Toronto Maple Leafs – Pain

Toronto Maple Leafs – Pain

Michael uh Michael Grange from Sportsnet Mike
your record speaks for itself what is it gonna be like for you to be behind a bench for a
team that would be a big surprise I think to make the playoffs in the next two or three
years as a coach you’re in the day to day winning business you understand it ive been
in it a long time on game day ill be shortsighted for sure but ive got a big picture in mind
so does shanny so does larry so do the people on our staff and thats where were going but
if you think theres no pain coming theres pain coming [Imagine Dragons – Believer] Yeah
another shot scores back to matthews he scores! 4 goals do you believe it holy mackinaw the kids on fire

Antonio Breitenberg

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99 thoughts on “Toronto Maple Leafs – Pain

  1. GTRGaming says:

    What does the 001 mean?

  2. Threeli says:

    Oh right, Milan Mihalek was on this team once…

  3. Jessie Kandola says:

    hoping the leafs make it far.. the future looks amazing – canucks fan

  4. FX_Chyln says:

    Bro I watched this at my school yesterday this was amazing apparently my teacher, contacted the leafs advertising team and there on the look for ya . GOOD JOB

  5. Zakir Dawood says:

    Are you a professional, this is so good

  6. Jungle Fire says:

    pretty sick video! i made a video too check it out!!!

  7. Simon 760 says:

    get this on at the acc plz

  8. Shitpost Collection says:

    Lol they stole your Intro!!!

  9. Simon 760 says:

    well there goes game 1. frick

  10. Zeed Medo says:

    as a very passionate habs fan I have to say this is brilliant and the song fits too, they should play this in the acc

  11. Tuomas Junkkila says:

    It's not "Pain" it's believer by Imagine Dragons

  12. Mason Hilderman says:

    leafs suck

  13. Baker Hameed says:

    what a sick ass fucking song.. well done!

  14. Zakir Dawood says:

    You covered everything about the leafss in this like the logo, Boston Bruins game 7, 1967 and so much more

  15. Amh Playz says:

    omg can you please make one for the capitals!!!!!

  16. Gabriel Limoges says:

    I'm from Montréal and even I had chills from this

  17. KyleToTheDave says:

    Incredible Clip michael i get goosebumps watching it well done sir

  18. James Teravainen says:

    Extremely well done. So fitting, the song was. Thanks for making such a great vid!

  19. Kelly Tomlinson says:


  20. Julie Chung says:

    this is the greatest hype video i have ever seen…. incredible.

  21. mooch514 says:

    Omg,,, more crap about the leafs,,, I thought cherry and that moron brown noser maclean took care of promoting the maple laughs

  22. Rachel W says:

    I literally cried. This was so beautiful

  23. 채이김 says:

    who's the singer?

  24. DPI _ says:

    아 기모띠

  25. Jay Pierre says:

    great video!! you should mix one, to living on a prayer. its a really fitting tune.

  26. Jordan Shine says:

    watch it before every playoff game now! crazy video… almost teared up a little

  27. 1234Sundin13 says:

    that was epic

  28. Kat Robinson says:

    This is absolutely incredible!!!

  29. Simon 760 says:

    can you do one for the kitchener rangers in the ohl

  30. Simon 760 says:

    2-1 lead not bad

  31. Simon 760 says:

    I like te dart guy logo

  32. FOOO BARRR says:

    Good vid…lets do this leafs.

  33. RichCoffey says:

    didn't start well but that ending was legit 👌

  34. Pocket Sevens says:

    Damn. That was awesome.

  35. 1rken1nfantry says:

    one day will we be able to finally give Bozak some credit? I mean seriously…

  36. FOOO BARRR says:

    What a awesome vid…gets me pumped up.

  37. davis says:

    Hi Michael, any chance we could get a habs video ? Thanks !

  38. Oiler_boy99 says:

    Anddd there out now the caps are too good

  39. Dawson0905 says:

    It was a good run boys

  40. Will Green says:

    Is there a reupload of this?

  41. Tomalo21 says:

    Good series from caps fan

  42. Wesley Hutton says:

    Video won't work for me wtf

  43. Matt Pyle says:

    Edmonton radio stations keep playing this song and giving a shout out to the Oilers. Makes me angry every time. This is the Leafs song now!

  44. Harry Posner says:

    Great vid. Well done, man!

  45. James Teravainen says:

    Can't get enough of this masterpiece!! Such a professional touch and such tedious work syncing it all up. Babcock would be proud of your work ethic.

  46. TragiiC BLaDe says:

    Good job they actulay won a faceoff LOLOL

    Good job boys they made the playoffs

  47. TragiiC BLaDe says:

    This is my jam

  48. TragiiC BLaDe says:

    Toronto is stacked cause of the young guys Matthews Marner Brown

  49. F Dannn says:

    The 001 word mark was very clever, for the Leafs 100th anniversary but also writing it as 001 is not only 100 backwards by kind of like the start of a new 100 years, for example 001, 002, 003 etc

  50. Brandon Caruso says:

    what happened to the video?

  51. TragiiC BLaDe says:

    The SONG starts at 0:42 Btw

  52. TragiiC BLaDe says:


  53. TragiiC BLaDe says:


  54. Mitchell Marner says:

    Possibly the best video on youtube ! Blue and White for life !

  55. Steve Campo says:

    Fantastic! Did they ever put it up there? I swear they played this song over something on the jumbo

  56. edwin zarookian says:

    Bring on the Habs. Habs suck go leafs go

  57. Karsen Dorwart says:

    This is honestly the best leafs edit I have seen!

  58. jordansullivan65 says:

    First watched this for playoff hype back in April. Find myself watching it again due to nostalgia. Was scared it got taken down! Nice vid. Hope for another one in 2018.

  59. Brandon Lam says:

    chills! Can't for hockey season to start!!!!

  60. Matthews Magnificent says:

    Fits so perfectly love it !

  61. The_revolution says:

    go leafs go

  62. Skymarshal says:

    I love the look on JVR and Bozak's faces as Auston comes to the bench after his 4th goal.

  63. InDaHead says:

    Awesome 32 days boys

  64. Maple Leafs Bleed Blue says:

    Toronto Maple Leafs song !

  65. Trey Magathan says:

    As a Bruins fan, that 2013 series was legendary. Better luck next time. Oh, that's right! You lost in 6 to the Caps. Better luck next time. Oh, that's right! You've been saying that for 50 straight years! Is it really impressive that Toronto has 13 Stanley Cups when most of their fan base that witnessed the last one is either dead, retired, were too young to remember it, or weren't born yet?

  66. Brandon Lam says:


  67. adZinco says:

    So I'm the only one from the EXCEPT channel to comment, okay

  68. Veronica Ali says:

    Hell yeah. I’m a Toronto fan! GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!

  69. NextGenEdM says:

    i would like to recommend a song for a leafs playoff video that you do its called—- Sir Sly – Gold

  70. ShawnBlaque says:

    This is soooo fucking good

  71. NextGenEdM says:

    Matthew Crash Ft. Nathan Brumley – Hope great song for the leafs

  72. Shrekles 69 says:

    Watch the leafs pass threw Vegas, Tampa , Boston and Nashville And win the cup . I have big hopes for this year.

  73. J P says:

    Killer edit !!!

  74. Dave Richards says:

    Awesome video. The song was a good choice and fits together with the video perfectly. Well done! So pumped for the playoffs!

  75. ShawnBlaque says:

    Leafs just won and the series is 2-1 for Boston. So I came back here.

  76. Rowley chrysler says:

    my friend showed me this video and i love it so much. it made me so hype. thanks!

  77. Leaf Gang says:

    Big things are coming let's win the cup!!!

  78. FBI says:


  79. FBI says:

    Bleeding blue forever

  80. Irfan Khan says:

    Hell ya maple leafs for lyfe…

  81. SkullKrakr 21 says:

    I have to say this right now. Any fan of any team who feels they have to voice their displeasure with their team's performance by hiding their faces behind pager bags or chucking expensive jerseys on the ice don't deserve to relish in the good times heading for the team or call themselves fans. It's one thing just to be frustrated, annoyed or pessimistic after your team does poorly or fails to put on a good show, that's normal. But burning or throwing aside team merchandise or making a fool out yourself and your fellow fans is not the way to express your disappointment. But, this video is still fantastic. It's not your fault those guys were being asshats. I just hate seeing when fans do that, on any team.

  82. Salmah Shaikh says:

    I LOVE THIS #isitoctoberyet

  83. dreastyork says:

    13 people disliked this?They can’t be Leafs fans.Must be Islanders fans.

  84. Steve Smith says:

    Crank it up. Go Leafs Go!!!

  85. Scott Kazmer says:

    Love love love..still

  86. Central Gaming says:

    Hopefully this is the year from Toronto

  87. The Great won says:

    I hate the leafs but this the only leafs thing I liked

  88. declanwizard 16 says:

    The song is believer not pain

  89. Andrew Bobryk says:

    I'm sick of the pain we have an opportunity to bring the Stanley cup to Toronto let's fucking do it!!! LEAFS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Andrew Bobryk says:

    Make another one now we have all the elements to win the cup

  91. Gregory Rowdon says:

    When Babcock said pain now I understand that he means Austin Matthew for any team to deal with him!:)

  92. Navpreet P says:

    This was motivating like really thank u for making this go leafs go

  93. Curtis Kechego says:


  94. Aabir Nawaz says:

    OMG! CHILLS! This is our year!!!

  95. carter mcdonalds says:

    We’re gonna beat Boston this year💙💙💙

  96. Daniel Berkshire says:

    Please make a 2019 playoffs hype video

  97. psycho pineapples says:

    this song is called believer not pain

  98. Jonathan Pinto says:

    I have never watched hockey before..I have been a life long European football fan..however now that I am moving to Canada Ive been looking into hockey..and its gotten me hooked. I am moving to Toronto soon…and I cannot wait to support the Leafs. A team that understands pain & passion.

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