Things Soccer Players Hate

Things Soccer Players Hate

Oh, come on! *yelling* Is it this line or this line? Which one’s out? This was my last one! Help! Shannon! Sorry. Carly, can I talk to you after practice? Am I in trouble? We’ll talk later. I have to go so bad! No! How does this happen? It’s not my fault, someone else hit it! Mom! Finish reading that, I need more newspaper! Do you have a ride home from practice? I called my mom three times. Great. We have out of shape Rick again. Every time! Great, now we’re never getting that out. Hey guys! Thanks for watching our video, and if you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe here! And if you want to keep laughing, watch this video. And for sweet gear, check out our site! Woo! Hold on… *laughing* *laughing* We’ll talk later. *laughing* I was trying to hold it in.

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Things Soccer Players Hate

  1. Juju Bing says:

    I understand this so much

  2. Clara Hood says:

    Don’t forget that one coach who thinks he’s the head ref and gets kicked out of the game!!!!!!

  3. Eirfan Zikry says:

    Things football players hate : Its being called soccer

  4. ASP 23 says:

    1:17 haha i got the same boots as you lol

  5. Dr.Green 123 says:

    Thats a weird way to make a sandwich

  6. Riley Pickles says:

    When your coach makes you run an extra lap just because…….

  7. Hey it's Madi L says:

    I can relate to this on a whoooooole other level

  8. Richard Mati Kõnnusaar says:

    Things FOOTBALL players hate

    1. The only thing when someone calls it Soccer

  9. RAMBO says:

    #1. The autistic kid in P. E who also grabs the ball in his hands and runs and growls at u

  10. Arthur Bakibinga says:

  11. TMG says:

    Things i hare is girls that plays football

  12. Lil _Tyong says:

    I hate it when refs call me out

  13. Cowboy Casanova says:

    Everyone can relate to almost all of these😬

  14. Jessica Long says:

    Ughhh the bathroom one sucks like I came all the way out to the field you mean I have to go home and come back… not happening 😂

  15. Naruto Uzamaki14 says:

    Sooo relatable

  16. F.B.I agent 729361 says:

    So football guys don’t hate it

  17. Amarice Pineda says:

    What’s the newspaper one for??

  18. 18283353 views says:

    I don't relate to any of these except the boots

  19. Ariana Borneo says:

    At 0:26! This is the most relatable thing ever😂

  20. - Irispectueuse - says:

    I love soooo much ur videos 🖤💙

  21. ThatHopelessArtistX says:

    What about hurling? We get clobbered and I can’t wear dresses because of my bruises!

  22. Fresh Memes says:

    i could relate to ALLLL of these! you just earned a new subscriber!

  23. Pacybits Packs says:

    They hate the word soccer aswell

  24. misscat says:

    I played some netball years ago and this referee had a lazy eye and she was talking to me but i didint know because her eye went off to the side

  25. Inter Milahn says:

    Yep, also when people hog the ball and do heaps of unnecessary tricks and when people step on your foot with boots on

  26. jenna caroline says:

    someone steps on or kicks a cone
    coach: oKaY eVeRyOnE 20 bUrPeEs

  27. jenna caroline says:

    having to wear the pennies for any reason

  28. Kyky Johnson says:

    Can relate to everything cuz I play soccer too. The struggles are real

  29. NotazarOfficial 2019 says:

    The obvious most annoying part is when Louisiani- I mean non-eurofootball players say: aMeRiCaN fOoTbAlL iS tOtAlLy BeTtEr

  30. oluwasogo awofeso says:

    Lol!! I can relate.

  31. Virginie Francoeur says:

    so much true , can relate

  32. Roblox Centre says:

    The thing I hate is the laps like bro I'm dying here.

  33. teresa chaco says:

    So true

  34. Napoleon Joseph Ney says:

    So true.

  35. Cydney Jaso says:

    My life literally 🤦‍♀😂😂

  36. Giselle Larios Garcia says:


  37. Tex says:

    Things footballers hate.

    1. People calling it soccer

  38. Gavin Russell says:

    You forgot when a ref calls off sides and your clearly not even off sides

  39. Dana P says:

    When your friend asks you what an offside is: this video
    Also, do people actually stuff their cleats? I don’t, is that bad or something?

  40. Sam Biz says:

    When you are a goalkeeper and let i a goal and the defence blames you but the defence were absolutely terrible

  41. Shakes MD Devaney says:

    Half of them are things that happen to men not just women

  42. Wheeljack 22 says:

    The ref one is so accurate 😂😂

  43. Dr.Green 123 says:

    This is cringy i hate people like this.People who think there good enough to make these videos just makes me throw up

  44. Jordyn Crosby says:

    I've never seen a video more accurate in my entire life

  45. San Animations says:

    Thing I hate if your defense and u can't grab it


  46. HOWZAT? says:

    I’m a girl and I play soccer 100% relatable

  47. The Schin Kidz says:

    This is so true

  48. Sixcutter RL says:

    What about when your feet get all tangled up in the goal.

  49. Ryan Wilson says:

    It’s called football

  50. east africana says:

    1. Red card

  51. Ciara Dease says:

    The word soccer

  52. NaniSings • says:

    Related to ALL OF THIS, love soccer so much tho

  53. NaniSings • says:

    Related to ALL OF THIS, love soccer so much tho

  54. Carlos Polemann Solá says:

    Great video!!! I love soccer girls you play nice and well. Greetings from Argentina.

  55. Dank Soccer says:

    Don't forget when the field it is uneven or when the grass isn't cut

  56. Lauren Hebert says:

    This is so relatable!!!!! I have played soccer since I was 7 and I’m currently 12. But I’m out cause I tore my ACL playing and had to get reconstructive surgery. When I get back into things I’m going to try out for select.

  57. chalinom says:

    Yeah ONLY girls

  58. selinay Ahmed says:

    This is so true!!

  59. PePpA what are u doing on youtube says:


  60. Cristina M. Garcia says:

    literally the most relatable video ever 😂

  61. sanjeet parmar says:

    So relatable

  62. Pablito Arellano says:

    Some of these arent just for girls

  63. Mad Bacon says:

    So relatable

  64. Cian Odonovan says:

    I just wanna know how are there boots so clean

  65. Simon Mulholland says:


  66. Sameeha A says:

    the referee who has a favorite team

    I hate that sooo much. They call like a handball and I’m like, tf boy it didn’t even go near my hand.

  67. CheLee nash says:

    I've never related to something so hard. They should have added when the couch doesnt bring any equipment other than a stop watch😂😂

  68. Gacha_Omega Yt says:

    its true…

  69. Madison Turner says:

    This is so true

  70. Harryjacobs Raps says:

    Are you from 🇺🇸

  71. Theras I says:

    um.. that back 😍

  72. Vi Mel says:

    I’m a catcher in baseball and it is so hard and on hot days it’s even worse

  73. James Hicks Gaming says:

    I hate it when I tell my parents we need to leave at a certain time and then they make us leave 5 or 10 minutes late

  74. Ariella Kherrington says:

    When you have to tell your teammate the rules because they keep fouling…
    or that one ref that gives yellows for no reason

  75. Riley Chapman says:

    i just started pre season and the strugle is sooooooooo real

  76. Kevin Bejdo says:

    For the boys who play soccer if the field is closed we just play anyway

  77. kid kack says:

    This video wasn't veryfunny and this stuff only happens to the girls probably because that has never happened on my team.

  78. Hailey Donaldson says:

    Worst thing about soccer is when that ref never pays attention

  79. Raff Holland says:

    Girls suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Aina M. Ross says:

    Literally me after every practice (': 1:19

  81. Georgia Christian says:

    I’m always the one who messes up the ladders lol

  82. Gresham Mtambo says:

    It is football

  83. Senpai Bradley says:

    Every soccer player hates floppy balls
    Haha floppy BALLZ hhahaahah

  84. Las Dana says:

    It’s football dumb ass

  85. issue says:

    I hate when people call it soccer

  86. Aubrey Evilsizer says:


  87. Momo Jjang says:

    Its always either the super skinny refs or the ridiculously overweight ones

  88. Louella Millete says:

    Hahahahahahaah it's so true 😌

  89. i like turtles says:

    The ladders brooo

  90. :D Hello says:

    Said soccer players not girls I’m the best soccer player in the world I’m a kid I’m better then Messi Christiano and everyone 🙂 I’m believing in my self

  91. The Casual says:

    Things football players hate*

  92. Andrija Jovanović says:

    It's called football

  93. Resurrection spams L2 says:

    go back to the kitchen

  94. morgan says:

    the ref that doesn’t even try to move and gets hit

  95. Mitchell Bly says:

    These are so relatable 😂

  96. Ilyas Azzabi says:

    This is sexist so men dont feel angry when there is no water left or the field is closed bullshit

  97. 1000 SubsWithNoVids says:

    0:25 omg I hate this

  98. Appgamer 2154 says:

    Don’t forget the overprotective ref

  99. Lieke Pasman says:

    I love your videos i have the exact same when i play soccer

  100. George Croft says:

    Football not soccer

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