The World’s First 3D Printed Snowboard: Every Third Thursday

The World’s First 3D Printed Snowboard: Every Third Thursday

Until now, snowboards have been within the limits of traditional manufacturing. This month on ETT, we could quite possibly be giving you a glimpse into the future by building a snowboard on a whole new dimension. This is the world’s first 3D-printed snowboard. I’m here with David, the founder of Grow It 3D and today we’re gonna be digital printing a snowboard It’s technology that like none other, a lot of people can’t wrap their heads around it when they see it A lot of manufacturing methods, you’re taking a block shaped object And removing material to get your final shape. Here we’re actually taking that 3D final shape, slicing it into very thin layers and adding it layer by layer. That’s the reason that Grow It is called Grow It If you put a time lapse camera on these machines, it actually looks like the part is growing out of the platform. Here are a few examples – like, this is printed This crescent wrench – it all works, it’s one piece. Printed on a printer. Jeb and David are finalizing the file, we’re about to go print a snowboard. We’re limited on how big we can print currently so it’s gonna be printed in puzzle pieces That is our snowboard, that fine powder material. It’s a carbon mixture. The laser is being pointed by a bunch of mirrors, so there’s no actual print head… no actual real moving part, other than the machine that’s pointing the laser. A little bit different than our snowboard press. Quite a bit different. You’re taking all these raw materials, and sandwiching them together. This is just creating it. It’s like magic. This is like the paper tray. The first puzzle part of the snowboard right there. This is very much like slowly excavating the snowboard pieces. Alright, we’re at the final stages, all pieces are out. Just taking the last of the carbon off. Then we’ll heat blast ’em – and be ready to put it together. We have all of our pieces here – all really to be put together. It’s a very exciting moment. All of it just pieces together. Then we’re gonna resin it. So we have the whole board coated in resin, vacuum bagged up, and now it sits for like nine hours. Looking at this board, pushing on it, feelin it – I don’t know… I really don’t. She’s a little flimsy We obviously didn’t get a tight bond in the center of the board here, where it’s most important. We went and bought a couple metal strips, and Jeb is drilling them out now. We’re gonna reinforce the board with little metal rods. Sometimes you gotta make it work. We’re here in a snowy secret spot in Colorado, back with Matt Guess with this crazy board. You ready to check it out? This thing is nuts. You guys are mad snowboard scientists. The nose feels good. We want it to go fast. The only issue we’re having is speed – we wanted to try it in its purest form But if we could have added a base, probably no problem at all. You got all these interesting things going on, like this nose is something we’ve never tried before Where you have this wide nose, and it comes in at a sharp angle, and it comes out kinda a narrow board. And it really does go good when you’re making turns with this big wide shovel nose. Unbelievable day. The back bowl in Colorado, by ourselves. On a board made with laser beams. SO fun.

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “The World’s First 3D Printed Snowboard: Every Third Thursday

  1. royallie says:

    flex rating of 1

  2. Jon Moll says:

    Man I was doing a research assignment on 3D printing yesterday and now i'm just procrastinating on YouTube and came across this!

  3. dark0ssx says:

    Should have found a printer that could print it all in 1 piece

  4. doncarlo5 says:


  5. SOYDIOS says:

    suscribe to my canal

  6. Serena Egilsson. says:

    you have to make a super butteri board

  7. Snipy LP says:

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  8. Der Kerl says:

    in 5 years it will be like: hey you wanna go snowboarding? yeah sure just quickly have to print a new board!

  9. amazingman63 says:

    it seems like a good beginner board c its slowish and wide

  10. Geoff Bouchard says:

    easily one of the coolest things I've seen this year.

  11. Nawtic says:

    I Bet Some Person Is Planing To Print A Car……..A CAR. That Would Be Awesome

  12. 100nni says:

    don't want to see how this performs in park 😀 3d printing is definitely amazing but there are a lot of thinks that simply have to be made with a decent amount of work at the moment.

  13. max marshall says:


  14. Joe D.oreo says:

    this is pretty much the lest impressive 3d printed thing iv ever seen haha

  15. JJason406 says:

    yea i will just buy a burton

  16. joey piach says:

    what song is that

  17. Colton Baldridge says:

    I wish I could go there so badly, it looks like an amazing place to ski/snowboard

  18. Nikita Tkachev says:

    Сказать я ахуел? Ничего не сказать 

  19. James Adams says:

    Looks pretty bad in my opinion. I see improvement and opportunity in 3D printing snowboards.

  20. 63falcondude says:

    love the raptor!

  21. Colin Caissie says:

    Great experiment.  3-D printing needs to get a workout to develop potential for useful products.  Sorry, dudes, Snowboards are a purely masturbatory device for whatever passes for the modern psyche.  Later, real adults will use the 3-D skills for worthwhile endeavor.  Have another bong hit, pal, and don't worry about the significance of life on earth.  

  22. Jason Heinz says:

    I wonder how the board would be if you used the Stainless Steel base from the iSHRED board. I know it would make it a whole lot heavier, but it should be faster, and the steel gives it a great edge.

  23. Dj _drifter 6887 says:


  24. Jack K says:

    Print it solid … i would maybe get your ideas on paper and let a few more people throw some ideas around because who thought it was a GOOD idea to ride a puzzleboard down a mountain .?!?!   the  splitboard is 2 pieces bound together logically lengthwise for power turns, this thing is solely reliant on glue?!?! then some screwed on RAILS for strength??!!, that wasnt in the plans,!! Spend money on engineering ideas, dont just spend money….

  25. etTuX says:

    Doesn't look like it really rides good 😀 they ride very cautiously. but yeah I thought they could print it in one piece.

    sweet idea though! +1

  26. imac8175 says:

    Should hold wax well because it is technically a sintered material.

  27. Chris Carson says:

    Matt Guess is a douche bag if you've ever met him.   Fuck that guy

  28. Foras says:

    this is like; will it skate….. winter edition

  29. Bageltorf Productions says:

    @Network A  you guys should make a guitar pick board 

  30. SmoowvPlays says:

    Where is that? I've not seen good powder like that in ages…

  31. taxwizkid says:

    Gotta love the Ford Raptor ! we got one its totally awesome

  32. thezorglub50 says:

    Hey guys… is it Possible to have the file?? I'd Like to see if it's possible to do something w/ my ABS 3D printer ^^

  33. CT Wraps says:

    looks like a 20 year old burton.. some things should be HAND MADE. i dont care if 3d printing just came out leave my board alone…fuck. SERIOUSLY

  34. MrMantasMX says:

    It doesn't looks like that he had so much fun 😀

  35. Addicus Taylor says:

    Ive been in there they have some neat 3d printed toys. The 3d printers are top notch. They use them for prototyping often.

  36. Alejandro Jaramillo says:

    In my school we have two 3D printers, but it uses plastic and right now we are making prosthetic hands for the children in need.

  37. Eto Hige Gamer Culture says:

    looks like a wake board

  38. Johnny Logan says:

    Why did you have to make it into multiple pieces? That's seems like the whole downfall of the board.

  39. Logan D.R. says:

    I own a 3d printer and I might print a tiny one

  40. SlygoteMinx says:

    Please help! Does anyone know what last song is? In particular the one playing during the riding montage. I cant find it anywhere!

  41. iSuffering Alex says:

    HI! Who sings the first song?

  42. Jamie Savage says:

    Make a carbon fiber board that would be awesome!

  43. Akos Kocsardi says:

    Hey where is this place. I know of a couple good spots for back country snowboarding in Colorado but haven't seen this one before

  44. wkipo says:

    let professionals do their job 🙂

  45. CT Wraps says:

    I will pay top dollar for a hand crafted board every 5 years and I won't even think twice about it. Some things shouldn't be messed with…if it ain't broke don't fix it!

  46. Daniel Wilson says:

    daniel want make a walnut snowboards

  47. samuel leafe says:

    hey could you do a bodyboard that runs on snow??

  48. Dante Allmyr says:

    could I possybly get that snowboard of you ut just looks to be a lot of fun

  49. Edit Bros says:

    not words first we have a 3d printer at our school and my friend josh made one

  50. Robert lieb says:

    You should make a board with a salt bottom so that you can go faster because it will melt the snow underneath you just like your electric heated board

  51. Michael Mosher says:

    Anybody know what goggles that guy is using?

  52. kacper_Pol2 says:

    anyone know the area where they filmed?

  53. Motoreed35 says:

    How much would one cost

  54. Kimberly Forti says:

    Slow af lol

  55. Izak Boardman says:

    Where was the spot

  56. Ben Palladino says:

    what goggles were you wearing while using the board?

  57. xilinor says:

    I bet the finished board is extremely lightweight^^

  58. Adam Gibson says:

    Love these episodes, really creative

  59. clashofphish says:

    So it's sort of a fully printed board – the printed board wasn't really usable as is.

  60. iamtingley says:

    forget the board, that run looked amazing

  61. Dennis Supertramp says:

    that is just stupid. worst application of this manufacturing technique seen so far

  62. Dust Rider says:

    goofy feeling right there…
    The run was great though – but: nice try!

  63. Joseph Gutman says:

    Wonder how it would do if the board could be printed as one piece. Those seams looked to be placed in the spots that needed the most structural support, as in the worst spot for a seam.

  64. Andy Nunya says:

    fresh powder

  65. jake A says:

    that's actually pretty sick… can you make me some skis? lol

  66. PopcornSticker says:

    whats the song on 1:51?

  67. Alexei Kafe says:

    where is that? Here in spain we have nowhere like that 🙁

  68. Mikey Boy says:

    That dude in the beanie looks like Moog from mighty car mods. Especially at the beginning with the sunglasses.

  69. James L says:

    That's so cool!

  70. DJCyberChief says:

    Have you ever fallen in a tree well?

  71. 79adyone says:

    I'd love to see someone take that thing down some northeast style packed powder:)

  72. Kerr Brown says:

    Snowboard on Nokia brick phones

  73. Pancho A. says:

    That mountain was beautiful holy fuck

  74. Fcreveryoung says:

    He's like the American version of Moog from mighty car mods

  75. Kelly Kapowski says:

    this is lame. 3d printing isn't for manufacturing products, it's for customizing molds to create machinery components in order to aid product manufacturing.

  76. Evan Zwicki says:

    Looked like baldface resort

  77. TheN0rwegianViking says:

    What's the name of the song at 3:40 ?

  78. 23BAINER says:

    What kind of jacket is the vest camo one?

  79. BADFALA FUDZ says:

    Should and Mill a board from billet aluminum then chemically treat it to T6 or T7 marine grade.

  80. Free Movies says:

    Waste of energy… 3D printing for snowboard = it just sucks!

  81. marthaf says:

    That is direct laser sintering it's not the most common 3D printing method, but that board is sweet!

  82. traqtion says:

    Do You sell it?:p

  83. Sinya Gur says:

    It's amazing! I would like to showcase it during our 3d Print Expo. Could we do that, guys?

  84. Rodrigo Pagés says:

    will you ever sell those bindings?

  85. Wade Capson says:

    Just thought of this idea a few days ago then I found this video

  86. Alexander Christopher says:

    make one out of road signs

  87. criss pleitez says:

    make one out of puzzles

  88. criss pleitez says:

    put them together and press it to a snow

  89. Richard Sheetz says:

    share the files

  90. Booyayabam 333 says:

    What's the song at the end??

  91. Aaron Sherrill says:

    There is no feeling like snowboarding through powder!

  92. Navi Garcia says:


  93. Abe Abi Haydar says:

    Wats the song at 4:17

  94. James5959ify says:


  95. Seth Bjornsson says:

    This video was made 5 years ago. Imagine if they tried it now

  96. Sanukman says:

    made skis

  97. Itzme_ swe says:

    powder snow warning

  98. Oh Yeah yeah says:

    I have a challenge for u guys… you should build a board from car parts

  99. Юрий says:

    Хуятень какую-то сделали и радуются )))

  100. Jorge says:

    You were cutting edges, what happened?

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