Tough baby Seungjae’s surfing challenge! [The Return of Superman / 2017.08.27]

Tough baby Seungjae’s surfing challenge! [The Return of Superman / 2017.08.27]

(It’s early morning at Gangnam Station.) It’s such a tall building. Let’s go. We’re going to ride something fun. (These two are excited.) They told me it was somewhere here. This must be it. Seungjae, it’s this bus. (Bus?) – You are Mr. Ko Jiyong? / – Yes. This way. (The father and son are getting on the bus.) There are strangers waiting on the bus. – Where do we sit? / – Here. What does this bus do? (Are they going on a tour bus?) Going on a trip without a plan makes it more thrilling. We decided to try an impromptu trip. The random tour bus hasn’t set a destination. We have to pick the place right now. Where do you want to go? The sea. How about a mountain? No one likes it. Who wants to go to the sea? (Everyone wants to go to the beach.) – Do you like the sea? / – Yes. The sea. I’m going to swim. – What? / – Swim. – Swim. / – Yes. – Busan. / – Busan? It has a lot to see. Great, Busan. South Sea and Busan. I want to go to Yangyang County. – Yangyang County? / – Yes. I want to go surfing. – You can surf there. / – Yes. – Mister. / – There’s that. Yes? I want to see a baby shark, a baby stingray, a baby octopus – and a baby squid. / – I need a translator. – A baby whale. / – I didn’t get any of it. He wants to play with baby sea friends. We’ll vote for it. Raise your hand for Busan. Three people. What about Yangyang County? – Raise your hand. / – Five, six. Seven people. Then we’ll be going to Yangyang County. Okay? Let’s go! (Let’s go to Yangyang County!) (He’s looking up tourism information.) Tiger. (Seungjae is having fun playing with others.) – Cat. / – Tiger. – Tiger. / – Shall I show you something else? Yes, show me. (Giggling) I have a hippopotamus, too. – Hippopotamus? / – Mom lion. – Take this. / – A lion. Look. (He’s imitating an elephant.) Seungjae, don’t bother the uncles. (Cutting off Seungjae’s excitement) I didn’t bother them. You didn’t? (Everyone’s laughing.) (Hongcheon County) We’ve arrived at a rest stop. (This is the best part about traveling.) (Looking around) (Raising his hand) (He knows his rules about crossing roads.) Let’s go over there. Amazing. Amazing. – It’s so cool. / – Where? Over there. (The scenery is like a painting.) – Isn’t it cool? / – Yes. Can you see with the sunglasses? – I can see a dragonfly. / – What? There aren’t any dragonflies. (There aren’t any in the summer.) I have to pee. – What? / – Pee. – Do you have to pee? / – Yes. (It’s a luxury to take a breather.) (He holds his pants as they rush.) Seungjae, hang in there. (I have to go so badly.) Hang in there. Don’t go yet. Hang in there. (Men’s Restroom) – It won’t come out? / – No. You have to tell me if you have to go. Okay. Let’s go. (He’s confident after washing his hands.) Seungjae, what do you want to eat? – I want to eat this. / – Which one? Corn and sweet potato fries. Give me some. (Shall I have a taste?) (It’s so delicious!) Over here. (Let’s sit down and eat properly.) (His sweet potato fries fell on the ground.) (Shocking) This is okay. I’ll throw these out. Just eat those. There’s no time for Jiyong to rest today. I think I have to pee. – What? / – I have to pee. – Do you have to pee? / – Yes. Really? (I really have to go this time!) – You must pee this time. / – Okay. It’s easier to put on a diaper. Let’s pee in here. (Men’s Restroom) (Sound effect to help Seungjae pee) – Done. / – Are you done? (They feel lighthearted and lightweight.) Good. – Are you thirsty? / – Yes. Get what you want to drink, and get me an iced Americano with an extra shot. – And what you want. Two. / – Okay. Do you get it? Go buy it there. (Running) Mister. Dad says get to mine. That juice and America. – That… / – Speak louder. (He’s shorter than the counter.) – Dad’s? / – Dad’s. You know, the Americano? (Do you know? All the adults drink it.) – What would you like? / – Coffee. Coffee. – Do you want coffee? / – Yes. (Is he doing well?) It’s a cold one. Cold Americano with an extra shot. I want a strawberry juice. – Strawberry juice? / – Yes. Here you go, (He knows how to pay.) Thank you. Good job. Hold this. – Good. Bye. / – Dad. Dad, your coffee is here. It’s Americano. – Here. / – Come. Thank you. – Here. / – This is for me. You ordered right. It looks delicious. Cheers. Good. (They’re celebrating.) Let’s go to our bus. It’s time. – Okay. / – Let’s go. Let’s hurry. Uncles, come on. Okay. Let’s go. Let’s go see dolphins. No, I want to see baby sharks. I want to see octopus and baby squid. What about stingrays? There are stingrays and whales, too. – We might have to find them. / – There’s no starfish. Birds. (It’s time to switch seats.) (Random Tour Bus) The seating changes. Who is sitting next to Seungjae? – Hello. / – He moved to the front. (What about Jiyong?) (He’s traveling alone.) – I have a rhino. / – Is it in here? Thank you. (He’s sharing his toys.) What’s this? – Elephant. / – Elephant. – Tiger. / – Tiger. You’re good at English. Good English. (Proud) – Is your house far? / – Is it far? It’s very far. It’s in Canada. How far is it? If you take an airplane, it takes 12 hours. Don’t you miss your mom and dad? I miss them a lot. Really? A little bit? I’m a little sad. – You can have this. / – Thank you. Hey, what’s this? What’s this? – Dinosaurs. / – Dinosaurs. – Good. / – Seungjae. – Dinosaurs. / – Yes, dinosaurs. It’s perfect. (Do as I do) It’s perfect. (They’re a perfect couple.) What do you like the most? Tyrannosaurus. Tyrannosaurus. – Bronto. / – Brontosaurus. – Brontosaurus. / – Stegosaurus. Stegosaurus. Good. Oviraptor. – Oviraptor. / – What? Oviraptor. Ovinatrum? – I don’t know it. / – Oviraptor. Raptor. Yes. – I got it. / – Dad, oviraptor. – Dad. / – Yes? Oviraptor ate the eggs of other dinosaurs, right? Yes. Oviraptors can eat other dinosaur eggs. Like this. It goes like this. It uses its back leg. It hits the enemy with its tail, then attack with its claws. (Is this kid a genius?) We’re at the beach. We’re here. We’re here. We’re here. Are you ready? (He gets along with the other members.) You’re so cute. Does he always like older people? Yes. He’s so good at talking. – He talks a lot. / – Yes. But that’s not all. He talks a lot, but he talks politely. He knew the names of the animals. He’s only four. (Excited) We’re here in Yangyang County. Can you gather around? – Dad, it’s raining. / – Yes. – It’s raining. / – It’s cold. Is it cold? Unfortunately, it’s raining. (Even the waves are growing big.) The surfers are leaving one by one. This isn’t what we wanted. Can you go in the water when it’s raining? – Yes. / – Really? You’re so brave. (I’m here to beat the strong waves.) (Confident) It’s the sea. – Let’s go. / – Try lying front-down. We’ll practice together. Get on your front. Get down. Get on your front. (Like this?) First of all, you over there… He looks somewhat serious. Put them to your sides. (He can follow even difficult positions.) Lift your shoulders. Lift higher. As high as you can. Okay. One, two, three, four. Two, three, four. Does your back hurt? – Yes. / – This is an important muscle for when you surf. You can get up now. (Stand up!) – Up. / – Seungjae, get up. This is the second position. Everyone, copy me. Get down like me. Copy me. Get low. Now open your palms and stretch your arms. Okay. Keep your balance and get up from there. Get up from there. – Like this? / – Get up. – Look to the front. / – That way. – Look to the front. / – That way. Okay, great. That’s how you get up. You got your lesson, so you may go into water. Let’s go. – Can we go into the sea? / – Yes. – Really? / – I’m the best. – I’m going to do it. / – You’re so brave. Swiftly like a whale. Swiftly like a whale? It’s time for the real thing. Will Seungjae be able to do it? (Here we come!) (Screaming) (This is the real thing!) (Slapping) No. (He’s surprised.) Dad. I’m scared. I want to leave! – Are you scared? / – Dad, save me. – Are you scared? / – Yes. You can get off now. (As soon as he’s put down…) I’m scared. (He runs away.) I’m scared. I’m scared. (The waves are scary.) (Sorry, but I’m going to laugh.) I’m scared. Seungjae. Can you swim? Of course I can. (He’s more confident than anyone.) I’m a little good. Aren’t you scared? It’s not scary if I go in. Dad! (The coward is back.) Dad, come here! What? What? (It’s okay.) I thought you’d like it. It’s not fun. It’s not fun? Okay. Seungjae, let’s come back when it’s nice out.

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