This Trick Defies Physics

This Trick Defies Physics

really know how to bail out at that point, so I
pretty much just man up and hold it until I hit
the ground with the bike fully backwards. [MUSIC PLAYING] My name
is British Schmidt, and my World First is the
double backflip double tailwhip and I call it the double double. ANNOUNCER: Brandon
has the tricks. [CHEERING] BRANDON SCHMIDT: Back
when I was a kid, I truly believed that a double
backflip single tailwhip would never happen. I just didn’t see the, the
physics working correctly until Jed Mildon came along,
did it on the New Zealand tour in 2013. And then from there,
my mind was open, and I decided, you
know, if he can do a double-flip
with one tailwhip, maybe two tailwhips will work. [CHEERING] ANNOUNCER: A backflip
tailwhip, a backflip, and then he goes to the
back, comes back, and does a backflip to celebrate. BRANDON SCHMIDT:
Basically for practicing for this trick is one, I put
two brake levers on my bike. So I run double break levers
even though I have no brakes. What that helps me do is,
when it gets to the point where the bike wants to
rotate away from you, it locks out on your fingers. It’s kind of like how moto
dudes put like flip levers up and stops on the wrist. My bike’s light enough that
I can just use finger levers, so that was, that’s really the
secret behind the whole trick because without those
levers, I don’t think I would be able to get close. I did my first one at Travis’s
house at Pastrana Land into his bag, and
I only tried one. And it works first try
into the bag like– SPEAKER 3: Holy [BEEP] BRANDON SCHMIDT: Whoa, that
was off, like I landed, rode away on the bag. So we had a practice
out in California, and all the boys are
sending the biggest tricks. We were getting ready for tour. And I just hit it hard
and worked on it every day for like three days. Just double backflip,
double tailwhip like over and over and over again. There’s one scary difficult
part about the trick. It’s when you go for the, the
whip, and it stops whipping. The gyro almost gets
messed up, so instead of it going one flip
whip, one flip whip, it goes one flip whip
and stops backwards. So I don’t really know how
to bail out at that point, so I pretty much just man up and
hold it until I hit the ground with the bike fully backwards. But that’s, that’s the
hardest part of the trick. [YELLING] I first landed the double
backflip, double tailwhip at Toronto at the Nitro Show
for that You Got This Tour. And it was perfect, like
I didn’t slip pedal. It was both feet on pedals. Couldn’t have been a better
one for the first one. ANNOUNCER: What has he
got for you Toronto? Double flip, double whip. [CHEERING] World’s first! World’s first! Oh my goodness! That is a world’s first double
double ever done in public. Goodness, Micah! From the shores of
dirty Jersey, that’s a full for Brandon Schmidt! BRANDON SCHMIDT: The
feeling is indescribable. There’s just, you get
this overwhelming feeling. I guess it’s an adrenaline hit. You just get this feeling of
like, whoa, I’m riding away. I’m not hurt. I just landed a trick that I
thought would never happen, and now it’s possible. It’s, it’s what we all live for
is for that moment right there. ANNOUNCER: Has the tricks. Does one flip, two, and– [CHEERING] –oh my goodness! The double double! Double backflip! BRANDON SCHMIDT: I just rode
the best show of my life. Did the world’s first double
backflip double tailwhip. Now I’m going to go pass out. [YELL]

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “This Trick Defies Physics

  1. Baby-Shark GTO says:

    Screech is so badass these days!

  2. Nick Item says:

    Seeing this happen really looks like the laws of physics are broken. Such an unbelievable sight

  3. Jennifer Gregory says:

    Wow that is badass

  4. Hawk 1966 says:

    What 9 id10Ts down voted this?💀

  5. Rokitman says:

    Hellphy life!!

  6. Keanan Connor says:

    That bike is so beaut in person 🤤🤘🏻

  7. randy savage says:

    Landing it first in Toronto AND calling it the Double Double. fuck yeah

  8. kevin ouellette says:

    Just amazing. Unreal!!! Nitro circus , Travis P and the people that do tricks on this show are allll amazing athletes and Live and practice constantly. Great stuff!

  9. Marchief says:

    Always pushing the limits. Love you nitro guys.

  10. Wyatt Spellman says:

    When is the triple triple?

  11. no body says:

    I dont even pop a wheelie on my bike….its a road bike, and risking traffic is dangerous enough……cheers for landing that incomprehensible trick.

  12. Ayden S says:

    Bruh what if there was a triple triple

  13. markUTview says:

    Seems like he is in the air for a long time.
    Nice commitment.

  14. kevin flores says:

    Anyone know the song in the background ?

  15. Argle Bargle says:

    No, this trick perfectly illustrates physics. What goes up, must come down.

  16. Brandon Wells says:


  17. allothernamesbutthis says:

    does anyone how many x game medals does nitro hold and how many if you combine all the nitro athletes before and after joining nitro? epic trick btw 🙂

  18. JBARR Vlogs says:

    Worlds first double double was a Tim Hortons eh! 🤣

  19. the1st ruling says:

    This is stupid

  20. Eternal420 says:

    It looks so fun I would love to ride or skate these ramps.

  21. bill lumberg says:

    this is just getting ridiculous now

  22. A Pendragon says:

    Triple triple next

  23. Max Grayson says:

    That was hellphy asf!!!!

  24. PotatoAim says:

    thats mental lol

  25. Devan Colford says:

    That was sick and couldn’t of landed it in a better country lol the Double Double has its own big meaning in Canada but it’s Canada’s favourite coffee. Coincidence I think not.

  26. Made In England says:

    Quiet a bit different from the Andy Ruffle days 😂 I got my first BMX in 1979 they had just entered the UK at the time, probably one of the very first. It was a skyway I believe.

  27. Grateful MedHead says:

    The fact that he landed his foirst "double double" in Canada is soooo ironic!! I hope he went to Tim's after the show and bought a round of double doubles for the entire crew!!

  28. silver scape says:

    The question is…can R. Willy do the double double? Did he intentionally not do it just to let schmitty get some shine? Hmm 😆

  29. Hunter fishman says:

    1:40 holy shit! That's lake perris fairgrounds!!! Nice! I should have been there!

  30. King Smith says:

    👍👍wtf epic dude wtg woot woot

  31. Roger that! says:

    A double double deserves a double like! Impressive, as always! 🍾👍🙃😉

  32. Bustin Jieber says:

    That’s unreal

  33. Joel Poop says:

    I’m totally jealous

  34. g4rr377 says:

    Are skids and one handers still classed as awesome stunt?

  35. Fred Flynstone says:

    great work kid, don't get cocky

  36. Harper O'Donnell says:

    can it go tho 3?

  37. Kane's Crimes says:

    PLEASE READ IN IRRITATING AND PRETENTIOUS TONE: "Um excuse me, nothing ever has or ever will defy physics"

  38. joe-switch engage says:

    Are you f'n kidding me?!?! When I first started riding back in the early 90's you were a good if you could do a single backflip and land on top of a box jump basically "double casing" it and everyone would go f'n nuts and now about 25 years later this is where we're at with the progression of our sport! This is unfathomable! We NEVER knew this would ever happen cause of the technicality of it…well that and we just NEVER thought about it cause it never entered our brains! I am unfrigginbelievably super stoked and much love & respect to everyone in Nitro Circus and pro action sports everywhere!!

  39. Mud-Lust says:

    10 0ut of 10 for being a legend, the double double was pretty good too

  40. Tally says:

    freeze at 3:02 fun to look at lol

  41. Weebs Wobbles says:

    Boring and snide comments aside… this is an amazing achievement! You rock. Stay positive, YouTube

  42. Ben Clark says:

    I wonder if it would be possible to do this like a 720 double whip, where the double whip in the first rotation, and then the rider tucks in and speeds up for the second rotation? Would look a lot cleaner

  43. igloo productions says:

    Why not a triple triple? Weak.

  44. born 2 shit forced 2 wipe says:

    What's so hard about this trick? I don't get the hype. I do these on flat ground all the time

  45. Lion Bear says:

    It wold be cool if these tricks were done while riding double, And maybe it was the Canadian mind set that got him through that, and not even a thank you Canada? wow

  46. ChucksterOLove says:

    Badass!! 😀

  47. JP B says:

    Kahoonas the size of cabbages

  48. Glen Portanova Jr says:

    The levars bro the levars

  49. 20BMR says:

    I don’t have much but I get goosebumps seeing people reach there goals. Fuckin Awesome 👍💯💯💯

  50. Alternate Account says:

    Are you flippin' whippin' me !?!?

  51. berniedmj1 says:

    Here we go! Pushing bmx to a new level because I’m sure this has put R Willy on fire mode. It’ll be the battle of doing the world first.

  52. Kinzie Burton says:

    Its like that time you watched a bootleg tape of Matt Hoffman doing the first backflip on a half pipe.

  53. Антон Гуляев says:

    Ну сделал и сделал…(с) А.Лебедев

  54. Boards'n Wheels says:

    We love you Brandon!

  55. Rik von Himmlick- Schpoonler says:

    Your mother wears army boots

  56. funsterkeyven says:

    This guy looks kinda nerdy (obviously anything but!!!) which gives hope to all us nerds.

  57. aj.broome0 6 says:

    He dident even do it he done a back flip double whip 😂

  58. Kyle Couture says:

    Shoutout to rocket league.

  59. Keithius Music says:

    Totes cray.

  60. Dean TM says:

    Love this dude and that was sikk 🤙🏼

  61. Colin Mumford says:

    Wow….. that’s a bonkers trick, very impressive.

  62. Cameron Nguele-Merlier says:

    Chaotic Pendulum

  63. Justin Covert says:

    Props my friend

  64. Rainer Halbich says:

    I can do that!

    In my mind…

  65. 06racecar60 says:

    Double back triple whip would most likely solve the gyro problem

  66. Bill C says:


  67. cat intensifies says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOW that looks absolutely fucking unreal hahahahahahah

  68. lego 11 says:

    Title: this trick defies physics
    Physics: I prove this can be done

  69. Ben says:

    Fake news. In N Out did the double double twenty years sooner…

  70. AdamRouse999 says:

    Now he has to land it properly, to wood and not some cheating resi plastic . Amazing trick, cant wait to see him actually land it

  71. Ha1luciNate says:

    Rocket league is for cunts.

  72. Samon sounds says:

    That is fucking nuts 🤙

  73. Spoken Lyrics says:

    2021 The Triple-Triple

  74. juju says:

    resi doenst count

  75. Its Lozzy says:

    do I see enough time for another tailwhip there? 😉

  76. Josiah Pierce says:

    The travis of BMX good luck with your future try and stay healthy

  77. American Nobody says:

    I had a double-double at the In-&-Out burger!

  78. Brodey Sheppard says:

    And now! he has a quad backflip on his profile.

  79. Tyrone White says:

    As interesting as watching paint dry.

  80. Evil D says:

    Man I remember Dave Volker on the cover of BMX Plus doing a back flip over a moving truck and it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. It's incredible how far BMX has come. This was video game stuff when I was riding.

  81. J says:

    This isn't actually a world's first, I've been doing them since 2009…

  82. Bobby Cratchet says:

    This reminds me of the dzhanibekov effect

    Short and dirty: The skinny? In space

  83. Sshenn Hokin says:

    I so miss Dave in peace and we miss you..!

  84. Iiro Ovaskainen says:

    Obviously this trick doesn't defy physics if it can be done 😀

  85. Ronny cohen says:

    I saw this video right after I saw a qued back flip in Ryan williams channel

  86. Ronny cohen says:

    And I can't even do a double whip on a scooter

  87. David Schmidt says:

    Nice last name

  88. Emerson Beiza says:


  89. Ben Manap says:

    Yeahh..I remember doing this…in Dave mira pro bmx on playstation 1

  90. Jeremy Backman says:

    Dope but just kind of an ugly trick , just flailing through the air , no smooth way to land it , all muscle.

  91. Jeremy Backman says:

    2:45 was actually pretty smooth

  92. Timothy Quinn says:

    Hey, Canada has an implicit trademark on "Double Double". Please pay up by buying a Tim Hortons coffee at your your first opportunity … Double double of course =)

  93. The Deans says:

    Fuckin’ nailed it mate

  94. Ky Fisher says:

    triple triple would have been cooler.

  95. Justin Moore says:

    Hell yea! Fucking nailed it!

  96. Spencerianism says:

    Last time I did a double double…..

    My toilet exploded

  97. nick says:

    I dont see how you guys ride bikes with fuckin balls that big

  98. TheTruthPenguin says:

    Not sure about how I feel about him yelling Dirty Jersey. I shower you asshole

  99. Mephistopheles says:

    I invented the inverted double poop fling to reverse pee squirt.

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