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30 thoughts on “The VeNtuReS LIVE!!!! CALHOUN SURF & HAWAII FIVE-0 ’97

  1. Carla Burgess says:


  2. Carla Burgess says:

    I Love You!!
    Nice Video!!

  3. Carla Burgess says:

    5 X 5 X 5 X 5 STARS!!!

  4. KB Riptides says:

    love em..their great sounds and memorable tunes always give me a warm fuzzy feeling….

  5. eMemoriesMaker says:

    Timeless Music! Great upload! Thx.

  6. Matt Burgess says:

    Thanks for the nice comment! No Problem… I'll be posting more soon!

  7. Matt Burgess says:

    Me Too!!! Thanks, –Matt–

  8. Bosse Gustafsson says:

    Yes, that was nice to here. Thanks for posting!

  9. bbuteo says:

    Great mood, great performance. I love it.

  10. kengeebee says:

    Great sound, great Bob.

  11. Matt Burgess says:

    Thank You!!
    RIP, Bob Bogle.

  12. Dave Crimmen says:


  13. markkasuya says:

    Thank you for the image that cannot be seen with TV of Japan.

  14. goryufu says:

    It's great performance&nice sound!!
    These tunes are performed live in Japan.

  15. 85points85 says:

    Sweet, 5 stars.

  16. The Longboards says:

    Bob….for ever!!

  17. Matt Burgess says:

    Amen! longboardssurf!!

  18. Fendernirvana says:

    Nice one!

  19. dave purslow says:

    Nice video,,thank you for posting 5*

  20. Raíssa Amaral says:

    ***** VERY GOOD *****

  21. Matt Burgess says:

    @The1superbeatlefreak A friend of mine recorded this and sent it to me years ago. Thank You! Super Beatle Freak!! :-))

  22. Dyno Don Ressler says:

    I love Gerry's playing!! The band never sounded better!

  23. Dyno Don Ressler says:

    I love Gerry's playing!! The whole band never sounded better! And yes Bob was the best bass player of all.

  24. Matt Burgess says:

    @dynodon12 YES! Gerry McGee Rocks! And, I've never come across a more talented Bass Player than the late & Great BOB BOGEL!! My he Rest In Peace. Thank you for your nice comments and I'm glad you enjoyed this!! Have a blessed day, ~Matt~

  25. donichi28 says:

    After all a base of Bob is the number one in the world! ! !!

  26. Matt Burgess says:

    @donichi28 I AGREE!! Bob's Bass makes the Ventures' sound complete! Thanks for the nice comment!! Glad you enjoyed this!! ~~Matt~~

  27. Mihael koštrun says:

    Very nice video! Bob was very unique and outstanding bass player, there's no doubt! Has anyone noticed Don Wilson's rhythm guitar? His rhythmic skills and style are really not in the same level comparing to the other bands…he's really an inspiration how to play rhythm guitar that is not N2 instrument in the band 🙂 You just get crazy when he starts with tequila and perfidia rhythm. All members of the Ventures were/are unique and outstanding talents…Mozart's on guitars:)

  28. atom3594 says:

    96年11月のリオンお披露目時に比べ ボブさん一気に痩せたんですね。
    非ホジキンリンパ腫  残酷な病です。

  29. O K says:


  30. Don Owens says:

    Rest In Peace, Gerry🙏🏼

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