re going and imagine you’re actually on a
snowboard heading off a small park jump. The more real you make it feel, the more
you’ll be able to relate it to when you’re actually out riding. Again try
all of the six main grabs. Indy, Mute, Melon, Stalefish,
Nose Grab and Tail Grab. Learning all six of the main grabs makes you a far more
well-rounded rider and helps to even out the different aspects of your
riding. When you’re out snowboarding, there’s going to be certain grabs you’ll
find easier than others. In general, the one you’ll find the easiest is the one
that you’ve practiced the most. We’re out at Bounce in Whistler and this is a
Tramp Board tutorial about how to add style to your 180s by grabbing. I’m Nev
Lapwood from Snowboard Addiction, our goal is to improve your riding! I hope
you guys have been learning from our snowboard tutorials. If you want to see
more of them make sure to subscribe to our channel, plus visit our website We have a lot more detailed full length tutorials available there.

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4 thoughts on “Tramp Board Training: How To 180 With Grabs On A Snowboard

  1. Till Grossmann says:

    I think the trainingboard helps a lot with most tricks but i think that if you practise nose and tailgrabs, its gonna teach you a wrong way because the board is much shorter.
    Top video by the way:)

  2. G.P. says:

    i am working my bs 180s and i am getting pretty good but when i try to do a grab bs180 i never spin full 180 cause all i think of is grabbing and most of the times i dont even grab!

  3. lukasv vanschaik says:

    Are there any dedicated training areas on the east coast near New Jersey?

  4. Elliot Damon says:

    can u do a ally op mc twist tut. or give me some tips to try it bc im going to try it tuesday

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