The Mystery Backyard Creature! Sneak Attack Squad Spooky Beast Trouble

The Mystery Backyard Creature! Sneak Attack Squad Spooky Beast Trouble

– Get wrecked. Destroyed. – Yes, yes.
– Kung Fu Panda. Yes, I win! Get wrecked. – All you did was hadouken
and that’s cheating. – Whatever, you just don’t
all of the right combos. I’m gonna go get a drink. – Get me a drink too! – All right, set up the next
game, I’ll be right back. (humming) (suspenseful music) (creature squealing) What was that noise? (creature squealing) Who’s outside? Can’t see anything. (creature squealing) (suspenseful music) Yes, hello. I swear there’s something out there. (creature growls) Coley, Coley! Coley, Coley! – Took you long enough. – Coley, there’s something out back. – A duh, it’s the dog
because Oden is out back. – No, it wasn’t Oden for sure. There’s something back
there behind the wall. – You mean the white back? – Yeah, there’s like weird
noises coming from back there and I swear I saw something. – Well, there’s coyotes
back there all the time. – There’s no coyote that’s
taller than that wall! – Well, maybe the coyote was on the wall. – There’s no coyote on the wall! Just come look. (groans)
– Whatever. – I know there’s something back there. I swear I saw it with my own two eyes. Come look, it was all the way back there. Right over there.
– Where? – I don’t see it anymore. – There was nothing there. What a surprise. – I don’t know what it was, I swear I saw something though. – Whatever.
Wait, what is that? (creature growling) – See, I told you, it’s right there. It’s right there. – Definitely saw something. I’m gonna go check it out. – Wait, no, don’t do that. Are you crazy? No. What are you, crazy? Why would you go check it out? That’s the last thing you wanna do. What are you doing?
– Shh! Shh, I think I can hear it. – I wanna hear. – See, you hear that? (creature breathing)
– Yeah, I do. – I think it’s over this way. (creature breathing) – Definitely hear it moving. (creature breathing heavily) – It’s right here. – There’s definitely
something behind this wall. (creature growls) – I definitely saw something. – Let’s get out of here. (children panting) Hurry up! Okay, what was that. – We gotta go check around the side and see what’s back there. – You mean like go back there? – There’s a path along
the side of the house. (panting)
So, we can go back there. – I’m staying inside. I’m not doing this. – We can’t just leave that
thing out there all night. – All right, let me just
go wrestle it real quickly, that’s a great idea. – Whatever I’m going, scary cat. – Good luck, have fun. (buttons clicking) (door opening) – Here goes nothing. (stomping) (animals howling) – He’s crazy for going
out there by himself. (sighs)
I have to go help him. (creature squealing) (screams) – What is wrong with you? (laughs) – I got you so good. – No, you didn’t get
me, you didn’t get me. No, no, no.
(creature growls) (children screaming) – Close that door, close that door. Keep it close, keep it close. Oh, let’s go out there and check it out! It’ll be fine! Great idea, genius! – That’s it, I’m gearing up and we’re going out there tomorrow. – Yeah, I’ll go in the
daytime like a normal person. – Fine, tomorrow it is then, huh! – Fine!
Tomorrow it is then, huh. All right, Cole, I got a great idea. All right so, when we go back there, I’m gonna set up this camera so tonight we can definitely see it. – What if he’s out there right now? – That’s what these are for. – Why are you talking
so much then, let’s go. – Let’s go, let’s go! It’s clear, let’s go. (dog barking) (groaning) Whoa, look at that! Look like there’s some recent
activity with this dirt. – Yeah. Whoa, look at that. Why is there just like
wood thing right here? (stomping) – Looks like someone’s making a camp here. – Wait, what’s that? Look like some sort of animal hair. – Ew, that’s gross, don’t touch that. Argh. – Set up the camera here. – Good idea. That should do it. – Let’s get out of here, this place is gives me the creeps. – Yeah, good idea. – Anything yet? – No, not yet. – So, there’s no movement at all? – No, I haven’t seen anything at all. Just dirt and grass. – Well, I mean it’s gotta come to it’s den at some point again. – Wait, what was that? – I’m pretty sure you
saw the grass moving. – Maybe it was like an owl or something. – Maybe it was a dodo bird. (laughs) – No, you’re a dodo bird.
– No, you. I’m not a dodo bird! I’m a falcon. – If you’re falcon then
I’m a mighty bald eagle. – A falcon is way better
than a bald eagle, if you didn’t know that was a fact. – When I think of a cool bird, I think of the bald eagle, because like, you know it has like this big past. – That makes no sense
what you just said, okay? – Okay. Wait, what happened to the camera? – What is that? – Wait, is that our front door? – Something grabbed the camera! – That looks like a hand! Some sort of one. Wait a second. That looks familiar. (creature breathing) (panting) – It’s right outside. – I don’t see anything. (door squealing) It’s the front door. – I know, dodo bird! – Go check.
– You go check. – All right, on the count
of three, we both check. – (both) Three, two, one. – Ah ha! – There’s nothing there. – Is that the camera? – Yep, that’s the camera. – Do you think it’s in the house? – We should probably check. Right here. Cole, do you see anything? – Nothing.
(glass breaking) (panting) Go, go, go, go. (pots clanking) Wait, look more hair. – This is the same hair from that den. (creature growling) (screams) Go to the blue room. We good, we good? (creature growling) – [Cole] You can open it. – Ready, three, two, one, go! – Ah ha!
– Ah ha! All of the popcorn! (creature growling) (screams) (creature growling) (screams) It got away. – What was that thing? – Just come inside. – What’d we do now? – I think we’re gonna have
to fortify the house tomorrow and search for that thing some more. – Yeah, we gotta go out to it’s den and put some traps there. – That’s a good idea, we’ll
do that tomorrow morning. – I’m not gonna be able
to sleep all night now. – Just sleep with your Blaster
and we’ll get though this. (creature growling) – Hey, guys top comment
of the week comes from Leila Rodriguez. Restock the store again, please. I like the bags and do you have a sister? All right, one question at a time. – We’re gonna have hats and wristbands back in stock this week. – Also, we’re also working
on some shirts but. Yeah, we do have a sister. You can go see her in a second. – But first, picture
of the week comes from! – Westy and Rhigon. That Robo Santa picture is so sweet. – Robo Santa is not sweet, at all. – But that picture is! – Thanks for a picture Westy and Rhigon. – Extremely ExtremeToy Store,
we got stuff back in stock this week.
– Check out our Instagram. – And my Instagram. Don’t forget, we’re
having a meet and greet on February, 17th. – And let’s go find out sister. (stomping) – Let’s go. – [Cole] C’mon vaminos. – [Ethan] Let’s see. – [Cole] Look at that,
the window’s closed. Anyone home? (knocking) – [Ethan] Can you come to the window, we need your help with something. (knocking) See, there she is. (laughs)

Antonio Breitenberg

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