The Windsurf Project – Project 2: Portugal

The Windsurf Project – Project 2: Portugal

Portugal is a special place, it has so many options. I’ve been coming here for 20 years now and every trip I end up sailing new waves, new places. So yeah, it has a really special place in my heart and my windsurfing career. I’m still discovering new spots, where nobody ever windsurfed. This is what happened in Lisbon. We managed to get it right, to windsurf the wave in the middle of the river, it only breaks once in a while and I think when we got there with the boat we were all tripping at how good it was looking, it looked like Indonesia or somewhere in the middle of the Pacific but with the city of Lisbon in the background. Nazaré is really the epicentre of big wave riding in Europe It’s a beast of a wave and after that session I had Iast year I was really looking forward to come back and sail it again. There is so much happening in the water, like the energy, the different swell directions mixing up, makes it really, really dangerous and challenging but that’s what also creates these amazing waves that people from all over the world are chasing. Sometimes, it just doesn’t happen but then it’s not the end of the world you just have to get back in your van and drive and find somewhere else to score. In case Nazaré is not working there’s always the possibility to jump in the camper van and just drive half an hour, an hour south or north and find your own spot. Literally, one week later the biggest swell of the winter showed up, so we came back.

Antonio Breitenberg

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16 thoughts on “The Windsurf Project – Project 2: Portugal

  1. jürgen vogel says:

    1st !

  2. Leon Jamaer says:


  3. emi_galindo says:


  4. Alessandro 1 says:

    Un grande !!!!

  5. Paul van Bellen says:

    Good on you Bridgestone for supporting Windsurfing!

  6. Jean-Sebastien Rousseau says:

    Awesome stuff again ! Brought to you by Bridgestone and Thomas !

  7. Phils windsurfing says:

    Fantastic video.

  8. Ben Mulder says:

    Very nice off lip @ 8.52 kredo…

  9. Djé z says:

    Best windsurfing vidéo this year <3

  10. Lewis Merrony says:

    Class all round.. Great film

  11. Jon Stevens says:

    Legend !!

  12. r salad says:

    Amazing rider, movie shots and edit !

  13. Frederico Rodrigues says:

    Incredible!! I'm currently living in Lisbon and never have i thought about surfing in the river waves. Thomas you could do a whole series in our Costa Vicentina, so many great spots..

  14. Martin Bailly says:

    Fabuleux ! Merci pour des images extraordinaire qui nous rêver ! Superbe riding Mr. Red Bull Storm Chase 1 !

  15. Barne Peters says:

    sehr sehr geil !!!

  16. JY B says:

    WAAAOUUUUWWW!!! …le trisson!!…Thomas t'es un warrior et la grande classe en plus! merci pour ces images superbes!

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