Tom Green’s Snow Jam Episode 6: Dog sledding in Kamloops

Tom Green’s Snow Jam Episode 6: Dog sledding in Kamloops

♪♪♪ – Hey! Hey! – Wow, that’s the loudest
I’ve ever heard you talk. – Yeah, funny, eh? – I’ve never heard you make
a noise that loud before. Yell again. I like to watch you
yell at the public. – Hello! – Look over here!
Oh look, one’s lookin’, see? One’s lookin’.
He actually looked. He’s lookin’.
Hey buddy, how are ya? Imagine if all a sudden
like we capture on video, some sort of Doctor Doolittle
quality that I didn’t even know
that I possessed? And all of a sudden,
they start communicating? – Yeah.
– Bighorn sheep. Side of the road.
We discover that right now? I don’t know if those are
bighorn sheep, or antelope? What are they, Patrick?
– I dunno. – Why don’t you know?
You’re Canadian. – I don’t have my glasses.
They look like horses. – Oh, you can’t even see them. He doesn’t have his glasses;
they look like horses to him. They’re not horses.
– Little horses. We should get back on the road,
though. We’re gonna go dogsledding now. (rapping)
♪ Whatcha think about that ♪ ♪ I like to play video games ♪ ♪ Put on Star Wars,
know everybody’s name ♪ ♪♪♪ – Patrick, nice to meet you.
– Hi, Taryn, how are ya? Nice to meet you.
– Quite well. This is Thomas. – Hi, Thomas, I’m Thomas.
– (Laughs) – Yeah. Hi, doggies. Hello. I had 2 Siberian huskies,
for 15 years. – Nice!
– Yeah. – I don’t have any.
– Yeah, they aren’t…yeah. What are they, what kinda… I know these are not like my
dogs. – The dogs that I have are
called Alaskan huskies. – Everyone’s a…designer mutt.
– Yeah. – Um, fancy mixed breeds. King’s great-grandfather is
a champion Iditarod racer. – Oh my gosh.
Yeah, look at that, huh? Your great-grandfather
was famous. Taryn: Yeah. – These guys have greyhound
crossed in. That guy’s got the pointer. Um, so they’re built
for racing. – So, are Siberian huskies not
normally used for dog… – Not really, no.
– Dogsledding? Only in Paul Walker movies?
– Pretty much, yeah. – Yeah?
– Yeah. ♪♪♪ – Look.
– Yeah. – That guy’s tryin’ to say
something. (Tom barks) (Dogs bark) (Tom barks) (Dogs bark) – I’ve started something here. You know I talk dog, right?
– Apparently, yeah. They might be tellin’ ya off
right now. – Yeah, did ya know that? (Dogs bark) (Tom talks to dogs) (Dogs bark) Tom: So um, two dudes in
the thing at once, right? Two in the basket. Single file.
– Two men. – Nice and snug.
– Two grown men have to get in
there together? Yeah, I can cuddle you under
the blanket, if you want? Who’s getting in here with me?
Patrick: I think I am. – You are?
Taryn: Patrick. Tom: Is it possible I could
just go by myself once, and then he can go second
later, or something? We’ve known each other a long
time; we’ve never snuggled,
you know? We just kind of–
Patrick: We haven’t? – No, we actually have not.
– Oh, well today’s the day. Have you snuggled with Patrick?
Scott: Yeah. – Already? You guys just met.
– Whole tour. – That’s okay, you can be big
spoon this time he can be the– – Okay, hop in, Patrick.
Get in here, buddy. Get in. There we go, yeah. This is too much. Try to stay as far forward
as you can, Patrick. ♪♪♪ (Dogs barking) Taryn: Ready? Let’s go! Tom: Holy cow! Wow! ♪♪♪ – Ooh yeah!
– Woo! ♪♪♪ – Oh, wow. Awesome. So they know this run, huh? – Yes, very much so.
– Wow, that’s cool. Taryn: Easy. Whoa! Tom: My turn?
Taryn: Yeah. ♪♪♪ – All right! ♪♪♪ – Well, thank you so much.
Taryn: Oh, you’re welcome. – For inviting us.
– Hope you had a good time. – Yeah, it’s amazing.
– My pleasure. So cool. Thank you.
Thank you so much. – Yeah, thank you for coming.
– Cheers. – Yeah.
– Thank you, that was amazing. – Good driving!
– That was amazing! Thank you. ♪ I’m a white boy
and I like rap ♪ ♪ Whatcha think about that
whatcha think about that ♪ ♪ I like to play video games ♪ ♪ Put on Star Wars,
know everybody’s name ♪

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