The Try Guys Crash Test A New Roller Coaster

The Try Guys Crash Test A New Roller Coaster

ALL: Oh, AHHH! NED/KEITH: Oh my god!
ZACH: I love you guys! EUGENE: This is the worst. Why is it so- oh my god. This feels crazy! Why are we this way?
ZACH: Oh my god! ALL: Oh no, oh no! Oh my god! Oh no! *collective screaming* *upbeat intro music* NED: We’re here at the world-famous Knott’s Berry Farm. KEITH: Today we’re ridin’ the steepest rollercoaster in California, It’s called Hang Time. ZACH: California’s first and only dive roller coaster. MAN: 150 feet tall, five inversions in total, 57 miles an hour. So it is rockin’ through this. KEITH: It’s gonna be fun. How fun? BERRY fun. VICKY: It allows your heart rate to increase and it gets you ready to endure what you’re gonna endure. *laughs* EUGENE: Or run away.
VICKY: Or run away. NED: This is thrilling. I’ve gotten four hours of sleep every day for the last month. Today… It’s daddy’s big day out. Oh man! ZACH: I grew up hating roller coasters, so I avoided them for ten years. Beautiful Keith forced me to get on a roller coaster two years ago for the first time and now I am a goddamn junkie. EUGENE: That’s a- Is this okay for the shot? OK! *kids screaming*
EUGENE: Um… Where’s — why do I get the screaming kids?
*Keith laughs* The other guys are gonna shit on me a lot because I say I’m afraid of roller coasters. I actually have the worst type of fear of roller coasters. I have what’s called an ‘irrational fear’. I’m just convinced I’m going to die ZACH: Eugene thinks we’re just testing it once. NED: That’s not gonna happen! KEITH: We asked them if we could ride it ten times or more! EUGENE: What’re you guys talking about?
KEITH: Nothin’! ZACH: Uhhh, that they have great berries here and we wanna try ’em after. KEITH: Ugh! Mmm. Such good berries.
ZACH: Love the berries. NED: Good berries! Yeah, boysenberries.
KEITH: Boys and berries. NED: Boys and berries. Boys and berries, ooh ZACH: Anyway! EUGENE: It’s one of those rare moments where the other try guys go, “Hey! Eugene’s the loser right now!” KEITH: We’re gonna hang time, baby! *playful music* KEITH: Normally, I’m a little scaredy-cat, but rollercoasters, you’re putting your life in physics’s hands and physics? Physics never fail. ZACH: There are few advantages I have in this world over Eugene and this is one of them. EUGENE: I don’t know who made this, I dunno who made it. We’re gonna meet who made it? Well, I have a lot of questions for who made this. Are all rollercoaster designers mad scientists? ROB: Uhh yeah, I think there’s got to be some crazy stuff going on here. *laughter* ROB: I thought I was overdressed but you guys look good. EUGENE: It’s a premiere! ROB: This brand-new roller coaster, Knott’s Berry Farm We put it right here on the boardwalk, kind of an homage to a surfer theme and it’s wicked cool. The drop is not a 90 degree drop, it’s better than 90. It’s 96 degrees. So you don’t even see the track when you’re up there. ZACH: It’s 96 degrees down. That’s more than straight down! It’s two degrees away from a boy band. That is Ludacris, who’s a rapper. *Keith laughs* ROB: Alright guys. I hope you really enjoy this ride, gotta ride in the front seat. The daring ones are on the outside so I’ll be paying attention. ZACH: You–you want to be on the outside? Yeah?
EUGENE: No, I don’t. EUGENE: I’m not scared. I’m highly concerned! No! Scared isn’t the right word, I’m irrationally concerned. I’m not scared guys. ZACH: I ride a lot of rollercoasters but never once in my life have I gotten a good photo! You know, they always take it right when you’re falling down and you’re at your absolute worst! So my goal by the end of today, I’m gonna get one photo where I’m looking fucking hot. KEITH: It’s always this moment that’s scary. NED: Yeah, it’s the anticipation.
EUGENE: Well, we’re about to go up like, 90 degrees. *collectively freaking out* ZACH: Oh god! Look how high it is! NED: Oh, I just want to be hanging out with my baby! EUGENE: *repeatedly says why* EUGENE: Look, I’m not scared, I just have like an irrational fear of things that are out of my control, like planes. You go on a plane, you aren’t the one who’s flying it, so if anything bad happens it’s because of the pilot or because of an engineering issue. So it’s just my… The fuck are you doing? KEITH: Good grief!
EUGENE: Get outta here. Get outta here. ALL: Oh god! AHHHH! KEITH/NED: Oh my god!
ZACH: No! ZACH: I love you guys! EUGENE: This is the worst! ROB: The lift is a vertical lift and you’re on your back and you look straight up. EUGENE: Why are we this way?
ZACH: Fuck! ROB: When you come over the top and right when you pressed, we mess with you. ALL: Oh my god! AHHH! ROB: That’s when we just hold you and hang there so they just stare down their fate. EUGENE: Like, why? *screaming* ROB: …Until we drop. *so much screaming* *wow there’s literally just 40 seconds of screaming* EUGENE: Why! Jesus! Jesus! *screaming dissolves into cheering and gasping* ALL: AH! *continous freaking out* NED: There’s literally — EUGENE: My hands!
KEITH: That was the scariest thing I’ve ever done.That was so scary. EUGENE: That was really scary! *Zach screams* EUGENE: That was too scary. At first, that was too scary. KEITH: Oh, that was so scary
EUGENE: That was actually scary KEITH: Oh that was the scariest thing
EUGENE: That was actually scary NED: That was so scary
EUGENE: Up there was too scary
KEITH: Oh my god, that was so scary NED: It just goes straight down… It goes straight up, straight down KEITH: The ride’s amazing!
NED: Yeah KEITH: The beginning is a nightmare. NED: You just look your doom right in the eye and then you just go straight down. ZACH: This was our idea and it was a terrible idea. KEITH: Let’s just switch seats so that you guys can see what the middle’s like. EUGENE: I thought we said we were going once! NED: Eugene, we’re gonna ride it ten times! NED: Oh god, oh god!
EUGENE: Oh god I fucking- oh I remember this… NED: Straight up! Take me to the moon and back! ZACH: If we were to ride it, say, ten times in a row, what would happen to us then? VICKY: I think I’d be calling more of my EMTs. No, I don’t know in there. I’ve never seen anybody ride a rollercoaster that, that… ZACH: So for science, this is–this could be scientific literature. VICKY: This could be scientific experimentation, definitely. ZACH, KIETH, NED: *chorus of wows*
VICKY: Eugene’s not sure. *screaming* NED: What happens to your body when you go on a roller coaster? VICKY: Primarily the blood’s gonna rush towards your head and so when you’re inverted you’re gonna get the opposite; your blood will almost go upside down to pump that blood towards your feet. Your heart rate will increase and again the smooth muscle to your lungs are going to increase so that you can take some deep breaths. EUGENE: You’re describing near death.
ZACH: Yeah. ROB: On roller coasters you get positive and negative G’s. The positive G is when you’re dropping down a hill but then the track sort of scoops up this way, and you’re wanting to keep pushing down in that trajectory but the train says “nope, we’re gonna go up.”. Then the negative G’s when you come up over the top of the hill, just the opposite, and your trajectory wants to take you out like this, but you steepen that drop and that lifts you up out of your seat. But what we did was we slowed you down through some of the inversions so you really feel that airtime. ZACH: And that’s that feeling in your stomach. ROB: The creepy thing about that is things inside of you move with negative G’s. ZACH: Shut the front door. EUGENE: Gives a whole new definition to bowel movement ZACH: Ayyy! EUGENE: Has anyone ever thrown up on a roller coaster? VICKY: I’ve seen it happen, yes.
EUGENE: And did it whip back and hit everyone else in the face? VICKY: No Fortunately, it did not. ZACH: Where does it go?
EUGENE: Where does it go? VICKY: It just flies- *laughs* VICKY: Just flies upward. KEITH: Finds its own little home ZACH: It’s like when you see someone let a balloon loose. VICKY: I brought these just in case you might need them EUGENE: Zach does poop a lot. NED: So it’s not a breathing mask. VICKY: No, it’s in case you have something extra. ZACH: I’m ready for my bar mitzvah! ZACH: And then if i get excited ALL: Whoa! EUGENE: You’re a man now KEITH: Is that a vomit bag or are you excited to see me? ZACH: Fuhh! GAH! KEITH: I feel a little whiter I feel like a lot of the blood that normally is my face is not there. NED: I feel like somebody like–like punched me in the gut Like… I’m just like woozy EUGENE: Um… yeah again! ZACH: Oh boy! Oh boy, this side’s scary! Oh this side’s very scary!
EUGENE: Oh shit. ZACH: Normally screams are a sign that you’ve done something horribly wrong in your job. But for you, ROB: Yeah, yeah, we want a lot of screaming. *laughs* A LOT EUGENE: OH SHIT HERE COMES THAT 96 DEGREES NED: OH GOD, OH GOD *collective screaming*
EUGENE: I do cherish you! *collective screaming INTENSIFIES* VICKY: And scream is a great reaction since endorphins and all kinds of great hormones that make us feel good, the kind that make you feel alive, it’s great for your body. EUGENE: When you go home, do you just scream to like relax? You’re just- you’re just like a hard day at Knotts, so I’m gonna go home and just scream? VICKY: Sometimes I get some good screams out. *collective screaming* ROB: What people tend to do when they ride these- these roller coasters a lot is they they try all the different seats. My favorite is the front. You really just feel like you’re out there by yourself. People say that the back is really fast. EUGENE: The front gets the view but the back gets the action. ROB: It does.
EUGENE: That’s my motto. KEITH: Wow. EUGENE: It’s what they knew me for in college. KEITH: I’m one or two away from not being okay, not to vomit. NED: Each one is worse on the vomit scale. Having the vomit bag is, like, comforting.
KEITH: I got one. ZACH: You know, it’s weird, is that coming onto this ride, I kind of had to poop. Now I don’t and I’m concerned about that. Where did it go? NED: So, how do you make a roller coaster? ROB: Well, we work with really the best engineers in the world and today with everything they have and the computer program, the simulations, it’s kind of like a symphony. You want this turn to set up the next one and therefore, you know, all the way through you’re gonna have a favorite part, you’re gonna have another part that you want to try again, so we wanted to be really terrifying but really smooth. ZACH: You must’ve crushed legos as a kid. ROB: I did have a few sets *laughter* KEITH *mocking Rob*: I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I made the Death Star. NED: Vomit bag! Vomit bag! Vomit bag! KEITH: Oh, that’s it for me. Got a call. I gotta call it.
NED: I know I really think I’m gonna vomit… *Eugene laughing* Keith: I-I am really close NED/KEITH: No more. KEITH: Wow, I feel, like, drunk. EUGENE: Here we go! It’s the Try Guys having some fun! Hi everybody! KEITH: Some people say they’re like adrenaline junkies so it does it have like a euphoric drug effect on people? VICKY: It does. It’s naturally produced “like a drug” and it does help you feel alive and gives us a euphoric feeling definitely. KEITH: Are we gonna fall in love? VICKY: I hope so! *laughter* *playful upbeat music* EUGENE: Well, I wish my friends were here with me. KEITH: Ooh, Dasani–everybody’s… acceptable water. EUGENE: Well, here we go. *screams* ZACH: You know, we came here to learn a little bit about science. We did that, but more importantly, we helped the little boy become a little old man. EUGENE: Master of Hang Time! I fucking rule! YEAHHH! NED: It was a lot of fun, but by number five, I really thought I was going to vomit. NED: Let’s do it again!
KEITH: No! Ned, Ned, Ned! ZACH: We have reviewed all the photos, and I can definitively say this is the sexiest roller coaster photo ever taken: boom! KEITH: I’ll always treasure the time I spent on Hang Time, but everybody’s got to move on at some point and, gosh, I’ll miss the old girl. She really threw me for a loop. *high fives* EUEGNE: Wow, that really didn’t move very much. You know, at the beginning of this video I was here. But after riding that ride six times, *screaming* AHH ZERO G! now I’m here. KEITH: Aww yeah! We the Try Guys! *cheering* NED: Wow! Wow! WOOOW! Awooga! Awooga! EUGENE: This place is, uh, has peanuts characters. KEITH: This place has PEANUTS CHARACTERS! NED: Good grief! EUGENE: *laughing* *outro* KEITH: We’re the TRA GAHS! We try everythang! We get out there, we try, gurl! We always tryin’, we cAN’T STOP TRYINNNNNNNN! HA! I feel like-I feel like I got really drunk on this ride.

Antonio Breitenberg

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