The place where INLINE and ROLLER SKATING Started for me // Sines, Portugal

Olá YouTube my name is Ricardo lino and a
Wheel Addict I’m in my parents house in my hometown
in Finnish Portugal and I came here for two days only
do you like go back to South Africa to be with my wife and my daughter in my
shop and in my local hometown but while I was here I got some orders so check
this out I got this big box from power slot with
some skates for me to do some things for this channel also some skates for some
clients and check this is that all this case that’s all that stuff in here then
there was also this brand from Spain that sent me a pair of skates that I’m
supposed I’m planning on doing and boxing and little review of that skate
tomorrow and there’s another brand which is
actually cool because it’s like a brand that doesn’t have anything to do with
skating and my we and son just send me some stuff so they met me about two
years ago and he spoke they’ve been wanting to send me stuff so they send me
stuff like these these these and this and now I need to choose
one to go skate so also I have a few pairs I have a few new skates to go
skate and my plan today is to go out and show you some of the spots that I used
to skate every day so today is more about my story on skates
I’m going to take you to the place where I first started skating to the place
where I scared every single day for about 15 years and then to my favorite
Street spot back then to the place where I’ve done my first and royal and to the
biggest end rail that I’ve done till today so come with me then I put my
skates on I can’t really talk too much about these yet but I’m gonna put these
skates on and come with me those things were work let’s put these
in the trash and go skate she just said that’s all being
professional is so good look for this paper I’ll try to recycle it or if I can done we’re just K here floor is not the best
time so basically I’m about to take you to this place where is where I first
started skating check this right here it’s called us it’s like hi
like you letters hi OS and check where I’m walking that thing over there I’ll
take you there that thing is the speed skating track let me see if I don’t fall
here and these speed skating track is where for 15 years I basically skated I
would say between five and six times per week but before I I’ll go for a lap in
this speed skating track that I used to skate every day I’m gonna show you the
place where I first skated when I was two and a half years old so see here now
that’s like an abandoned house it used to be like a gymnastics training
facility and here inside his house here inside my sister which is five
years older than me she wanted to start figure skating on roller skates so my
parents Heather coming start training here and because I was young and they
didn’t had a place to leave me they used to bring me with and while she was
training they used to give me the skates the same as I did for my daughter
something like that you put your own shoe and I used to just go around the
world against the walls like walking grabbing the walls and stuff like that
and I never really stopped a few years later when I went to pre-primary school
I remember that at three primary school once a week we used to go to that place
and when I went to primary school then I started I joined the team which used to
train right here where I am right now in this speed skating track of course this
track changed a lot right now the conditions are not the best but these
used to be the best speed skating track in Portugal so let’s go for a lap here it’ll be too windy I don’t know if you
can really feel it but it’s a little bit too windy so I can’t really go fast I’m
also using a short wheelbase this cage have 110 but I have three 110 we 243
millimeters length which means it’s the short wheelbase but that’s spot number
one now right after this I’m gonna show you this place
I’m gonna skate through these little town to show you a place where I used to
build ramp and I used to be there every single day and my speed skating coach
you go there and tell me that I couldn’t be there but you know what never stop
doing it so I kept doing both speed skating and aggressive skating until
there was a time that I couldn’t just do both and that shows aggressive skating
because it was more fun Korea by a three-block area which is me
which is endemic of Korea neighborhood and all the kids living in
this place the old used to come and join us where these are these I want me to
open garage weren’t here and right here where these house are we used to build
ramps in this place he came from this place those houses weren’t there and we
had the jump off right here qualify right there it was awesome I guess like
for two years that’s all we did I came here every single day after school
weekend all day it was just the thing back then but I used to skate Street a
lot too back then and that was right by my house so you’re gonna go to that spot
now it’s called Smet Stevens there was the father of a friend of mine
it used to be me yahooza that was your dad I almost died over there Oh sand I was
so lucky anyway this is my neighborhood I’m gonna
show you the first place I’ve ever grinded yeah
looks kind of ghetto ish but it isn’t it is actually a real nice neighborhood so
here in abandoned house it’s been here forever but now closed here I don’t know
if you can see it I go the other way see this one
is here that’s where I first learned how to grind right here I’m gonna try to
roll it maybe can’t run with these gates but can’t roll it so land backside and
all that and a few years later to check this I think I have the image to back it
up but check is the city’s kinda weird i grounded it she’s medically actually
quite high and there’s no landing but now the sweet spot that I was telling
you is right on your side of the road and I’m gonna try to go down the first
fares that I ever rolled out forward and backward so check these that was nice here hold this ledges used
to grind all of this oh geez everyone everyone that used to skate back then in
Portugal they knew about this spot there was this video called gang the Hadiya
made by my friend Jacob Miguel Jacob and I remember that most of my video part it
was my first video part it was filmed here I came here with some friends that
have not that had nothing to do with skate there they’re the parents cameras
and they film me here and this is to be like hallway these lights right here I
remember doing a 360 Royale and just pin top drop eggs grind I learned a lot of
shit here and a lot of stuff you see that dress one of my best friends ever
his name is wrong Manji still one of my best friends he lived in Portugal it was
still he’s one of the best swimming coaches he was the national team
swimming official coach if you can say that his mom is a doctor and she used to
be on the other side on that window and here I was learning how to do all my
flips that’s where I learned all my flips I used to put like a door like a
wooden door here and coming and using the door as a kicker and learn all my
flips to do that stuff and his mama used to come every Kartik anyways I’m gonna
show you my first and real ever first proper one I’ve done like tiny
ones I like the ones made for skates and stuff but my first rail that I was
officially like proud of who’s here so basically is like not really a hospital
we have like thank you so because this is a smaller town we didn’t add Ospital
we add these health facility where people used to come for doctor
appointment and all that and these rail right here I used to skate it every day
with people going in and out of that health facility like for dog for doctor
appointment and all that and there I was that’s the first place
I’ve done it sold that was also the first place where I’ve been a pitchman
rocket and this was also the first rail that I’ve been twisting topsoil both
ways which is completely impossible to think of it right now
last time I skated I think I did a backpack slide so basically now I’m
going to take you to a place which was also another Street spot called
self-service let me just go downstairs now that self-service you got to see
didn’t have a good image of my time these people see me in a small town like
this getting in the middle of their cars or in the middle of the road still think
I’m crazy but I guess I’m a little bit the Maui and Sam’s cap is holding but
there’s actually a cool story about a spot where I am right now
have you tried to extend the post so you see this rail it’s not really real it’s
a fence from the bridge and I remember they used to be Portuguese magazine
called Blade forget was the name of it and as you can imagine living in a small
town like this there was never a lot of exposure the way to the man bad that’s how he got
me today’s and Suzanne they’re two twins
the Esk with me they’re like from these hometown most of the people never leave
his own town but I did so what I was saying is that being from such a smaller
town it’s somehow hard to get exposure of
what you do competing really young and there was a time that this Portuguese
magazine on the third magazine that never came out they wanted me to to do
an interview and on that interview that I was supposed to do I wanted to get
like really good shots and for me somehow back then I thought a good child
would be a home run in Israel so today that later came here to show that kind
line I came here I did a front Royale a long one which I can’t really imagine
doing it nowadays and then I did a long back well and without knowing my father
saw me he was just crossing one of the cars crossing so he came all the way
around I was just really happy that I just planted a kind rind and then my
father stopped the car and said get out of here what are you doing here without
a helmet it’s getting a place like if the helmet would do something but I was
trying to skate this thing be happy and my father just telling me
you are not allowed to skate here just thought that would be a cool sorry now
I’m right by self-service but I used to go up to go down here but they don’t let
me through they don’t let me go down here just go all number one right here this box
service it’s right on top of the police station so we were never able to skate
here for long times mainly because we used to come here and skate with
skateboarders and if you look at this floor it’s really noisy and if you come
with skateboarders it was even noisier but just check the view this is where I
was born and raised seems Portugal I love this place now
these were the spot that we used to skate I used to do these kept the whole
time from here to there one we used to skate this ledge some of them are still
white there’s a little lizard a some of these ledges are still white and we used
to skate this the whole time this is the spot that I’ve learned how
to to spin kind right regular and switch and that’s actually that was the time
there was these fashion trend of doing roof gaps
I once see the 360 from this roof I remember when I landed my head hurt so
bad helmet we didn’t use it but I did it so other times things change I’m still
here still on skating just found a cool rail
back back down there also there was another spot that I’ve done but they
build a new house here so I can show you and I’ll check these pieces skate these
two a lot from ledge to ledge to ledge but now you have a new real check around you know I would have hate
this now probably up but it’s not really my thing
now but I’m going to show you it’s the biggest thrill that I’ve ever done on
skates it doesn’t matter if I was sponsored or I wasn’t which I wasn’t
back then but it’s probably the most stupid thing that I’ve ever tried with
in my sketch Steve in the press we’re really close to check the floor too there’s another option which is this just to funny the way that people look
at waves like what what are you doing crazy boy crazy man
I’m not forget I’m 37 anyway what is right here so basically we create like a
meet about this rail where I’m going right now which is actually pretty
stupid basically there’s no run-up and even worse than the run up to the
landing so put my god I’m trying to fuck with the end landing this was the
craziest thrill that I’ve ever done I’ve tried that more than once and I never
really landed it but I’ll show you why I didn’t land it but I’ve tried to top so
first that was the first tip and then a few years later I remembered that I
tried to mizu it and the leaves who I felt like close to the end the top stole
I went all the way down and again for the topsail I had to use a wooden door
so that I could Croft and little hole right in front of the rail in the
direction of the rail but I’m glad that I didn’t land it because I’m going to
show you why I’m glad that I didn’t land the checklist this is the real now check this right now in the
direction of the rail check what you have these would be right in the
direction of the rail but then like I said we used to push up wood but if I
would learn the check what would happen to me because with the speed that you
come would be impossible to stop and now check basically probably if you don’t
have blended how would it be here anyway now I finish this video I’m going to
show you my first-ever downhill it’s not really downhill but I’m going to show
you my first ever downhill spot in sinners Portugal see you on the top and
I’m gonna take you down with me on that one to show you the ocean because it this is the fishermen Harbor here you
have a reference right at the arbor where you can have the best fish in the
whole world that’s the whole little town and then it’s it’s a really industrial
town so over here like a big forth where you can get like a D Arbor or like but
again let me think it’s my first downhill place the precision path out here here we are
there are needles right here and obviously my father also didn’t like me
to come and doing this downhill because it’s an open road and back then we
didn’t use any car for protection or anything like that it was just like
wrong no cars I hope I don’t confuse these bits are terrific and I go on the
wrong side stay with me that was actually twice
now let’s I can still slide with this no thing is need to go up anyway I hope you
enjoyed this one time for me to go up and did enjoy this one why don’t you do
one of these I know that most of you had a place where you started skating and
I’m sure there’s a lot of story to tell about those places so do one of these
show me where you started show us the skating community I used to be in your
hometown other than that if you like this one don’t forget to give me some
thumbs up and maybe drop me a comment tell me what you think of it if you
didn’t like it well thumbs down but listen let me know what
you didn’t like about it and more important than anything else oh I’m
tired but don’t forget why we all started skating because it’s fun and I
just got home to the worst news just want to say rest in peace you too Newsom
the skating community we’ll miss you brother I I think I’m yeah I met you for
the first time and only done four years ago at the winter clash and be really
connected it was awesome meeting you even if for just a short time and for
every really good friend or family of you to Newsom I just want to send my
prayers Cheers

Antonio Breitenberg

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