Top 10 jovens promessas do Dream League Soccer 2020

Top 10 jovens promessas do Dream League Soccer 2020

Top 10 Promises
of Dream League Soccer 2020 Matthijs de Ligt is a footballer
Dutchman who acts as a quarterback. Currently plays for Juventus. Philip “Phil” Walter Foden is a
English footballer acting as a sock. Currently plays in Manchester City. Rodrygo is a brazilian footballer
that acts as an attacker. Currently plays at Real Madrid. Alexander-Arnold is a footballer
English who acts as a right back. Currently plays for Liverpool. Alban-Marc Lafont is a professional footballer.
French-Burkinese who acts as a goalkeeper. Currently defends Nantes
borrowed by Fiorentina. Gianluigi Donnarumma is a
Italian footballer acting as goalkeeper. Currently defends Milan. Jadon Malik Sancho is a footballer
English that acts as left-tip. Currently plays at Borussia Dortmund. João Félix is ​​a footballer
Portuguese who acts as an attacker. Currently plays for Atlético de
Madrid and the Portuguese National Team. Mbappé is a footballer
French that acts as tip. Currently defends Paris Saint-Germain. Vinícius Júnior, is a footballer
Brazilian who acts as a left-winger. Currently plays for Real Madrid. Who will be the best?

Antonio Breitenberg

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21 thoughts on “Top 10 jovens promessas do Dream League Soccer 2020

  1. 텔타 says:



    Can someone tell me what month they gonna release please please

  3. Izael Aragao says:

    Fala meu nobre blz …IZAEL de Salvador ba super seu fã cara .. Irmão será que vc tem algum mode ai onde tem todos os jogadores vips e altos e que da pra jogar no modo Online?

  4. Izael Aragao says:

    O codigo USBR2084197

  5. Technical Hero says:

    I suppose that,If DLS 2020 realsed you play all the first.

  6. Naufal Rafif says:

    please replace the commenter like PES 2020

  7. Đức Teen says:

    bạn ơi fix lại kiểu và màu dày đi từ 2016 tới giờ dày xấu quá mà fix đc giày game sẽ toàn diện hơn

  8. GAMING ARENA says:

    Dls 20 release date?
    Reply in english

  9. Israel Francisco says:


  10. Youtube GAMER says:

    Will be süper lig or no ?

  11. Йянс Леман says:

    Usbr hello, i watch your dls 2019 trailer,please say me music's name

  12. Edesio Santos says:

    Porque fugiu da partida USBR aqui é o dono do time Armagedom ????

  13. Clay Games Xp says:

    Tive que baixar um FTS20 MOD para eu enfim poder dizer "que jogo top".
    Espero que o DLS20 tenha mudancas!

  14. dang bay says:

    Lee kang in???

  15. Hiếu H* • says:

    Nicolo zaniolo

  16. Nicholas Sherwin says:

    Is he still updating? .. Saw him 2019 out of the name of the Dream League Soccer

  17. Sebastian Dąbrowski says:

    Fajny odcinek

  18. Sơn Dybala Fan says:

    Thằng lon nào việt sub vậy

  19. Sreesha K says:

    Ansu fati

  20. Henzo Medeiros says:

    De ligt é o melhor

  21. سلطان المطيري says:

    inso fati ??

  22. BOBO Gaming says:

    Can you say the release date

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