Three *5 Minute* Curls!

Three *5 Minute* Curls!

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Three *5 Minute* Curls!

  1. Amber Nicole Massey says:

    Looking for easier way. #3 is how I have always done it. Minus the hair tie that way!! I was in show choir and had to have big curls … I started doing it this way because I would get so hot with all the hot curls on my back. The hair bungie is an amazing idea. I guess it is the fastest way. Haha!

  2. Melody Guzman says:

    when it’s supposed to be three minutes and then i look at the clock seeing it’s been 35 minutes and my bus has already left

  3. Lourdes Asuncion says:

    i wish i could curl my hair im 11 and 12 next month i wish i could curl my hair

  4. lets get to 15k without vids says:

    my instagram is forevermonicaa805

  5. Zorana Lazic says:


  6. adler pom says:

    boo you should just get a perm.. srly i have one and i wake up everyday with my hair already like that, it’s awesome, pls consider

  7. Aya Jumah says:

    last one is so good

  8. Jessa Shook says:

    Any advice for hair that doesn’t hold curl without using a lot of product?

  9. ChristineF1234 says:

    These would not take me 5 minutes

  10. Jocelyn Rock says:

    This makes me mourn my long hair and hate my current cut 😟😟

  11. AkaraTopaz says:

    Wow you are gorgeous without makeup. This is the first time I've seen it. ❤️

  12. liebekaese says:

    do you have any tips on how to make the curls last longer? when i get them done at the hair dresser they last way longer… is it because they fry the hair more? =D or do different brands work better? like ghd or cloud nine?

  13. shiro aya says:

    the banji method helped me since the first day i saw it (about 3 years ago), thank you so much!!

  14. Ally Wilson says:

    Omg i have had a curling iron for so long and i didnt know what do with it it. You are so smart! Thank you so much! But do we need hair spray

  15. Eliana Sawyer says:

    I love this!!! I have very VERY thick, long, straight hair!!! The first method is perfect for mine!

  16. Mayra a says:

    I have 5 times more hiar than hers

  17. Luka ShinriKiyaru says:

    your so pretty

  18. Reuben The Cat says:

    I used to wish I had straight hair, and then I went over to my friends house for the night. While she was curling her hair I realised how lucky I was to have my natural curls

  19. Cass Eli says:

    It takes me 3 hours JUST TO CURL my waist length hair- the French braid definitely works! I like putting mine in 2 French braids to sleep in, and it gives me WAY more curls!❤️

  20. shaza dusmohamed says:

    Can u do one without heats please

  21. Hickory Docks says:

    This video helped me sooooooo much and for all the people that say that her smile was fake I don't think it was I think she just liked to film this video.

  22. Mya O'Brien says:

    Even though I have naturally curly hair, I love watching these kinds of videos

  23. Rebecca Patrick says:

    Have you ever used the beachwaver products? I want to buy one but I’m not sure if I want the beachwaver or Kristin Ess curling iron

  24. zoya Khan says:

    last way best way…..
    I have very thick hair amdit takes me an hour or more to curl my hair. Thanks very much

  25. Alisha Collier says:

    I have to have 6 braids in my hair to have it curly

  26. Julia Grace 3000 says:

    It doesnt work😭😭

  27. C C says:

    What’s the first song called? The one that the video starts off with?

  28. The Maple Tree says:

    Your hair looks so much bleached

  29. Stephanie Wilcox says:

    #2 had me so triggered… I have ZERO idea on how to french braid. But #3 has my heart!

  30. Elizabeth Vanderen says:

    My hair is so long and thick that it takes over an hour to curl my hair and then they fall out after 15 minutes

  31. Lily Robson says:

    Thx for that I really suit curly hair and now I can curl my hair for school woohoo

  32. Hanny Pugh says:

    Where has this been all of my life??

  33. Always Online says:

    She said 5mins curl but in The second one she slept so like what…..?

  34. Sarah Conelly says:

    She dint stop smiling
    I wish a lot more people could smile more

  35. NessaNixe says:

    You literally cut my curling from 45 minutes to 15. Thank you SO much! I actually love curling my hair again, insread of just doing it for special occasions

  36. Emanuel Plays says:

    Where do you get that protecting hand glove? I get burn often:/

  37. Justyna Mrozowska says:

    I'm stupid! I can't do the easiest curl.🙇💇

  38. Yeetez beetes You have be defetess says:

    My hairs naturally wavy .3.

  39. vanessa x says:

    idk if it’s just me, but whenever I try overnight curls, I brush my hair in the morning bc I’ve slept with my hair n it gets messy. When I brush my hair, it’s goes so so so so sooo frizzyyy.

  40. Cottient says:

    This came up when I searched heatless curls!

  41. uma pipdika says:

    How long or how many does it stay curled?

  42. hau says:

    I have nautical wavy hair XD

  43. Strxberry Gacha says:

    My hair is too long to do it this quickly ;(

  44. Fanny Gallez says:

    You're so beautiful! 😱😍

  45. Cassie Rexroad says:

    I have to much hair for this

  46. Emily Whitaker says:

    Good job

  47. Mustabeen Fatima says:

    U r soo beautiful nd ur hair r perfectly healthy

  48. Maycee Raye says:

    The hair bungee trick saved my life

  49. Kyra Phat says:

    I have layerssss

  50. Makayla Muse says:

    I have that same wand set

  51. To Mour says:

    Thar souless smile

  52. Mahron says:

    I Really like your Videos! You Are Perfect. You dont spend Time to sell something or to Tell to much. You just Start an Are amazing! I Hope you will make it in live! Greetings from Germany!

  53. Elana Shaw says:

    None of these worked for me

  54. HaHa Aa says:

    The thing is curling straight hair is way easier than straightening curly hair

  55. Olivia Hughes says:

    That fucking creepy smile

  56. Karmen.v.748 says:


  57. Emelia says:

    Well I don't have a iron rip

  58. KLC 28 says:

    Ummm, I a
    Ready have curly hair sooooo, idk why I'm here

  59. Bum52887 says:

    I French braid my hair every time after showering. The next day my hair is a poofy massive mess 😂

  60. Alison Arlene says:

    Good luck Charlie

  61. nina a says:

    I need to try out that last method it looks so beautiful!

  62. mellophonesheikah says:

    I have naturally wavy hair. Should I straighten before attempting these

  63. Gracie Obregon says:


  64. Luisa H says:

    Step one: Have thin layered hair and extensions.

  65. Vivacity Healing says:

    Great tips, thanks!

  66. Lauren_ Potatoe says:

    Style 2: Taylor Swift curls🤣

  67. Elise McKenna-Sparks says:

    Hi Kayley! I really loved the third style in this video, I'm always on the lookout for easy natural looking styles.
    I have been trying to replicate Emma Swan's hairstyle from season 2-4 of Once Upon A Time but haven't quite been able to get it perfect. Could you give me some tips?

  68. Rylie Wang says:

    I just pretty much just wash my whole body and hair at night then do a fishtail then sleep with it in the morning it looks so pretty it lasts me 9 to 12 hours curled it helps alot🤗

    Edit: its bad for my hair to be curled with iron cause my hair fights and never get curled by iron when i curl it with iron it just ending up breaking my hair and starts to burn :< even if i just curl it in 2 minutes it still burns pretty fast.

  69. melomania says:

    Your hair seemed longer and thicker (even when straight) back then!

  70. Youtube Viewer says:

    Thank you for this, you are awesome! ☺️

  71. Mya Williamson says:

    This is actually really amazing!

  72. siris says:

    (by the way this helped me so much lots of love and i subscribed within the first 5 seconds, love you!)

  73. Betty and Orla says:

    I have naturally curly hair so why am I watching this

  74. Frankie Monaghan says:

    shame they arent 5 minutes like u promised

  75. FallenDust says:

    that creepy ass smile she has all through the video is scaring me

  76. Elaida Stemple says:

    Ight so #2 aint 5 minutes my guy. You gotta sleep overnight. Thats 8h and 5mins.

  77. Amy Van Eekeren says:

    My hair is so annoying it's not straight but it's not curly it's like wavy in between and I know it's like really hard to maintain curly hair but I'm just like PICK ONE. STRAIGHT OR CURLY. When I do the French plait method it just frizzes up and I have one of those curlers that sucks ur hair up and curls it for u but it takes so long and the amount of hairspray I need for it to stay honestly but I'm getting it cut short so I can literally straighten it in like 5 mins

  78. JustAGirl says:

    its kind of creepy how you are smiling all the time 😂

  79. Acadia Knickerbocker says:

    To look like her and have that hair!!!!

  80. johaina a says:

    if ur gonna braid ur hair do t o braids as the curls will be more curly

  81. Danielle Carlisle says:

    This changed my life!!!

  82. Pol the pro Minecraft gamer says:

    I just spent 2 hours curling my hair… it popped into my recommended too late

  83. Hannah's Life says:

    i thought she was bridget mendler for a sec 😂

  84. Elva Gutierrez says:

    Lovely ideas, going to try this 🧡 Thank You

  85. Nutella Cereal says:

    I have a lot of hair so even doing my hair normally by myself is hard because it never fits on thw curler

  86. Pip B says:

    Who's watching this with naturally curly hair?????


  87. Keisha Rose says:

    I like these bc I’m in middle school so I’ve never really had to curl my hair by myself, but w school starting I want to be able to. I have been getting nervous about doing the back of my head and not being able to see what I’m doing😂so yea I’m goin to have to try these out!!♥️

  88. Melissa Tensmeyer says:

    Still one of my favorite videos! You are amazing Kayley Melissa! 💕

  89. Marlen Nava says:


  90. Raja Adeel says:

    Well done

  91. Weeb And theatre kid says:

    Why am I watching this.I have already been blessed with good, curly hair.

  92. Anne Butcher says:

    Do you have any vids that compare curling iron products? If not I think you should! I'm not a big fan of irons I have to use a flip e for. ..I inevitably will burn the heck outta myself! There are some new irons out there that claim to give you 4 or 5 dif types of curls depending upon technique. Wondering if you're familiar?

  93. Ruchi Narang says:

    I was struggling to style m curl my hair but now with the first one, I was able to get my hair curled. Thank you so much 🙏

  94. Athalia Whittle says:

    I cant do french plats 🙁

  95. Maggie Malkenes says:

    She looks so beautiful, like if Rachel McAdams and Teddy from Good Luck Charlie had a child😍

  96. Suburban Kid says:

    This is what my hair looks like sometimes! I wish it was curlier ☹️

  97. paola garcia says:

    Okay why do you look like Bridget Mendler?

  98. Esmeralda De Castro says:

    3rd method works wonders been doing it since highschool(: quick & easy ! Never fails 💕

  99. Mya Thompson says:

    Anyone here 2019???


  100. Dana Popkie says:

    How do I keep the curls without putting tons of hairspray? My curls are gone in 5 minutes. I don’t like how hair spray makes my hair crispy. Any suggestions? Thank you

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