The Last Day with Just the Two of Them

Well good wonderful beautiful morning Pawdience! I just filled the water thing. So it’s making noise. Look at you with tongue
sticking out. You has a blep. Look at you, daddy just moved my
computer and you took the spot. Girls, today’s the last day of just the two
of you, just the two of you on this couch. Are you ready for this?
Shelby looks so disgusted. Are you ready? Are you ready
for a puppy? Yeah? No? Maybe? You have no idea what… Actually, you know
exactly what you’re in for. You have no idea. Soon. Soon enough. So, as most of you already know
and if you don’t already know, There’ll be a video link up in the cards
and down in the video description. You should totally go and watch it as most of you
already know though. Yes. We’re getting a puppy No, she’s not here yet. Soon, soon enough. Make
sure you’re following us on all of our social sites. They’re listed down below and then make sure you’re following the dogs
on all their social sites, Gone to the Snow Dogs, Instagram, all that fun stuff, so you see
more real-time updates. She’s not here yet. Some of you picked up on some
hints that I was dropping about… having to get a lot of stuff done, only
having a little bit of time to get it done. It’s kind of what I was talking about. We’re kind
of doing the preparing for the puppy thing. So we just went out to Home
Depot and we got some parts to… finish up some stuff in the bathroom. Pretty much everything we really wanted
to have done before she got here, is done. Like we still have little
things we need to get done. And of course, we always have more projects we
want to get done but pretty much everything… we need to get prepared before she gets
here is about done. What do you think? Memphis, you’re not gonna be the baby anymore. What do you think of that?
How do you feel about that, huh? How do you feel about not being
the baby anymore? You have no clue. You have no clue. She’s like guys I will always be the baby. You probably
will. You’ll always be my shadow, that’s for sure. You will always be my shadow. Shelby, are you ready to go
through this thing with a puppy again? You’re a little bit older this time
around. I think, you’ll do just fine though. This would be, what, the second dog that we
brought into the house since we’ve had you? Yeah… Cause you were here when when we got Oakley
and then you were here when we got Memphis. So this will be the third time… you get to go through having a dog added
to the house. Oh ‘xcuse you, ‘xcuse you. It’s gonna be crazy! Shelby, you’ve already learned to eat your lunch
without me having to put magic things on it. because pretty soon there’s gonna be a puppy here
and the puppy’s not going to be as patient to start, as Memphis is with you. I mean, the
puppy will learn to be patient with you, but… You gotta eat your food. Why
do we have to put stuff on it? You want cheese?
Alright, let’s get the cheese. Is this what you want? Do I have to sprinkle cheese on your food? Is that better? Say, man, cheese makes
everything better. And it’s funny, she doesn’t actually
just eat the cheese off the top… She actually eats all of her
food when I put cheese on it. I guess… Silly girl. There’s a Blue Jay in my tree in the yard, oh he
flew way up in the tree. He’s way up here. Let’s see if I can zoom in on him. So I’m not a big fan of birds, but the one
bird I do like is Blue Jays. There he goes. He’s sitting on the…, where is he? Oh, he’s on
there. He’s on the fence. Where are you blue Jay? He’s on the fence over
there, huh. That’s kind of cool. He must have been fighting with the squirrel
cause the squirrel was out there as well. We’re supposed to be
picking up… vlog time We’re supposed to be picking up the puppy tomorrow
and we were supposed to be like 6:00 in the morning. But now plans have kind of changed, and we’re not picking up the puppy till… hopefully tomorrow afternoon
possibly the next day. So that’s all the puppy update
news I have for you guys today. I’ll tell you that whole story after she’s here. I’m not gonna go into it because I don’t want you
guys to figure out more than you need to figure out. So… regardless, we thought we were going to be able
to do everything earlier in the day tomorrow. Now it might all be later in the afternoon
tomorrow which kind of changes our plans… quite a bit. But I guess it gives us a little bit
more time to get things done around here. I’m gonna do a live show on the dog’s channel
here in a little bit and open up their mail… before we add to the pack and then we have
somebody else that’s gonna get mail too. I don’t know if you guys are gonna
send her mail. I also have mail to go on… this channel and actually, you know
what? I might just open it in this video. Yeah, that might be the rest of this video. We’ll see. I’m just trying
to like clean things up. I don’t want there to be things laying
around for the puppy to chew on. So like that mail corner is one of them, the vlog
mail corner is in the other room. So I might do that… Maybe. We’ll see. One of the other puppy proofing tactics I’ve been using as I’ve been making sure that
everything under this bed is now in boxes. Most of it was just blankets and stuff. There’s a few other things
but it’s all in boxes now. So hopefully cannot be chewed on. Not that many times the puppy’s gonna be in
the spare bedroom anyway, but just to be safe. Di from Real Beal Vlogs sent this really cute brain
plushie for Memphis because she had brain surgery… six years ago to the day of Memphis’s birthday, and
Di, we just want to let you know that Shelby loves it. Memphis, I got a good picture of her with it, but
Shelby loves it. I have not seen her do this… She isn’t astraight this time. …in so long. Wow, yeah, I haven’t seen her do this in so long. (Jamie talking in the background) Just like… this is what we had to look
forward to in a couple more days. So… I was gonna open all of the mail on a vlog
but instead Jamie and I are live-streaming. Well it exploded you sploded it.
Are you proud of yourself? Yeah. She’s proud of herself. She sure is. So if you guys sent mail recently it was in
a live stream that went up on Saturday. I can’t believe she did that. What did you do? I destroyed it. I killed the brain. This is your brain.
This is your brain on drugs. Any questions? It’s a new meaning of brain dead.
Shelby, you lost your mind or your brain. Oh, that was great. Alright girls, I have a very
long crazy day tomorrow. So we need to go to bed. Are you ready to go to
bed, are you ready for a long crazy day tomorrow? We’ll see. Alright you guys, that’s it.
We’re calling it a night. We hope you guys
enjoyed today’s video. Thanks for watching. Stay Positive, Dream Big! And we’ll see you again soon. You know what we’re gonna have
to teach the puppy the Go-to-bed-trick. Say, I bet she’ll learn as
you guys do it, right? She will. Alright, good night Pawdience! If you love our Huskies, come along for the ride. All you have to do is hit subscribe. Follow as we share our lives with our dogs and join our adventures on Snow Dogs Vlogs!

Antonio Breitenberg

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