The Kids Are Attacked By Snowballs | Season 9 Ep. 10 | BOB’S BURGERS

The Kids Are Attacked By Snowballs | Season 9 Ep. 10 | BOB’S BURGERS

So the plan is, we sled,
and then we sled some more, and then we keep sledding. Sound good? Huh. I see sleds, but I
don’t see butts in them. Rudy, Darrell, why
aren’t you guys sledding? We’ve got a little situation. Oh, just go behind a
tree and use some leaves. And don’t be creeped
out by that one squirrel that likes to watch. No, I’m talking about that. [grunting] Hey. Ow! LOUISE: Ugh, Logan. Here’s a snowball
in your spleen. [grunts]
– Ohh. And a snowball in your ween. [grunts]
– Ow. Uh, I don’t want
to get snowballs in any of those places. Yeah, I’m a snowball magnet. Maybe we should sled
somewhere that doesn’t have rowdy teen boys with arms. Well, now, hold on. We don’t want to go somewhere
with no hot, rowdy teen boys. Nobody said hot. Someone did. Guys, this is the
only hill in the park. This is where we sled. We can’t let Logan
and his stupid friends snowball on our parade. Come on.
Let’s go. [music playing] OK. [grunting] [shrieks] Ugh. ALL: Ow, ow, ow. OK, that was perfect. But let’s run away. ALL: Ow, ow, ow. (OUT OF BREATH): “Saving
Private Ryan” called. It wants its opening scene back.

Antonio Breitenberg

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20 thoughts on “The Kids Are Attacked By Snowballs | Season 9 Ep. 10 | BOB’S BURGERS

  1. Zahara Timmons says:

    Nobody said hot

  2. Mark_Warrior 998 says:

    I love Tina and her infatuations

  3. Artificial Mermaid says:

    Rudy onesie tho😊

  4. Alethea Van Wicklin says:

    I love Logan episodes

  5. The Van Pelt Scream says:


  6. Wesley Teh says:

    Rudy looks like Teddy

  7. 123 I don’t know what else to think of says:

    Logan is a jerk.

  8. Jada the Bob's Burgers Futurama Fangirl est 2006 says:

    Yay! I L💘VE this show!

  9. Jae Yoon says:

    yay another logan episode, does his friends speak

  10. MrEgofreak says:

    "We don't wanna go somewhere with no hot, rowdy, teenage boys."
    "Nobody said hot."
    quickly "Someone did."

    Maaan, I Luuuv Tina!

  11. Jae Yoon says:

    we need more logan episodes, they sould make one where Logan and his his friends film a movie with louise

  12. Anime Derek03 says:


    This should be a meme😂

  13. Jae Yoon says:

    We need more Logan episodes

  14. jonny5777 says:

    Best cartoon on TV now that Futurama has gone

  15. Michong Kim says:

    Love it

  16. Bobby Lawson says:

    Bring back Mandy please

  17. Daniel Pro says:

    Logan is so funny😁😁

  18. Marcellus Jamison says:

    Saving Private Ryan called it wants it's opening scene back

    Gene is Gold

  19. THE16THPHANTOM says:

    Manitary Napkin

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