Things To Do In Iowa City — Iowa City Area Best Sledding Hills!

Things To Do In Iowa City — Iowa City Area Best Sledding Hills!

Hey everyone! Emily Farber from Lepic-
Kroeger, Realtors in Iowa City, Iowa. Thanks for joining me.
Today’s video is about some awesome sledding hills in Iowa City when your
world looks like a snow globe. So, my kiddos here, “hi.” We are going to
show you some fun places to go sledding in Iowa City, and Abe, he is going to take
some drone video with his new drone, so we’ll see how that looks.
Let’s go! Hickory Hill Park is a natural area in the northeastern section
of Iowa City consisting of 190 acres of forest, abandoned fields, reconstructed
prairie, wetlands and parkland. There’s a large berm in the park which
makes for an awesome sledding hill on snowy days. From the parking lot
follow the trail in a northeastern direction. You are going to go through an open
space, over a small bridge, and then into the woods. Keep following that trail it–
slowly steps upwards, up a hill, and then it is going to swing to your
right and open up onto the berm. It is a short walk. All right, that was Hickory Hill in Iowa
City off of the Bloomington Street parking lot. There are a couple different
parking lots Bloomington Street is the easiest one
for access to that water retention berm– the double-decker hill that’s pretty
awesome. So, I’m gonna go show you a few other
good places in Iowa City to go sledding. Hoover Hill is a great one for both
young and old alike. There is a fence down at the bottom, so no need to worry
about accidentally sliding into the road. Now we’re on our way to our next Iowa
City Hill location, the hill at Happy Hollow, on the corner of Governor and
Brown streets. This little park has a super steep hill with a short run. It is
important to note that there is not much of a gathering area, so not the best
place for little ones who might wander out into the road. Hey, thanks for joining us on our fun
snow day adventure. I hope you’ve got some good ideas of fun places you can go
on the next snowy day. This is Emily Farber from the Lepic-Kroeger, Realtors in
Iowa City. I am so happy that you joined me. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe
button and if you click the little bell icon you’ll be sure to be notified of
anytime I put out a new video. Catch you later!

Antonio Breitenberg

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11 thoughts on “Things To Do In Iowa City — Iowa City Area Best Sledding Hills!

  1. Emily Farber says:

    Do you have a favorite, local outdoor winter activity? Tell me about it! Do you have a sledding hill recommendation? I'd love to know more!

  2. MyRealtorKerri says:

    Looks like a lot of fun!!!!

  3. Jacqueline Kraszewski says:

    Your son is hired for the drone!! Great job

  4. Jessica Ratterree says:

    My fondest memories were sledding as a kid!

  5. Tampa Real Estate with Michelle Babbino says:

    i absolutely love that shot (after you wiped out 😂) looking back up the hill with the kids up there and the sun peaking through the clouds.

  6. Stewart Ebaugh, Atlanta Area Realtor says:

    How fun is that! What a great time with the kids!!!!

  7. Susan Hicks Thetford says:

    So much fun!

  8. Julie Dancer says:

    This is Jack talking from my moms phone can you give me a shout out in your next video I love your video

  9. Georgia Coast Homes by Karin Carr says:

    Man, I had some good times as a kid sledding. And even a few years ago when we had a big storm in Georgia and I had a huge hill in my yard!

  10. Speaking Frankly - Frank Hunton, Realtor says:

    That looks like a lot of fun!

  11. Everything Edmonton says:

    I love videos like this!

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