Hellooo. Heyy. This is really weird. So we’re here at Central City Arena, we’re
gonna go rollerblading. This is Vince. Hello. And go check out her channel I’ll link it
below. She’s awesome. Oh she is too. This is our first time trying quad skates. Vlogging together this is so weird. I’ve never done this before. This is how I walk. I try to avoid the wheels. Oh my God it feels so weird. Alright we’re going in. Come on Vince. I need the thing that you can use. You can’t really see yourself. I’m capturing every moment. So far, it hasn’t been good. I’m kidding it’s been good. It’s hard! It’s hard! It’s so dark in here, like I can’t see…
well I can’t film anything. It’s not really complementing our colours. I like the music though, but like can you
even hear me? All these kids keep asking us if we have Youtube
channels, and if we’re famous Youtubers. We’re like no. Support! Please! Anyways we’ve just finished skating, and it
was fun but it was hard. Probably the last retro roller rink here in
Greater Vancouver so if you want to come roller skating on quad skates, you should come here. It’s in Surrey.

Antonio Breitenberg

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6 thoughts on “THE LAST ROLLER RINK IN VANCOUVER (Ft. Vincelen)

  1. Daphne Xplores says:

    Have you ever tried quad skates? What do you think of them?

  2. G A B R I E L L E says:

    I'm definitely trying this out when I go back to Vancouver~~ Thanks for the cute vlog!!

  3. SunFlowers Vixen says:

    Nice vlog ❤️Like 11❤️

  4. Bij Dehand says:

    Did you have ever go to the netherlands?

  5. Jess Chan says:

    Do you remember when it used to be called Stardust? So many fond memories of that place.

  6. gospelevans says:

    Did u ever wonder what they do with the skates after they close a rink forever?

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