The Spirit Of Flatness | Full Snowboarding movie (4K)

The Spirit Of Flatness | Full Snowboarding movie (4K)

did you know that somewhere up north, there is country completely different from any other one you’ve ever visited? a country with no school exams and
practically no homework but at the same time….. the world’s highest
education level a place with more saunas than cars… and car tickets are adjusted to the level of the salary place with almost no
crime and we’re prisoners are treated with dignity a country of 180,000 islands 190,000 Lakes and almost no….. mountains which just happens to be the homeland of
some of the world’s best snowboarders? isn’t it strange taken into
consideration its average height of 152 metres above sea level? And here we are in the middle of Finland
to take part in the Lipi Open in Ukkohalla what a great opportunity to
have a closer look at this Finnish snowboard phenomenon Ukkohalla was fun we got to know the core of finished
snowboarders…. pros you’ve surely heard about.. and young guns, you’ll surely hear about soon. Relaxed atmosphere family mood and the lack of sick rivalry no wonder nearly all of the tricks were done perfectly… we took part in the award ceremony
returned into the heavy night party and… what happens in the Lipi Open stays in the Lipi Open and Here Come our heroes: Janne a pro
rider with great experience and Axel the young gun of Finish snowboarding but what do they have in common? like
most other Finnish riders they’ve never been to the Finnish mountains hungover but happy we moved on. Back on the road to find answers to our questions, in the meantime we found out
some new important facts about Finnish snowboarding – okay guys tell me something
about the snowboarding in Finland? for me the Finland is probably one of the best
places to snowboard, at least learn snowboarding because you can ride
everyday and normally since the slopes are really small they are building the
parks and that’s how you can like learn basic tricks for freestyle riding… -yes -we
have a ski resorts almost in every cities and they are open till night so
you can ride almost every day , it doesn’t matter you don’t need to have a
holiday or you don’t need to spend much money or time to go somewhere to the
Alps or somewhere .You can ride after the school or after the work and hills
are kind of small so you can take laps so easily like you can do like 100 laps a
day and that’s not possible like anywhere else -yeah that’s truth and if you think about
Central Europe or something all the resots are closed, maybe at five o’clock or
4:00 in the winter and if your school end at three which is pretty normal you
don’t have time ride, yeah it’s normal On days of school
They can go only riding in the weekends and we can do that every day, yeah every day after
school, night riding and that’s the best yeah it’s pretty fun, no flat lights…….. Helsinki. How is it possible the whole city is just one giant spot, you can
literally ride in its parks strict city centre or around some of the largest
estates no one bothered us while we were setting up new Street riding spots what
a surprise no questions no asking for ID no nothing
can you imagine something like this in any other capital city? Finland it’s the
best place to film a street snowboarding easily because we have many cities we has snow and then all the people are kind of cool with that. You almost never
get problems when you are riding in the streets and that’s pretty rare in the
world like if you compare to US or Canada or something like that. But the
key first rule is that you need to clean the spot you have done you need to
take the kicker away and clean the stairs normally the police are really cool with
that snowboarding you just need to show that you are not breaking anything or
you will clean everything after you are done with the spot ,you need to respect
people who are using it and then they will respect your job our Finnish dudes rode the Helsinki
power plant monument the harbour and some other quite cool things like the
ship. The legend says it used to be a pirate ship the truth is someone was using it as a
sand ship of some reason abandoned it in the Baltic Sea Bay, then someone else
turned it into a sauna went bankrupt left the ship alone, drifting and waiting
to be rediscovered and he are yeah it was so nice that the sea was
frozen so we were able to be on the ice yeah I never been able to do
that in Finland before yeah Or… when we got to ride the old
abandoned boat and everything yeah that was pretty good
that was a good spot yeah yeah really really fun to ride hours and miles later and still no
answer to one question. Where the fuck are the mountains, well seems we have to
wait to find out in the meantime someone told us that the majority of
finished pros attended snowboard high school yeah we have also the snowboard
high school in Finland which is super good you move from home at 15 years old
you just after that ride every day if you get into the high school you
have trainings and everything there so you get a lot better really fast and you
can see the progression when somebody moves there Meaning they trained in the
world’s best spots during their gym classes sounds like a teenager’s dream when I was there ,there was a it was a bit
smaller the high school like there was only four rider starting at that time
but all the riders didn’t really like the coaching system of the school
and they were more like a rebels like…aaa.. we don’t wanna do that or that still you need the coaches in a Vuokatti because everybody is so young and
they would just be like savages there if nobody would take care of them for me
but easily the best thing I’ve done in my snowboarding because I got to move to the
bigger resorts and I got to ride with the good riders and and I improved
a lot at that time the second recommended spot was the
fortress island of suomenlinna with the first docks built in Europe today apart from being a tourist
attraction it also serves as an open prison
but the majority of tourists simply don’t realize it
wait! an open prison and a tourist attraction? after a few days in Finland
nothing can surprise us (I’m not feeling to good) Is it hangover or sickness? just hangover And yeah, of course we had go fishing as in Finland it’s as important as visiting a sauna I’m so good at this did you get fish? soon… I felt something yeah Legendary… back on the road again a few hours later
Janne recalls the well-known spot he has always wanted to visit but where is it?
We can’t see any mountains for the hills? I think that I stand somwhere in the cross of the river -here, and we will walk -yeah -check it here is too flat, but this would be a
nice like a wide I’m really excited to see a Halti
because I’ve been dreaming of it, since the beginning of the year I never really
went to the finish mountains like Levi or Saariselkä has been the northeast part
and I’ve been traveling the world since so many years and I knew that there is some
good mountains also in Finland but somehow I just never had the
opportunity to go there and now we are going so I’m really
excited to see how how it will be as far as I’m concerned no one has been in
Halti to ride snowboard, not that I know or anyone I know
yeah same for me -but I think it’s because it’s super it’s like 50
kilometers from the nearest road so it’s pretty hard to get there the landscape
should be pretty beautiful -yeah i I think so finally we reached our next destination
in the morning we set off with our local guides Wille and Kirsy on
snowmobiles our next goal is a snow desert base. We take shortcut through Norway, but the boarder guards are immediately on Us, like out
of nowhere But been happy go Lucky guys we are ,and let is gone off to the desert our stops to cool down the slow mobile
jet drive systems are just perfect occasions to talk to others heading to
Halti constant light makes it hard to sleep
and even harder to wake up in the morning quit breakfast refresh and we’re off to
the proud top of Finland well
obviously this is not the highest point we’ve ever seen or climb but the view
is absolutely breathtaking Janne and Axel decided to ride some other
hills that have been waiting for them We couldn’t imagine a better ending to our
amazing adventure in Finland an adventure that was born from a
passion to ride and a curiosity of Wild Nature

Antonio Breitenberg

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21 thoughts on “The Spirit Of Flatness | Full Snowboarding movie (4K)

  1. pawel 187 says:

    Świetny film 👍

  2. Bez Kanału says:

    Genialny materiał.

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  5. Agnieszka Rudnik says:

    This film captures your breath and imagination from the very beginning.Stunning views,amazing photo shoots and incredibly interesting yet unfamiliar story of two Finnish boys whose life is devoted to snowboarding.Their story reminds you that when you sit comfortably with a cup of hot tea under your warm blanket, you have to go out there and live your life to the fullest, never forget to chase your dreams.However,there's one flaw-26 minutes is definitely too short;)

  6. Katarzyna Blachut says:

    Love it !!!

  7. Radek Kobiałko Nadaje says:

    Co może spowodować żeby ktoś kochający ciepło, morze, słońce, jak ja, chciał natychmiast teleportować się na dłuższą chwilę tam gdzie jest wciąż zimno i śnieżnie ?

    Może to sprawić tak doskonały film jak "The Spirit Of Flatness" pokazujący Finlandię i pasję, odwiedzających ją, snowboarderów tak pięknie, że oglądając zazdrościłem im wrażeń i tego gdzie są.

    Na tym polega właśnie sztuka filmowa, szczególnie w dokumencie, by zainteresować tematem i miejscami kręcenia również tych, którzy nie są pasjonatami snowboardingu i nie pałają miłością do zimy. Skoro mnie tak zachwycił ten film mogę sobie tylko wyobrazić jakie wrażenie robi na tych co kochają snowboard i zimowe klimaty.

    Dawno nie miałem też takiego niedosytu, w dobrym sensie tego słowa, jak podczas oglądania tego filmu. Gdy zauważyłem, że do końca zostało kilka minut celebrowałem każdą z nich by po chwili zacząć oglądać raz jeszcze na większym ekranie.

    Świetne zdjęcia, idealnie dobrana muza, bohaterowie, którym wierzę w każde słowo i duch nadającego wszystkiemu wyjątkowy klimat Reżysera.

  8. Patrycja Bielawska says:

    Gratuluje produkcji filmu "The Spirit Of Flatness"! Niesamowicie mnie zachwycił. Cudowne miejsca, widoki zapierające dech w piersiach no i przedwszystkim pokazanie miłosci i pasji do snowboardingu. Świetne ujecia pokazane z lotu ptaka cos, czego nie mozna zobaczyc gołym okiem. Gratuluje również odwagi i pomysłu na taką wyprawe bo nie jest to łatwe w takich warunkach, mróz,śnieg, dalekie odległości. Oglądając ten dokument miałam wrazenie jakbym była tam razem z twórcami i bohaterami i czuła dokładnie to o czym oni mówią, to czym jest dla nich snowboard i jak ogromne przeżycia, adrenalina ,radość i fun wiąże sie z ekstremalną jazdą. Film nakręcony fenomenalnie. Jeszcze raz gratuluje

  9. John Doe Jr says:

    Super pomysł. Świetne ujęcia i wielkie propsy za realizację tego przedsięwzięcia. Jedyne do czego bym się przyczepił, to chyba tyko to, ze mogłoby być tu mniej gadania, a więcej jeżdżenia 🙂

  10. Api says:

    We do have exams and homework…

  11. Claire says:

    flat earth

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    How is it possible that this video doesn't have more views and likes??? I definitely love it !!!!!

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  14. Moritz Pilz says:

    This was very impressive although it's not the usual pow hunt I'm seeking here on YT…

  15. Jacksepticeyejr says:

    Amazing cinematography! What equipment was used?

  16. hatsaucee says:

    Super film 🙂 H5

  17. Light Creatif says:

    Fantastic production! Amazing footage, great vibe and brilliant editing – well done !

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    WTF! totaly awesome !

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    cool !!!

  20. Szymon Czech says:

    Chcialbym kiedys dostac szanse jako fotograf w waszym team-e. Jah4 Podrawiam 😉

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