Hey welcome, my name is Jacob Mellish I’m here representing warrior addict and I’m going to share with you one of my favorite sequences of movement combined To create the ultimate surf go flow or surf warm up So let’s begin this movement practice starting prone on the belly Just like you would if you were about to lie or paddle away So you can just relax when women arms alongside the body choose the side cheek to bring down to the mat and then Go ahead rather than just feel your breath Specifically how the belly pushes into the map and how your chest pushes into the map? Notice if your exhalation how the body falls a little closer to the floor as the air moves out of your body Sealed envelopes at dis enjoyed three slow basis is really the foundation of any yoga practice or Majority of movement practices. I connect with your breath just Begin to slow it down a little help a lot as we get moving more into the practice gonna take a deep inhale feel the belly pushing into the floor feel your chest pushing into the floor and Then I pick your mouth exhale So that one more time take it slow your breath and fill up the lower belly and the chest And then open your mouth let it go From here slowly begin to bring attention to the floor inside the fingers back to your chest buckston up See if you can create an entire full-body engagement by pushing to talk to the feet down to the floor you might even notice how the knee sliding up and Then you can fully lift and engage to your core to find your chest up and this is really going to be the majority of your time This is really The position that you spend most of the time riding yourself for them So from here engage your shoulder blades back reach you I absolutely for Bring it down at your pad neck reach the laptop slowly forward bring it down Like you’re patting keep the chestnut there and just take five more slower strokes as you feel your shoulder joint Maybe use your core and this entire full-body your treatment up strength You go back strong through The chest take one more paddle and then place the hands underneath your shoulders slowly push up to a high plank position And then push back into downward facing dog and That was such a nice posture just to check out bunnies feeling you stretch every single major muscle group inside of your body So you gives you an opportunity to feel every single muscle group inside of the body Relax, the neck send the tailbone high Heel releasing your hamstrings the shoulders You just take investment will get flowing into or slowly moving into a lot of flutter passes Inhale the right leg up to the sky Exhale very slowly stepping foot between your hands save your time and there is not much strength You can generate through your body for your arms as you move slowly to put that between the hand Spend on the back feet tubes were to find a warrior two legs position Pearson to the average of the back foot and then gently rise up into warrior student From here in this position we’ll we’ll return to a couple times in our circle just maintain your front knee over front ankle and keep connecting to the back edge of the back foot Throw the a between tendency not arching the spine Demonstrates wall spine and then reach your arms forward in back so usually in this practice when we move from aria to we do very Lateral movement, but today I want a new sector more expressive. So it’s almost like you gonna be surfing so instead I’m going to reverse warrior straight up as you didn’t have Keep the front knee over the ankle leave the chest forward like, you know your bottom turn and then come into your reverse were like that as You exhale you reverse that movement and then it take you to the bottom turn going the other direction Slowed your eyes right arm up to the sky From there as you exhale right hand down when they come into what’s actually known as a surfer squad That’s when they say cue right in the power This is kind of a tough foundation of fluid movements that we even do this cause just adding one more putt slowly back forward to the top of the mat lower the left knee bring the right finger to down and out to the side and It’s ready right in the left arm up to the sky Lunch it to it lean into it As you exhale one more time service lunch And then come over to the top of your mat gently step back into a high plank position and Very slowly go all the way down to the floor Keep the legs long but engage release getting down We can do that on the other side sir So it’s a paddle through your way to lift up through the chest Lift up through the knees engage the whole posterior to the back money to find height as you lift up through the chest Hands under the shoulders high plank pose stayed in hell downward facing dog exhale Inhale rise the left leg up to the sky exhale Draw the knee into the nose and again slowly place the foot between your hands Pierce the back foot down Rise up slow and steady for it to again. Check the foundation That is your feet. That’s the toes Push the legs down check the five years cool Connect to the back edge of the back foot. I’ll judge forward and reach back Okay, parity keep running or your right ankle inhale reverse your warrior Breathe all the way to intercostal muscles your side body muscle and Then exhale record that action Slowly over the right knee rather the left arm up to the sky twist your body over it’s almost like you do the back and worked and look it up to the leg and The next day you change direction as you customize riding your forehand outside the mouth The way I’m going to do This kind of know where stuff is left from here return back to the top of your mat Ground through the left palm and inhale rise the right arm See if you can create space between the left hip flexor and your lower belly as you reach your body up to the sky One more time service language to the back of your mat and strain to the front deck you bend it back Slowly all the way to the top of your yoga mat step into a high plank pose really slowly and Then go all the way get me down to the floor So we come ready for this circular Loma you can take it a little Eggman’s breaking a sphinx poise and gentle back bangs you squeeze the shoulder blades back push the feet down and take two breaths as you just Come back to a nice smooth rhythm of breath Then already helped make this mode the circle A little bit more fluid the lights are and a little more easygoing and take to breath So let’s flow that together Come down into your prone position Visualize seeing your way and paddling up the chest engage the entire body go 1 2 lifting up the chest three four hands underneath shoulders this time slightly different Stand up step right foot between the Hat find where you choose feet immediately start to do your bottom turn into reverse warrior as You exhale return that movement back to where you came from Lower the left knee and then twist the right arm up to the sky Coming to circles managers your exhale around asana drown the back edge of the foot down bend the back leg straighten the front leg surfers done Lost once when you come forward and lower the back knee Inhale rise the left arm really dig into it Exhale surface bike riding your flow Hands down to the floor Frame the front foot step check into a high plank pose and then slowly go all the way out to the floor So we do that one more time out of your way One Lift up through the chest three four five times down high plank So it’s steady left foot steps through ground the back heel reverse worry like a big bottle to her inhale Then exhale reverse that movement slowly lower the back knee twist to the body to the side Exhales come awesome and straighten the front leg bend the back for surfers language Slowly one last time round the back knee down Inhale rise the right arm this time Open up through your side. Are you breathe into the side body? Blossom on servers lunch straighten the front leg bend your back visualize the tube slowly come forward step into a high plank GND Slowly lower down all the way to the floor So if you want to I recommend doing this little flowy sequence Especially if you’ve never done it before up to three to five times and that way you’ll really start to integrate your movements in connection to your breath and you really start to feel how this practice but can become such a beautiful moving meditation Regular making so many of the same qualities that we have when we serve right away So anyways have some fun. I give it about let me know what you think and Yeah, enjoy. Hopefully I’ll catch you soon namaste

Antonio Breitenberg

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