Total Hockey Presents: Bauer Pro Skate Factory Tour

Total Hockey Presents: Bauer Pro Skate Factory Tour

Total Hockey Factory Tour What’s going on guys? This is Chris here with Total Hockey, we’re
in Blaineville, Montreal, Quebec, Canada at the Bauer Innovation Center where they make
all their pro athlete skates. We’re gonna give you guys a tour right now. The innovation center’s in-house factory only
makes skates for Bauer Pro athletes. To begin, Bauer makes a cast of each player’s
feet. These are used to create an athlete’s specific
fit that ensures top-of-the-line performance. All of these profiles contribute to the skate
fits that show up in your local Total Hockey store. Each skate takes hours upon hours of work
to be hand-crafted and the first step is to create the outer shell. Generally composed of proprietary materials
this serves as the backbone of any skate. Next the toe cap and tongue are joined as
a single piece then the outer shell and toe cap slash tongue combo are joined through
staples, glue, and heat. This combination keeps the skates lightweight
and durable. Now, the skate can be shaped to a specific
athlete’s foot profile. A custom mold that was taken of the player’s
foot is used to form the families particular fit profile. Then the skates go into the oven with the
mold inside. This finalizes the process and makes sure
the skates are ready for action. Vents are put into the bottom of the skate
for maximum breathability and the blade holder is connected with guide rivets. Stronger copper rivets are then added for
improved durability. The skates are ready for laces, boxed up,
shipped out and ready for game time. I hope you guys enjoyed the tour. Make sure you give us a thumbs up, subscribe
to the channel and if you need a new pair of Bauer skates you know exactly where to
find them. We’ll see you next time. The hockey skate is a very very handmade product. I mean a lot of people believe that it’s sort
of an automated machine and robots basically and that’s not the case at all.

Antonio Breitenberg

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8 thoughts on “Total Hockey Presents: Bauer Pro Skate Factory Tour

  1. Counselor Tater says:

    sick place

  2. Jerome on a Stick says:

    so cool, love bauer skates!

  3. Angel Jimenez says:

    if only I had a custom fit.

  4. Jeremie Lacerte says:

    I live in that city

  5. BeerLeaguer says:

    How do you get one made for yourself??? Is that even possible???

  6. Anthony Llabres says:

    Can they do this for MORTALS like us..???

  7. Monika monmic10 says:

    Tylko szkoda że w Polsce keżde łyżwy bauera to Made iN China 🙂

  8. Anthony Llabres says:

    Man I need that service. My funky feet match nothing out of the box. I want to stay with Bauer..>!

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