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(static buzzing) (upbeat music) (static buzzing) – Have you been the victim
of unfair treatment by a business or a corporation? Has this ever happened to you? You bought a house, it
was not disclosed to you that there was a termite infestation in the walls and in the moldings? So, you have to take it upon yourself to call your own termite
extermination company. But when the guys show up, they immediately ask if
they can use your bathroom. Then for over two hours, they take turns going in and out of there
taking huge mud pies and over flushing. Then they go in there together and you hear a bunch of scrounging around and then you hear a bunch of yelling and one of them is standing
in the bathroom doorway shouting at you that his friends
foot stuck in the toilet. And he says, “help him,
you gotta help him!” And when you go in there to help him, he just pulls it out easily, and laughs ’cause his foot wasn’t stuck. It wasn’t stuck at all,
he was just faking it. And then they get really serious, they say, “it’s turbo time!” And they both start
running around the house as fast as they can and
jumping over the couches. But when you try and
jump in, they yell at you and they say, “you’re not
part of the turbo team, “don’t run, you don’t run with
us, we’re the ones who run! “Until you’re apart of this
turbo team, walk slowly!” So, you go and lay down to be by yourself and read your art books. But then the next day you
went into the bathroom and it looked like the hole
in your toilet had shrunked and you said, “how could that be? “There’s no way they could
have shrunk the toilet.” But then you saw in the
trash, a receipt from Home Depot for a toilet,
the exact same size as yours but with a joke hole
that’s just for farts. They replaced your real
toilet with a fart toilet! And now you can’t take
a dump in your house ’cause your toilet can’t suck ’em down and you feel sick to your stomach! Has that ever happened to you? Call me right now, please. (static buzzing) – [Announcer] Chronic back
pain affects everything, your family, your job,
even your leisure time. At Laser Spine Specialists, with our minimally invasive spine surgery, you can be back on your
feet and back in the saddle. – I never thought I’d ride again, thanks to Laser Spine Specialists, I’m back on my bike and enjoying life. – I can finally get back
to tending my garden. – I can finally fight my wife’s
new husband, Danny Crouse. – [Announcer] Call Laser
Spine Specialists for your no cost MRI review and
change your life today. – I’m back to helping out
around the house again. – I can finally lift my
son over my head again. – I can lift my son over my head again and there ain’t shit he can do about it. Come here, you little fuck! – Dad, what the hell? – Come on, ima get you over
my head like a big boy. He’s been rude to me his whole life! – [Announcer] Call Laser Spine Specialists today to learn how a less
than two inch incision can give you a new lease on life. – I can spin my wife again. – I can play with my dog again. (dog barking) – I can get my money back from Robbie Star at Superstar Tracks Records. (siren blaring) (dogs barking) (slamming) You told me I could sing! I listened to the record
we made and it sucked. – Hey, I disagree, Ron. – I gave you 10,000
dollars to make me a star. – We just need a couple more dollars to get this thing really poppin’ off. – I’m through, Robbie, I
played “Mountain River Raft” for my whole family
and they laughed at me. – Your family hates you! Only I love you and that
song is rockin’ baby, we gotta fly Jeff Chris down from Indiana, to mix it professionally. – You listen to me, no
more scamming adults into thinking they’re stars. I hear you tricked one
more old guy at the mall. (slamming)
– What the hell, Robbie! Where’s my air play? I had the radio tuned to
that station you told me all weekend and my song never came on. – Don’t listen to him, he tricked me too. – He didn’t trick me, I am
a star, nobody tricked me. – Hey listen Ron, I just
got this new beat in and its totally in your cue zone, alright. – Don’t start this with
me, Robbie, I can’t sing. – It’s a guarantee goddamn hit, alright. – It’s not exactly in my cue zone, is it? – I mean yeah, its also
in Johnny’s cue zone. Johnny, how ’bout you
do, “Palm Tree” for us. – (singing) Palm tree
girls, love palm tree guys. – Don’t give it to Johnny,
don’t give it to Johnny. Hold on, let me think
about it for a minute! (upbeat music) ♪ Moon river rock, ♪ ♪ Moon river roll. ♪ – [Announcer] Call Laser
Spine Specialists today and get back to things
you’ve always wanted to do. – You’re too tight, you need to loosen up, it’s gonna be a hit but you have to relax! – [Announcer] We now return to the Channel 20 Christmas classic, “The Night Scrooge Saved Christmas”. (soft music) – Oh. Oh, it’s Christmas! (crashing) – Scrooge! – Who are you? – I am the Ghost of Christmas Way Future. – I’ve already met the
Ghost of Christmas Future. – I said, way future, Scrooge!
(shots firing) – What are you here to show me? – Christmas in the year of 3050, Skeletrex and his Bone
Brigade have enslaved the human race and we need your help. – What are you talking about? – Bonies are slaughtering humans by the millions, taking
their bones and using them to make more bone soldiers, and more important, fleets of bone cars. – What? – Frigging Bonies!
(shots firing) But I’ve got a plan. (whooshing) We’ve gotta kill Skeletrex. He’s huge! He’s 15 feet tall and he has
bones the size of tree trunks. – What– – Oh, yeah, I almost forgot,
he carries a club made of lava. Damn you, Skeletrex!
(shots firing) Oh, crap! One of the Bonies made made it
through the Christmas portal. Quick, Scrooge, bash him with your cane! (screaming) (whacking) That’s it Scrooge. Now, go ahead and eat that goop, Scrooge. It’ll give you the Bonie’s sense of humor. Oh, watch out, Scrooge, It’s a bone llama! Don’t let it lay an egg! – I don’t know what to do! – Use your Christmas cheer and bash its fricking
brains out, you idiot! (laughing) Yeah, bash that bone llama! Attaboy! That’s good bone crushin’. – I think I’m beginning
to get the hang of this. – Scrooge, you cheap bastard,
you’re a genius at this. (intense music) Oh, crap! The Bone Brigade just did
a bunch more bad stuff. We’re gonna have to go to the future. Crap dang it, this sucks! (static buzzing) (upbeat music)

Antonio Breitenberg

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