This Beach fishing trick will help you catch BIG FISH!

This Beach fishing trick will help you catch BIG FISH!

This is your custom rod, huh? [Bandit:] That’s the One-Arm Bandit Rod. That looks so light. [Erin:] I know!
[Bandit:] I’m going to demon– I’m going to demonstrate something. [Erin:] Demonstrate.
[Bandit:] You might want to get this on camera. Ha ha ha. [Bandit:] This is how a one-arm man fishes. [Erin:] Woah. [Brendon:] That looks like it works pretty well. [Bandit:] That just went 140 yards. You fishermen with two hands, you’re jealous. [Erin laughing] Awesome. Hey, everybody, we are at One-Arm Bandit’s it’s a Tackle Shop in North Carolina, and um, we’re going to learn how to tie a shock leader, a shock leader will prevent you from losing a really big fish, casting over and over again, really puts strain on your regular line, and a shock leader will take some of that pressure off, and keep your line strong. [Bandit:] Okay, are we ready? [Brendon:] Yeah.
[Bandit:] Here comes dad, okay. Now I’m going to need help with this because I only have one hand, so, this is what we gonn do. ‘Kay? I’m going to make a circle, ‘kay?
[Brendon:] Mhmm, a circle. [Bandit:] We’re going to run it through once, we’re going to run it through… twice, what does that do? It makes a figure 8. See it? [Brendon:] Ahh. So, give me some line on it. Let’s do it this way, this way, this way. ‘Kay. You step over here. Dad, come over here. [Dad:] Yes sir.
[Erin:] Get in there. [Bandit:] You hold the reel. [Brendon:] Put it in the first eye in the 8. [Bandit:] Put it in the second way, the second eye… You see how that line is laying flat? In the 8? That’s how you want it.
[Brendon:] Mhmm. ‘Kay, now let me–let go of the line. You hold that line. ‘Kay, you’re going to wrap this 12 times. [Brendon:] 6… 7… 8… 9… 10… 11… 12.
[Bandit:] Now, If you was trying–tying mono to mono, only wrap it eight times. You gonna bring it back through this first loop, [Dad:] I see, the first loop.
[Brendon:] Okay. [Bandit:] ‘Kay? Now. That, pull it a little bit together, [Brendon:] Tighten up that end a little bit.
[Bandit:] Not much, now, what you want to do is you want to lube it up. [Brendon:] Get it all wet. [Bandit:] and then you want to cinch it, so… (indistinguishable) Whatever. Cinch it. [Brendon:] Oh, nice. And look how pretty a knot that is. [Brendon:] That is nice.
[Bandit:] Now, hold that, finger nail clips… This is my grandpa right here. [Dad:] Oh! [Erin:] Hi, Grandpa.
[Bandit:] That’s Grandpa Pete.
[Brendon:] That’s not your brother? [Grandpa Pete:] I don’t fish. [Brendon:] You don’t fish?
[Bandit:] Okay. [Bandit:] Hold that. [Dad:] Hold that, Brendon. [Bandit:] Hold that. Now, since this is braid, it will come through your eyes very easily, you always want to leave about an inch because that allows for slippage. [Grandpa Pete:] Right.
[Brendon:] ‘Kay. Otherwise you’re going to lose the whole knot, it could slip. [Bandit:] Yes. After you get done, [Brendon:] Give it another pull? [Bandit:] Now, this is what we’re gonn do, go ahead. See, I don’t know how long of a rod you’ve got. [Brendon:] 10’6″. [Bandit:] Go ahead. Okay. [Grandpa Pete:] Want me to cut it off right there? [Bandit:] Now, since we don’t have the rod, go ahead and reel it up. Okay. Okay. Go ahead. Okay, hold that. Now, you think you can tie that knot? I think I can, with practice, I can do it, and I’m going to watch the video,
[Erin:] Over and over again.
[Bandit:] That is the easiest knot… [Brendon:] That was really pretty, It was really nice looking.
[Bandit:] It’s a slim beauty, Figure 8.
[Brendon:] It’s called a slim beauty… [Bandit:] But always remember that that line has to go straight through that figure 8. If it goes up and down, come back through the other way. [Brendon:] Okay, it needs to sit straight when that figure eight– You don’t want it to be crooked and tighten it like that. You want it to go straight through, okay. [Bandit:] And always remember to lube it up. On braid, wrap it 12 times, on monofilament, wrap it 6 to about 8 times. [Dad:] Alright!
[Brendon:] Okay.
[Erin:] Thank you so much. [Bandit:] So now you know how to tie a shock knot. [Brendon:] Thank you. One Arm Bandit taught me how to tie a shock leader, and this, this will prevent– this’ll– put strain on this line rather than our main line so that we won’t be losing any big fish. Is that correct?
[Bandit:] That’s right. [Brendon:] Okay, cool. If anybody’s in North Carolina, need some fishing insight, need some advice, come to One Arm Bandit, he’s full of knowledge, very helpful, and I appreciate , I appreciate the help.
[Bandit:] The name of the store is Right On 12. [Erin:] Right On 12. [Bandit:] Right on 12.
[Brendon:] The name of the store is called Right On 12. Yup, in Hatteras–we’re in Hatteras, right? Buxton. In Buxton, North Carolina. [Erin:] Right on 12. This is not frozen. This is–is was swimming yesterday. Yeah, we’re going to come back and use this for bait later. So I learned how to tie a shock leader. Next episode, we’re going to put it to action. Thank you guys for watching, I hope that this can help you, you know, we stopped into this bait shop and he was so helpful we wanted to share–we wanted to share with everybody uh, the information that we’re learning, if you want to learn more about surf fishing, beach fishing, salt water fishing, check out our Senko Skipper Store, we’ve got loads of information on there, we’ve got lots of stuff on there for you guys to try out and lots of stuff for you to learn, so check it out, its in the link in the description below, have a good one, guys.

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  60. Ron says:

    I would love it if you could do some reviews or tips for a tackle box. I'm trying to find a good one.

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    Shockleader is not used to avoid losing a big fish or to get ylur tackle back. Its primary and most importance use is safety.
    You need at least 10lb line for every ounce cast. So if casting 6oz, you need 60lb shockleader.

    Shock leader reduces the chance of the energy of the lead beimg accelarated and snapping the line during the power build up of the cast

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    In England, for beachcasting we normally spool with say 18lb line. This means that the line can only cast a 1.8oz ish weight, so we have to add a shockleader so that we can use a heavier weight for longer casting. weight is determined by the rod. So if we want to cast a 5 oz lead we say x10 = 50lb shockleader, 6 oz= 60lb etc. The shockleader then takes the shock of casting with a heavy weight, but with a thinner mainline, distance casting isn't compromised.

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