Tournament Survival Guide | Roller Derby

Hey there derbyverse, it’s Nox
I just got home from Udder Chaos with Arch Rival B up in Madison, Wisconsin
It was great! We had so much fun! I am so tired. But I learned a lot, not just in derby but
in tournament survival so here are 7 tips for surviving tournament
weekends One, get as much logistical planning out of
the way ahead of time so you can focus on derby and your mind and body. For me this means getting travel arrangements
set as soon as possible packing whatever I can early
and setting a budget. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone
on a trip and come home to find I’ve spent $50 at gas stations for snacks. Not my proudest moments… Two, know your food options! Like I said before, it is entirely too easy
to spend too much money on derby trips. If you’re planning on eating out all weekend,
set a budget and stick to it. If you’re vegan or vegetarian or have any
other food restrictions make sure you know places you can go locally
ahead of time and arrange with your car or hotel to make
sure that can be accommodated. Check to see if your hotel has a microwave
and or mini fridge. This can save your butt. You can do meal planning, go to he grocery
store and get, like, what you want, and then you can have a lot more control over what
goes in your body over tournament weekend. Three, pack smart and pack light. This has been the hardest thing for me to
learn in my derby career. I am the smallest on my team and always have
the most luggage. For our trip to BChamps last year I think
I had four bags in addition to my gear bag and, yes, everyone did hate me. Warrented. I just wanna be prepared and have options
but it’s a lot less stress to have fewer things. Less to pack into cars and overhead compartments,
less to track, and just less to stress over! Really think about your day-to-day plans. How often are you actually gonna be showering
and changing clothes? Are you actually gonna have time to read that
book or do that work on your laptop? There’s some really great tutorials out
there on how to pack light and smart. How to like roll your clothes into each other,
how to make the most of your luggage space, so go check those things out! Speaking of packing, four, always keep your
gear with you. AKA, never check your gear on a plane. We have all heard those horror stories of
peoples luggage getting lost and them not having their gear on game day. Don’t be that person. Keep all your game day essentials, your skates,
your jerseys, wraps, tools, wheels, whatever it is you may need, in your gear bag and always
with you. Five, do what it takes to sleep well. Sleeping during tournaments is so important
to your athletic performance. Do what it takes to sleep well every night. Make sure you have any medications you may
need, special pillows, stuffed animals (I don’t know your life) Talk to your roommates about bedtimes, if
you’re gonna have the T.V. on, and if you wanna be, like, a party room. Six, find some me-time. We all love our teams but everyone gets annoying
after you spend like 48 hours straight with them in a small space. A small, smelly place. Even if it is 10 minutes in the shower at
the end of the day just for some time to reflect, and relax and kind of like, reset, that will
be really important and really helpful, at least in my experience. And lastly, take some time off when you get
home. Your body and mind are probably so tired. If you’re able to take some time off work,
I really recommend that. Take like a week off practice if you can. Make sure your stretching and rolling and
icing whatever it is you may need. Also bonus tip, do something nice for yourself
before you leave for the tournament, you’ll really thank past-you. Clean your house or make your bed or leave
your favorite snack in the freezer, I don’t know. Like I had a big thing of Ben and Jerry’s
waiting for me when I got home and that was like, the best thing to come home to! I don’t know, those are things that work
for me, what are your tournament tips? Make sure to leave them in the comments below,
share this video with your derby circle and talk about it with them. Make sure to follow the Apex for all your
WFTDA needs. They just put out a great piece about Team
IRN which I highly recommend that you read. And if you wanna catch me in the meantime
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